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Regular Rolled Oats

We are always keeping things new and exciting around Bob's Red Mill, so the package you have may vary slightly from the one you see here, but we always promise the same wholesome product.



Old Fashioned Regular Rolled Oats make a deliciously wholesome, chewy, hot cereal that provides lasting energy all morning. This favorite breakfast cereal is a great way to start your day and add fiber to your diet. They're freshly milled from the highest quality oats available anywhere. Oats as we know them today originate from the wild red oat, a plant with origins in Asia. Originally cultivated for medicinal purposes, they were used as animal feed for a long time before humans deemed them fit for consumption. Oats helped fuel the civil wars in Scotland and have deep roots in Great Britain, Germany and Scandinavia. Today oats are widely accepted as nutritional powerhouses for dietary fiber and protein. Oats contain a special type of fiber that is especially good for the reduction of cholesterol called beta-glucan. Beta-glucans also aid in the support of the immune system and can help regulate blood sugar. They are also wonderful for soothing irritated skin when used in baths. Ask the person next to you to name all the ways to eat oats, and "as oatmeal for breakfast" – would be the likely answer, followed quickly by "oatmeal cookies, granola, and granola bars." But that's only the beginning. There are many ways you can cook with oats. They make a great crispy coating; they extend meatloaf and burgers, while enhancing their juiciness; or they can make a savory side dish. Visit our recipe section for some of our favorite ways to enjoy oats.

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Bob needs to try following his own recipes to see if they work.
Do not follow the microwave instructions on Bob's Old Fashioned Rolled Oats package. They are not good. It says microwave for 3 to 5 minutes. I did 4 minutes, and when I opened the micro door, I found the oats had boiled all over the bottom of my oven. I even used a tall bowl to cook this. I'm sure 2 1/2 minutes is fine, which I have doing for years with Quacker Oats' Old Fashioned Oats.
Review by White Cloud Farm / (Posted on 6/16/2015)
I buy this over and over.
The 25 lb. bag is economical and comes in a thick brown paper bag, sewn up at the top. I open it & repackage the oats in mason jars, ziploc bags, and other shelf-friendly containers to keep it fresh. Review by JR L. / (Posted on 5/3/2011)
I found that this product can be made in the microwave. Follow the normal directions and then microwave it for 3 minutes. It takes less time to cook than over the stove and is just as tasty. I love Bob's Red Mill!! Review by Mark / (Posted on 11/7/2010)
Found this product at my ...
Found this product at my local grocery store and thought I'd try it out. I love this as a breakfast meal while I'm getting started in the morning. Add a few teaspoons of sugar and honey, if you have it, to round out a delightful bowl!
Review by rj / (Posted on 1/22/2010)
Nutritional Info
Nutrient Facts
Serving Size: 1/2 cup
Servings Per Container: 9
Amount Per Serving % Daily

Calories from Fat

Total Fat
3.5 g
5 %
     Saturated Fat
0.5 g
3 %
     Trans Fat
0 g
0 %
0 mg
0 %
0 mg
0 %
Total Carbohydrate
32 g
11 %
     Dietary Fiber
5 g
20 %
1 g
7 g
14 %

Vitamin A
0 %
Vitamin C
0 %
2 %
15 %

* Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

whole grain oats

*Manufactured in a facility that also uses tree nuts, soy, wheat, and milk