Oatmeal Breakfast Bar Recipe

By: Bob's Red Mill | February 5 2022

Whether you're working from home or heading to the office, morning routines tend to get a bit hectic. The fast-paced style of mornings makes it hard to set aside time to make a healthy and filling breakfast. But the days of skipping breakfast are over. The perfect on-the-go treat, breakfast bars are packed with wholesome, nutritious and delicious ingredients that can help provide you with enough energy to get through your morning meetings. Now, if you're not sure where to start, check out the recipes we've provided below for inspiration.

Tips for Making Successful Breakfast Bars

Making oatmeal breakfast bars is easy, especially if you already have a recipe in mind. That being said, there are a couple of tips we recommend following to ensure that the texture of your bars turns out perfect each time. Check out our top bar baking recommendations below.

Use Oats as a Base

Though breakfast bars typically follow a similar pattern, several ingredients can be used as a base; however, if you're looking to create a breakfast bar that won't fall apart when you eat it, we recommend choosing oats. High-quality oats are a great way to make a nutrition-packed treat. A source of fiber and protein, oats' fibrous texture allows them to soak up whatever they're combined with. When used in recipes, they act as a binding agent, just as gluten would, and hold all ingredients together.

Allow the Oats to Properly Bake

One of the most common reasons breakfast bars fall apart after baking is that they were not properly baked. Whether you're working with a recipe that requires the bars to be oven-baked or refrigerated, it's essential to follow the steps carefully. If a breakfast bar has been over or undercooked, it's more likely to fall apart. Allowing your bars to bake thoroughly will help the ingredients bind together and enable the flavors to release.

Oatmeal Breakfast Bar Recipes

Orange Cherry Coconut breakfast bars
The large selection of oat-based breakfast bar recipes online can often be a bit overwhelming, especially if you've never tried making them before. To help you get started, we've rounded up a couple of our favorite breakfast bar recipes. Delicious and simple to make, both novice and expert bakers will enjoy making these tasty recipes.

Orange Cherry Coconut Breakfast Bars

Brighten up any morning by working this Orange Cherry Coconut Breakfast Bar recipe into your schedule. Making these bars ahead of time will ensure that you have something healthy to reach for when you're rushing out the door. They're made with a combination of our Gluten Free Old Fashioned Rolled Oats, Organic Coconut Flour, orange juice, dried tart cherries, coconut oil and honey, which create a naturally sweet and chewy bar. The bars are then topped with a homemade crumble topping to make this breakfast even better. Baked in just 15 minutes, they can be made in large batches at the beginning of the week and shared with the entire family.

Blueberry Breakfast Bars

Who doesn't love a breakfast full of blueberries? If you're searching for a breakfast bar that's just as flavorful as it is nutritious, then these Blueberry Breakfast Bars are sure to hit the spot. The ultimate all-purpose breakfast bars, their energizing ingredients will help you power through the day, no matter what is thrown your way. Made with almonds, sesame seeds, brown sugar and oats, these bars flaunt a toasty flavor that's undeniably delicious. Unfortunately, fresh berries might not be easy to find, depending on the time of year. If that's the case, frozen blueberries can be substituted in their place without affecting the flavor.

Additional Healthy Breakfast Bar Recipes

blueberry bars

While the two recipes above remain some of our favorites, there are several other breakfast bar recipes that you can try. If you're eager to try out more great-tasting bars, check out these five healthy breakfast bar recipes, we're sure they won't disappoint.

Now that you know how to make oatmeal breakfast bars and have found a few recipes to get you started, it's time to try making this nutritious breakfast yourself. While the recipes listed above are loaded with great flavors, it's important to adjust your breakfast bars to your taste preferences. By subbing in add-ins like nuts, seeds, dried fruit and even chocolate chips, you'll ensure that your breakfast is everything you hoped for and more. From everyone at Bob's Red Mill, we wish you a morning full of fun and flavor!

Have an oat-based bar recipe that you'd like to share? We'd love to hear more about the fun homemade breakfast bar recipes that you enjoy in the comments below.

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