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No grain. No gain.® Bulgur is a quick-cooking whole grain that is a terrific addition to a variety of dishes. Our Red Bulgur is made from kernels of hard red wheat that have been cracked into small pieces and then parcooked. It is a must-have ingredient for the traditional Middle Eastern salad known as tabboubleh.


No grain. No gain.® The nutrition in whole grain Bulgur will fill you up and keep you going. What is bulgur? A staple in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions, Bulgur, also known as ala, is a wonderful and versatile ingredient for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Made from whole grain hard red wheat that has been parboiled, dried and cracked, our medium grind (#2) bulgur is quick to prepare and can be reconstituted with hot water in a matter of minutes. A common ingredient in Tabbouleh, bulgur is a wonderful base for salads and pilafs. Use it to add crunch to breads and muffins or try it cooked as a hot cereal. Mix bulgur into meatballs and meat loaf to bring whole grain nutrition to your table. The nutty flavor of bulgur makes it perfect for savory dishes and breads. Bulgur wheat is an ideal substitute for nutritionally deplete sides, such as potatoes, pasta and stuffing. Browse our selection of recipes for inspiring ways to serve bulgur. Bulgur grain is so easy to prepare, you will wish you had tried it sooner. Like many whole grains, bulgur is a nutritional powerhouse. With a healthy balance of fat, fiber and protein, bulgur has health benefits that are great for anyone trying to be more conscious of what they eat.

To Your Good Health

  • Kosher

    As a continued commitment to the quality of the products we make and sell, all of Bob’s Red Mill products are certified kosher pareve or kosher dairy by Rabbi Avrohom Teichman of Kehilla Kosher, Igud HaKashrus of Los Angeles.

  • Whole Grain

    This product is 100% whole grain. It includes all of the nutritious bran, germ and endosperm that whole grains offer.

  • Vegan

    All Bob’s Red Mill products are vegetarian. This product is also vegan, meaning it is made without the use of any animal products including eggs, dairy, and honey.

9 Reviews For "Bulgur"

  1. Great

    by Anne on 08 Sun,2016


    Love it for salads with fresh tomatoes, basil, and my sundried tomato dressing. Nutty flavour, better than other brands. Will try some of the other recipes on this site.

  2. So many uses

    by Sarah on 03 Sat,2016


    I bought this to make tabbouleh - and it worked perfectly. Now however I also use it for salads and as a side dish. Great tasty, healthy and versatile

  3. Yum! Healthy! Need larger bag sizes

    by Dugee on 10 Sun,2015


    Awesome taste! Way better than brown rice! So YUM!!
    I just wish it came in a much larger sized nag

  4. Only bulgur I'll use!

    by Jena on 07 Tue,2015


    This is the only bulgur I will use for my tabouli now! The nutty flavors make this grain good enough to even eat on its own.
    So glad I found this!

  5. Great fiber content and no cholesterol!

    by Cascade Mark on 04 Tue,2013

    Great breakfast. add water at 1.5 to 1 ratio, a touch of salt, a portion of Bob's dried cranberries or tart cherries, simmer for 10 to 15 minutes and you have a delicious, healthy start to a great day.

  6. A Delicious, Quick, Hearty Grain

    by Peter on 04 Wed,2011

    I LOVE the rich, slightly toasted wheat flavor and light texture of this product. It can easily be eaten at every meal of the day!

    Once the water boils, it takes a scant 20 minutes to cook and is extraordinarily versatile. (Any veggie, meat, sauce or spice can be added to make an infinite number of culinary variations!) I buy the giant 25lb bag to save money. It keeps beautifully in the freezer for at least a year.
    (It would probably keep longer than that, but I usually eat it all in just a few months!)

    It's a large part of the base of my food pyramid - a good, whole food.

  7. My favorite breakfast!

    by JT on 04 Sun,2011

    I think I might be addicted to this! I eat it 3-4 times a week for breakfast. Put a little olive oil in the water as it is boiling. Then only add a dash of salt and pepper (sometimes garlic pepper) and a teaspoon of butter. I tried it without butter today and that is good, too, and better for me! I usually make two servings and store half for the next day. Add a little water and reheat in the microwave and it's as good as the first day. Good stuff!

  8. I love this stuff

    by brenwa on 07 Wed,2010

    I order this in the 25# bag break it up and pop the bags in the freezer for a longer shelf life.I use this at least 3 times a week and usually more often.When I want it as a snack or make it into a salad I take a cup of bulgar and add 1.75 cups of boiling water to it (with a pinch of salt in the water) Cover it tightly and leave it on the counter overnight.. the next morning its the perfect texture.I also use it a great deal as a grain in wheat bread, I will take 1 cup of bulgar, then add 6oz of room temp water, cover it tightly and leave it on the counter overnight. It has a nice soft but chewy texture to add into bread for the next day.I have never been disappointed with Bob's quality!!!!!

  9. Staple in my pantry

    by Dar on 07 Thu,2010

    I combine bulgur with white rice to make a healthier dish with more flavor and fibre. More people have asked for my "recipe"!

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Nutritional Facts
Serving Size: 1/4 cup(47g)
Servings Per Container: 17
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 170
Calories from Fat 10
Total Fat 1 g 2 %
Saturated Fat 0 g 0 %
Trans Fat 0 g 0 %
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %
Sodium 0 mg 0 %
Total Carbohydrate 35 g 12 %
Dietary Fiber 5 g 20 %
Sugars 0 g N/A
Protein 6 g 12 %
Vitamin A 0 %
Vitamin C 0 %
Calcium 2 %
Iron 10 %
* Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Ingredients parboiled, dried, cracked wheat

*Manufactured in a facility that also uses tree nuts, soy, wheat, and milk

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