How Do Bob’s Red Mill Protein Oats Compare to Regular Oats?

By: Elisabeth Allie | August 11 2023

We are so excited about our Protein Oats and Organic Protein Oats, and we can’t wait to tell you all about them. These new protein-packed oats are a conventionally bred, Non-GMO Project Verified variety that is 50–60% higher in protein* than our regular oats, without added protein powders. It’s an easy swap—one simple ingredient—to add a boost of protein to your morning oatmeal, as well as baked goods and even smoothies!

What Is the Difference Between Protein Oats and Regular Oats?

Traditional oats undergo several steps to create the delicious whole grain oatmeal you love. First, they are harvested with a combine, which separates the individual grains from the chaff (the stalks and other plant materials humans don’t eat). From there, the oats are stored in silos until the hulls—the outer coating of the oats—are removed. Then the oats are heated and steamed before they are flattened between steel rollers to create that traditional rolled oat texture.

However Protein Oats are a unique hull-less oat cultivar that does some of the work for the farmers! As they grow, these oats shed their hulls during harvest. Because of this, these oats are less processed, with fewer steps between farm and table.

Apple Pie Overnight Oats

Benefits of Protein Oats vs Regular Oats

All of our oats are made from whole grain oats and are absolutely delicious! But Protein Oats have a little something extra: 9–10 grams of plant-based protein per serving, compared to our Old Fashioned Rolled Oats, which have 6 grams. It’s an easy way to power up your morning, whether you’re enjoying them as oatmeal, in breakfast bars, or your next smoothie.

Another big difference from our regular Old Fashioned Rolled Oats: both our Protein Oats and Organic Protein Oats are gluten free, and grown under a purity protocol that is the highest standard in gluten free. While oats are naturally gluten free, they need to be specially grown, processed and packaged to avoid the chance of cross contamination.

Similarity Between Protein Oats and Regular Oats

Old Fashioned Rolled OatsOf course, there are a lot of similarities between Protein Oats and regular oats. They’re both made with one simple ingredient: whole grain oats. All of our oats are either a good or excellent source of fiber—be sure to check the packaging for full nutritional info. And both taste absolutely delicious!

The main thing we love about our regular and Protein Oats is their versatility. Add your favorite toppings for the ultimate bowl of whole grain oatmeal, top them with braised greens, a fried egg and hot sauce as a savory grain bowl, whirl them into a smoothie, or bake them into cookies. The possibilities are endless!

Can I Substitute Protein Oats for Regular Oats in Recipes?

Protein Oats are a simple swap for regular oats in virtually any recipe, with a couple of exceptions: one, we recommend around five extra minutes on the stovetop for Protein Oats—they cook up in about 15 minutes rather than 10. Two, we do not recommend microwaving Protein Oats! Protein Oats contain a little extra starch that releases to form a “shield” over the oats, causing them to quickly boil over in the microwave.

Otherwise, the sky’s the limit! Use these Protein Oats in cookies, pancakes, bars, smoothies and more. We especially enjoy them in overnight oats—check out our yummy recipe for Apple Pie Overnight Protein Oats for an eco-friendly breakfast!

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to learn all about our Protein Oats and Organic Protein Oats and power up your mornings with extra plant-based protein! It’s a great way to add protein to your breakfast routine, or anytime you enjoy our delicious oats.

*Protein per 48 grams, regular rolled oats 6 grams vs. Protein Oats, 9–10 grams.


  1. dove
    I am concerned regarding your protein oats when you say 'unique hull-less cultivar oat'. How is it so? Is it a GMO oat? How did you find a new oat? I am a licensed health/life coach and am always very skeptical when a company that I trust and respect, like Bob's goes and creates a new type of grain, seed, plant, etc. when mother earth obviously didn't all of a sudden create something new so is it man made?

    Thank you for clarifying.
    1. Elisabeth Allie
      Hi Dove! Our Protein Oats were developed using conventional plant breeding techniques. As a general rule, conventional breeding develops new plant varieties by the process of selection, and seeks to achieve expression of genetic material which is already present within a species. This is different from genetic modification, which works primarily through insertion of genetic material, including material from other species or life forms.
  2. Lance
    I'm curious if their is any thought/interest in creating a sprouted variant of this product. My understanding is that sprouting creates a better nutrient profile (higher fiber/protein).
    1. Elisabeth Allie
      Hi Lance! We'll pass this forward to our decision makers. :)

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