Organic Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

Whole Grain

Organic Whole Wheat Pastry Flour is 100% stone ground from the finest soft white wheat. The lower protein content makes this flour perfect for tender whole grain baked goods like flaky pie crusts, delicious cookies, buttery biscuits, fluffy pancakes, layer cakes and quick breads.

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This whole wheat flour is made from freshly milled organic wheat berries, retaining all of the nutrients from the germ, bran and endosperm. The soft wheat gives it a texture closer to cake flour than whole wheat flour, which is made with whole grain hard red wheat.

Transform your baking with the added nutrition of whole wheat pastry flour! It has a shelf life of two years, but we have so many fantastic recipes for quick breads, cupcakes, scones and muffins that we don’t think it’ll last that long!

Making yeast dough? Try our whole wheat flour, a high-gluten whole grain flour ground from hard red spring wheat.

Good things come to those who bake: DO NOT EAT RAW DOUGH OR BATTER.

To Your Good Health

  • Kosher

    As a continued commitment to the quality of the products we make and sell, this product has been certified Kosher by OK Kosher Certification of Brooklyn, New York.

  • Whole Grain

    This product is made with nutritious whole grain. Check the Whole Grain Stamp on the package for more information.

  • Vegan

    All Bob’s Red Mill products are vegetarian. This product is also vegan, meaning it does not include eggs, dairy or honey.

  • Stone Ground

    Our stone-ground flours and meals are made the old fashioned way, on our slow-turning quartz-stone mills. This time honored technique maintains cool temperatures, which preserves the natural flavor and healthy nutrition of the grains.

  • Organic

    This product was grown and produced using a uniform set of methods established by the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program and third-party certified organic by Quality Assurance International.

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