5 Vegan Dip Recipes for Crackers

By: Bob's Red Mill | September 7 2021

Whether you're just beginning your journey to a vegan lifestyle or have been vegan for a while now, finding new and exciting recipes that you can enjoy often tops the list of priorities. There's nothing worse than eating the same meal over and over again because you lack inspiration. If you feel like you've been in somewhat of a recipe rut lately, we're here to help. At Bob's Red Mill, we've made our fair share of vegan recipes and prefer some flavors over others—especially when it comes to dip. Dip is meant to dress up a meal and add a flavor to whatever you combine it with. So, it's time to say sayonara to the bland, uninspiring vegan dips you've been reaching for and make a more flavorful one at home. Use the guide below to help you regain your recipe mojo and make a treat worthy of double-dipping. Let's get started!

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Popeye isn't the only one who loves spinach. In fact, it's one of our favorite greens. Great tasting and great for you, spinach can be used in nearly every dish. Add fresh spinach to your favorite salad recipe, sneak it into your children's smoothies, or turn it into a tasty dip! When cooking with spinach, it's important that you mix this superfood with something flavorful and delicious. While spinach is loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients, it's not winning any gold medals in the flavor department. However, the subtle flavor of spinach makes it the perfect green to combine with all foods ranging from savory to spicy. 

So, what ingredient should you combine spinach with to make a delicious vegan dip? Artichoke, of course. A treasured ingredient, artichoke can hold its own in the kitchen. And like spinach, it's loaded with health benefits. Potassium, fiber and vitamin C can be found in artichoke in large amounts, and when consumed regularly, it contributes to a healthy diet. When combined, these two produce stars create the ideal vegan dip consistency and texture.

Dairy Free Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Dairy Free Spinach Artichoke Dip

To make a dip that will satisfy everyone's urge to snack, whip up a batch of this Dairy Free Spinach and Artichoke Dip. This ideal cracker appetizer is creamy and satisfying and a dairy-free version of the famous cheesy dip we all know and love. Plus, it's loaded with traditional "cheesy" goodness, sans dairy! In this vegan recipe, dairy free cream cheese and nutritional yeast are combined to mimic the flavors of cheese dips while staying true to dairy-free ingredients.

Mung Bean Dip

Mung Bean Dip

If you've eaten Chinese cuisine before, then the chances are high you've tried mung beans. As one of the most common ingredients in bean sprouts, mung bean seeds are sprouted and found both fresh and canned. They're often praised for their incredible nutritional benefits, one of which being protein. High in protein, these beans are ideal for vegan and vegetarians looking to add more nutrients to their diet. While there are several ways to incorporate mung beans into your menu, our favorite is to turn them into a delicious dip.

When combined with flavorful ingredients like lemon juice, tahini and garlic, mung beans easily create a dip that will impress everyone. Simple to make, this Mung Bean Dip uses minimal ingredients and can be created in minutes. All of which makes it the perfect dip to serve if you're running short on time and ingredients. Its versatile and agreeable taste means it can be combined with many flavors, making the dipping options plentiful. Pair it with crisp veggies and pita chips, or use it as a spread on your favorite sandwich! Entirely wheat-free, it's a tasty vegan recipe fit for any crowd. 

Avocado Cashew Dip

Avocado Cashew Dip

While avocados have always been a popular fruit, it seems as if their popularity has continued to grow by ten folds these last few years. Now, if you're only using avocados to make guacamole, then you're missing out on the true powers of this superfood. The agreeable taste of avocados can be combined with just about anything. From vegan chocolate mousse to avocado smoothies, there are many ways to use avocados, making it a fruit that you'll want to purchase each time you visit the grocery store. In addition to the great taste of avocados, they also pack an impressive nutrient profile. Rich in over 20 vitamins and minerals, there are several reasons to start incorporating avocados into your regular diet. Some significant benefits being—boosting immune system health and aiding in digestion.

To create the ideal vegan dip recipes, try mixing tasty avocados with cashews to make a creamy appetizer that everyone will enjoy. Lending a sweet, nutty flavor to the recipe, cashew is the ideal ingredient to pair with avocados—especially when making a dip. When creating vegan dips, nuts like cashews are a popular choice for a base. This is because they create a nearly identical texture to cream and can be combined with various flavors ranging from sweet to savory.

When making this Avocado Cashew Dip, we incorporated flavorful ingredients like jalapeno, cilantro and lime to give it a zesty kick. The perfect vegan and grain-free dip to pair with gluten free crackers, it can also be used as a sandwich spread or as a topping on your favorite tacos. We can't wait to see the many ways you use this tasty dip recipe!

Nacho Cheese Dip

Nacho Cheese Dip

Throwing a party is always a lot of fun. Parties are an excellent way to spend time with all of your favorite people at once. However, if you mess up the menu you could cause everyone to leave your event hungry. The most crucial step in ensuring party success is making sure all of the details are planned out—especially when it comes to food. There are many different kinds of party foods, and choosing the right ones for your company might seem a bit overwhelming. To create a menu that all your guests will enjoy, you must consider possible food allergies. If you know that individuals following a specific diet (gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.) will be attending your gathering, then making foods that support that diet is crucial.

Often one of the best ways to ensure that your guests will enjoy what you're making is to recreate a classic dish using low-allergy ingredients. And this Nacho Cheese Dip is a perfect choice. Made with wholesome and vegan ingredients like cashews, lemon juice and spices, it recreates traditional nachos without animal products. To create a cheesy flavor without the use of dairy products, nutritional yeast is used. A vegetarian dietary supplement with a light cheesy flavor, nutritional yeast is rich in vitamin B-12 and packs a powerful punch of 8 grams of protein per serving. When added to sauces like this Mexican dip recipe, it creates a creamy, flavorful dip that can be customized to your liking. Get creative with this snack by pairing it with your favorite chips, adding it to quesadillas, or using it as a traditional nacho topping. We're confident you won't be disappointed.

Cannellini Herb Dip

Cannellini Herb Dip

If you're looking to create a vegan dip that's equally as flavorful as it is refreshing, then use cannellini beans. If you haven't cooked with cannellini beans before, now is your time to start doing so. Cannellini beans are medium-sized white kidney beans and commonly used to create minestrone. They are prevalent in Italian, Greek and French cuisines, and their creamy texture and mellow nutty flavor make them ideal for a vegan dip, especially when flavored with fresh herbs.

For an outstanding veggie dip that vegan and non-vegan guests will enjoy, make this Cannellini Herb Dip. Made with fresh herbs like rosemary and parsley, it's the ideal vegan dip to make if you're beginning your vegan cooking journey. In addition, the bright herbs used to make this dip make it an excellent accompaniment for fresh veggies or homemade buckwheat crackers.

The Perfect Pairing: Gluten Free Quinoa Crackers

Quinoa Crackers

Whether you're serving these dips on game day or adding them to a growing appetizer table, they are sure to be a star. And even more so when paired with these Gluten Free Quinoa Crackers. These crackers are delicious, easy to make and gorgeous, making them the ideal statement piece for your next dining experience. A simple way to dress up any appetizer, when paired with one of the dips above, it delivers a delicious flavor and an equally perfect crunch. Gluten free and low allergen, these crackers can be enjoyed by nearly everyone.

Lacking inspiration? Use one of the five vegan dip recipes listed in this article the next time you're in search of a vegan snack idea. From creamy nacho cheese to classic spinach and artichoke dip, there's bound to be a recipe on this list that your guests will enjoy. From everyone at Bob's Red Mill, we wish you a fun and flavorful day!


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