Fall Baking Ideas

Get cozy with sweet desserts, spooky treats
and sides fit for a feast!

Beautiful Fall Desserts

The crisp days of fall are perfect for baking exquisite desserts featuring our favorite autumn fruits like apples, pumpkins and pears. This Buckwheat Pumpkin Chiffon Pie with Bourbon Mascarpone Whipped Cream is a breathtaking centerpiece for a dinner party or Thanksgiving, with a crisp buckwheat crust enveloping a light and spicy pumpkin chiffon filling. Another of our favorites is this Pear Almond Toffee Cake, made moist and delicious with pears, Greek yogurt, spices and a rum toffee sauce.

Need a make-ahead dessert that can be ready in less than half an hour? Keep a roll of Pumpkin Pecan Slice and Bake Shortbread Cookies in your freezer. Pumpkin puree, pecans and spices are mixed into a simple dough that can easily be made gluten and vegan for a fall dessert everyone can enjoy.

Tasty Halloween Treats

These Jam Filled Skull Muffins are so delicious, they're scary! Our Gluten Free Pancake Mix is spooned into skull-shaped molds and filled with oozy strawberry jam. Marshmallow Monster Popcorn Treats are a must for your next Halloween party. Play Dr. Frankenstein while you mix popcorn with melted butter, marshmallows and green food coloring! These Halloween Ginger Cookies may look like traditional sugar cookies, but they contain a shocking surprise—chopped crystallized ginger! Roll and cut into ghost, skull and cobweb shapes before baking, then let the kids decorate with frosting.

Halloween isn’t just for treats: these Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes are the perfect holiday-inspired start to your day. Made with spices and pumpkin puree, they’re so delicious, they’re downright frightening! Finally, you’ll want to make a batch of our Maple Granola Popcorn Balls for your next scary movie marathon. This delicious twist on traditional popcorn balls includes our Maple Sea Salt Homestyle Granola.

Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is the “big show” for a lot of people in the fall—roasting a big turkey, getting out the nice tablecloth—so why not keep the sides simple? These Gluten Free Savory Dinner Rolls are rich and decadent, made with fresh herbs, parmesan and garlic. Want to step away from boxed stuffing? You can bake the bread for this Gluten Free Cornbread Dressing and finish it while the turkey roasts.

Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without a green bean casserole! Our luscious Gluten Free Green Bean Casserole is vegan and gluten free, tender green beans in a creamy sauce and baked onion rings. As a final touch for your seasonal feast, give this Chia Cranberry Sauce a whirl. Cranberries, orange and chia seeds create a flavorful accent for the entire meal.

Which Fall Soup Are You?

As the weather cools down, there’s nothing better than a warm batch of homemade soup. Take the quiz below and see which tasty soup you should make next!


More Fall Baking Recipes We ❤

Fall is full of delicious fruit and vegetables! We love this Mascarpone Tart with Red Wine-Poached Pears. This sophisticated showstopper features a gluten free crust and creamy filling topped with wine-poached pears. Too cozy by the fire to take a trip to the store? Whip up this Apple Spice Wacky Cake, which is made without milk, eggs or butter but with a lot of flavor.

This Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin Pie is like two classic desserts in one, with a velvety pumpkin layer topped with crunchy pecans. Finally, don’t forget the sweet potatoes! These Sweet Potato Pie Bars are vegan and gluten free, flavored with maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice and coconut milk.