What Is It Wednesday? Kamut

By: Whitney Barnes | November 15 2017

What is Kamut? Kamut Khorasan wheat is a non-hybridized ancient wheat. It contains wonderful whole grain nutrition, a firm texture, and rich, nutty, taste. In comparison to modern wheat it has more protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals–including selenium, zinc, and magnesium. Kamut wheat grains are also distinctly larger than modern wheat, about triple in size, with a “hump back” or rounded shape, which you can see in the image below.

Image from HipPressureCooking.com

The exact origin of Kamut remains unknown. Likely the grain originated in the Fertile Crescent and derives its common name (Khorasan Wheat) from the province of Khorasan in north eastern Iran. The grain has many nicknames, each referring to different retellings of the grains’ origin. Perhaps the grains were found in an ancient Egyptian Pharoah’s tomb, granting it the nickname “King Tut’s Wheat.” Or maybe it was brought by Noah on his ark–deeming it “Prophet’s Wheat.” Or finally, perhaps it originated in Turkey where it was nicknamed “Camel’s Tooth” due to its distinct hump back shape.

In spite of its mysterious origins, Kamut gained popularity in the U.S. during the latter half of the 20th century when farmers in Montana decided to cultivate the ancient grain. They later trademarked Kamut® to protect and preserve the grain’s exceptional qualities.

Where is Kamut grown? Our Kamut is grown primarily in Montana.

Image from BreadandCompanatico.com

What different Kamut products does Bob’s Red Mill carry? Bob’s Red Mill carries Organic Kamut Berries, Organic Kamut Flour, and Organic Kamut Cereal.

Is Kamut gluten free? No, Kamut is not a gluten free grain.

Is Kamut a whole grain?  Yes! Kamut is a delicious whole grain.

Image from SavorTheBest.com

Can Kamut be sprouted? Yes, Kamut can be spouted.

How do I use Kamut? The whole Organic Kamut Berries can be used in place of wheat berries or rice in recipes like pilafs, casseroles, and both warm and cold salads. Our Organic Kamut Flour can be used as a 100% replacement in recipes calling for whole wheat flour and is especially delicious in bread! Our Organic Kamut Cereal is freshly milled and delicious as a hot cereal prepared with dried fruits and nuts–perfectly comforting on a cool fall morning.

Image from HipPressureCooking.com

Check out the recipes below for some inspiration on incorporating Kamut into your diet. We’d love to see and hear about your Kamut creations–share them on Facebook or Instagram and don’t forget to tag #bobsredmill!


What Is Kamut?



  1. Faith Ukwuomah
    Is there a gluten-free substitute for kamut?
    1. Sarena Shasteen
      That's a great question, Faith. Sorghum would be a great substitute for Kamut.

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