Creating a Sustainable Future

Bob's Red Mill Sustainability - Healthy Food, Healthy Planet

Bob’s Red Mill has made a commitment to sustainability, and our Sustainability Committee is working on initiatives to support nutritious food and a healthy planet.


To acknowledge our contribution to environmental problems by taking dedicated steps to reduce our impact on the planet.


We advocate for sustainability through company-wide collaboration, to provide education and inspire each other to protect and improve our community and the planet.


To be a global leader in promoting a healthy planet through our company practices and individual behaviors.

What We've Accomplished Thus Far

We've made small but important steps towards our goal:


  • Removal of single-use plastic water bottles
  • Installation of filtered drinking water stations
  • Post-consumer waste (PCW) break room supplies
  • Removal of single-use creamers in break rooms
  • Reduced packaging sizes for less scrap waste
  • Energy consumption audit
  • Tracking of sustainability-related customer comments and complaints
  • PCW and post-industrial waste T-shirts and more

At Our Whole Grain Store Restaurant & Bakery

  • PCW to-go items
  • Food waste composting
  • Sourcing local ingredients
  • To-go utensils available only upon request
  • B-Corp coffee supplier in restaurant and at all locations

Stay Tuned

This is just the beginning of a wide-reaching and consistent mission within our company: new announcements coming soon!