Recipes From Our Favorite Influencers
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Recipes From Our Favorite Influencers

It can be frustrating trying to decide what to make for dinner sometimes. Meals from day to day, breakfast ideas, desserts. Sometimes it can feel like you’re eating the same things over and over, just because they’re easy or you don’t know what else to make. However, we know that can become boring fast, which is why we’ve rounded up a few recipe recommendations from some of the top foodie influencers around the blogosphere. Why not try one the next time you’re feeling stuck for ideas?

Feeling for Breakfast?

Favorite Recipes BRM From Influencers | Bob's Red Mill Blog   We’re convinced there’s not much that can top overnight oats for a quick and healthy breakfast that fills you up for a long day of being on the go. Jazz Leaf from Jazz's Recipes 4 Health agrees! We asked her for her fave recipe recommendation and she said, “Overnight Oats with the Bob's Red Mill Oatmeal, a dollop of yogurt, frozen cherries, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds with cinnamon on top!” That does sound delicious indeed, Jazz! Frozen cherries, pumpkin seeds and cinnamon? We’re so in! Check out more of Jazz’s recipe recommendations on her Instagram @recipes4health. If oatmeal isn’t really your thing, why not go for yummy crepes? Crepes are so versatile; you can make them sweet or savory and stuff them full of whatever goodies you want. Katherine Snyman from Love in My Oven is a big fan of crepes as well. When we asked for her favorite recipe she said, “Right now it is my grain-free crepes made with Bob's Red Mill Tapioca Flour. They are SO easy and taste great!” Try stuffing them with scrambled eggs and bacon, or a sweet cream cheese and fruit filling. Mm-mmm good! Follow Katherine on Instagram @loveinovenblog for more good eats. Though crepes are indeed delicious no matter how you make them, waffles for breakfast are a classic favorite for just about everyone. We asked Taylor Harbin from All Purpose Flour Child for her favorite recipe and she said, “My Honey Graham Waffles with Caramelized Pears made with Bob's Red Mill Graham Flour!”  Caramelized pears on top of a warm waffle sound like a little piece of heaven to us! You can check out Taylor for more tasty dishes on her Instagram @all.purpose.flour.child. Okay, so we propose that protein muffins could theoretically be both breakfast and dessert. Especially if there is chocolate involved. We asked Sarah Herman from the blog Starving to Strong what her favorite recipe is these days, and she said, “My double chocolate protein muffins!” This of course, totally confirms our theory! You can find more strength-making recipes by following her on Instagram @starving_to_strong.

Feel for Dessert?

Favorite Recipes BRM From Influencers | Bob's Red Mill Blog When you’re in the mood for an explosion of fudge, why not try a fudge chocolate hazelnut butter cookie, courtesy of Cori Finglass from Matcha and Margs? When asked about her favorite recipe, she shared, “My fudge-y chocolate hazelnut butter cookies :) I use Bob's Red Mill Almond Flour for them and they are insanely rich and decadent. They are Paleo and gluten free!” They sound pretty darn delicious to us! You can check out more of Cori’s recipes through her Instagram @matcha_and_margs. Some people like cookies, some people like cake. Different strokes for different folks. Cakes can take a little longer to prep though unless of course, you go with a quick and easy mug cake. We asked Garianne Sheridan of The Peachy Prodigy for her fave recipe and she told us, “My mug cakes. I started #mugcakemonday on my Instagram feed a few months back and I always use Bob’s Red Mill Coconut or Almond Flour! They always turn out great and my following loves them!” Mug cakes are the perfect single-serving dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Follow @thepeachyprodigy on Instagram for more irresistible recipe ideas. This is another one of those recipe ideas that could be breakfast or dessert. Or both! We love a good babka bread, so we asked Lana Yarkin of Lana Bakes what her favorite recipe was. She shared, “I love my recipe for lemon coconut babka. I use Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose Flour in the babka dough, so the dough has an excellent rise. The babka is stuffed with tangy lemon curd and toasted coconut and topped with a coconut glaze.” Is your mouth watering yet? How about when you envision a delicious slice, gently warmed and smothered with sweet cream butter? Our taste buds are certainly salivating! Follow Lana on Instagram @Lana_bakes to discover more recipes like this one. Cooking and baking is such a creative endeavor these days. There’s no reason it should ever be bland and boring with all the tasty recipe ideas floating around the internet! Check out our blog today for more inspiration.      

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