8 Unique Ways to Use Almonds In the Kitchen

By: Bob's Red Mill | November 6 2021

When living a healthy diet and lifestyle, incorporating various wholesome foods into your diet is vital. If you tend to create the same meals over and over again, then you're likely in a recipe rut. We're here to help. By starting with something small like almonds and slowly working them into your meals, you can enjoy a more diverse range of nutrients and, over time, transition your current menu to a new, more flavorful one. Not sure where to begin? In this article, we'll walk you through eight unique ways to use almonds—ways that you might not have heard of before!

Why Eat Almonds?

We know that almonds taste great, but are they good for you? The answer is: absolutely! Almonds are packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and phytochemicals, all of which are essential to a healthy diet. These nutrients work together to assist in things like a healthy digestive system, feelings of satiation, reduced inflammation levels, and increased muscle health. And, if this isn't enough to convince you to begin eating more almonds, they're also low in carbs, making them suitable for diets like the ketogenic one.

What to Make With Almonds

Ready to begin eating almonds? Almond's light flavor and versatile nature make them easy to add to nearly any cuisine. Here are a few of our favorite, unique ways to enjoy almonds.


If you live a dairy-free lifestyle, then almond milk is an excellent plant-based milk option. Making almond milk involves the process of soaking whole almonds and blending them into a creamy liquid. Because of almond milk's unique texture and nutritional content, it can be used to replace conventional milk in almost any recipe. Enjoy it with your morning bowl of cereal, use it to create fluffy brownies, or pour it into a delicious bowl of porridge. Adding a slightly nutty flavor to whatever it's combined with, it's sure to create a delightful result. Curious to learn how you can make a batch of almond milk? Here's a step-by-step guide on How to Make Almond Milk at Home.

Easy Overnight Steel Cut Oats with Almond Milk and Honey

Easy Overnight Steel Cut Oats with Almond Milk and Honey

Searching for a breakfast that you can grab as you walk out the door on busy mornings? Overnight oats are precisely that. Simple to make and great for you, all of the ingredients for overnight oats can be prepped the night before. And as you're sleeping, they'll combine into a delicious breakfast recipe—no cooking required. While overnight oats can be made with any milk, almond milk is the most commonly used. A dairy free option, almond milk adds a sweet, nutty flavor to the oatmeal making it a whole lot better. For a simple overnight oats recipe, mix 2 cups of unsweetened or homemade almond milk with 1 cup of Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats, vanilla extract, and honey. Additional ingredients like chia seeds and cinnamon can also be added according to your taste preferences. 


Like milk, almonds can also be used to make cheese that tastes extremely similar to dairy-based cheese. And, when allowed to "age," the texture is the same too. When made from almonds, nut-based cheeses like mozzarella and gouda can be enjoyed by everyone—even individuals who are dairy-free, vegan and lactose intolerant. This makes plant-based cheese the go-to recipe when making food platters for individuals with dietary restrictions.

Vegan Mozarella Cheese

Ready to try your hand at making vegan cheese? This Vegan Mozarella Cheese recipe is the perfect way to start. Slice it, grate it or melt it. It tastes great when added to a Caprese salad, sprinkled on top of pizza, paired with crackers, or by itself. Because this vegan mozzarella cheese uses almond milk as a base, It's a great dish to make for vegans or people who don't eat dairy.


Just a small amount of almonds go a long way. If you want to add almonds to your meals but don't want the flavor overpowering the other ingredients in your dish, then using almonds as a sauce or spread is an excellent option. Both whole and ground almonds can easily be turned into a paste-like texture with a bit of blending. Combine the almond paste with savory ingredients to create a savory sauce that works great when added to Asian cuisine. Or, blend whole almonds until they turn into almond butter to pair with apples or spread on toast.


Though making almond-based cheese and milk sounds delicious, it does involve some work on your end. So, until you master the cheese-making process, why not begin adding almonds to something that you already make? Something like smoothies! Your favorite morning smoothie can quickly be turned into a more nutritious one by adding a handful of almonds. They'll also add a nutty flavor that works well with sweet and savory flavors. And if you have extra, slice the almonds into thin slivers and add them to the top of your smoothie as an edible garnish.

Berry Peachy Booster

Berry Peachy Booster

Start your morning off with a bit of protein and make this Berry Peachy Booster. With ingredients like peaches, blueberries, yogurt and Almond Protein Powder, it's a nutritious and delicious smoothie and an excellent way to fuel for the day ahead.


Now that we've talked about turning almonds into milk and adding them to your oatmeal let's discuss how great this snack tastes on its own. A handful of almonds straight from the bag is not only a tasty snack; it's an incredibly nutritious one. That being said, if you're looking to add a bit of spice to the almonds in your cupboard, you don't have to look far. Consider the ingredients you have on hand and decide which would best pair with almonds. Honey, chocolate and even yogurt all taste great when drizzled on almonds. You can also choose to mix almonds with other nuts to make a homemade, healthy trail mix.


For a quick and filling snack on the go, put the almonds in your cupboard to good use, and use them to create energy bars. Almond meal, almond flour, whole almonds and crushed almonds can all be used in various ways to make a snack bar recipe that will keep you full and focused between meals. Plus, the fiber found in almonds will keep your stomach feeling great as well. When making your first snack bar recipe, we recommend starting with something simple that requires just a handful of ingredients. Once mastered, you can begin adding in your own unique twists and flavors.

Pumpkin Chai Boost Bars

Pumpkin Chai Boost Bars

Be sure that you always have a tasty snack on hand to bring with you wherever you go. Loaded with protein and flavor, these Pumpkin Chai Boost Bars use Almond Flour, Whole Grain Oat Flour, and Almond Protein Powder to create a snack that's perfect for your next adventure.


It's no secret that at Bob's Red Mill, we love oatmeal. In fact, Bob himself enjoys a bowl each morning when he wakes up. And while the base ingredients of the oatmeal may change from time to time, one thing that almost always remains the same is the almond topping. Crushed or sliced, almonds make an excellent oatmeal topping and give it an added boost of nutrition and crunch. Aside from whole almonds, almond meal and almond butter also make delicious oatmeal ingredients. We recommend testing out each and seeing which is your favorite. 

Coconut Almond Oatmeal Cookies

Now, we mentioned how you could make overnight oats with almonds, but what about delicious oat-based cookies? Gluten free and great-tasting, these Coconut Almond Oatmeal Cookies are a sweet treat that satisfies. Kid-approved, we recommend making these cookies in large batches as they're sure to be devoured.


Almonds are a highlighted ingredient in many dessert recipes. Because of their sweet but mild flavor, you can use them in everything from brownies to ice cream. Chopped almonds, slivered almonds, almond milk and almond sauce are just a few of the many ways you can go about adding them to your dessert. And because they're a nutritious snack, you can enjoy them guilt free!

Review these eight unique ways to use almonds in the kitchen the next time you want to spice up the menu. From sweet desserts to healthy breakfast dishes, almonds add a one-of-a-kind flavor and texture to food that can't be beaten. We can't wait to see the many almond recipes you come up with after reading this list. From everyone at Bob's Red Mill, happy baking!

Do you know of another unique way to use almonds in the kitchen? We'd love to hear about the fantastic recipes you're cooking up. Share your favorite almond-inspired meals with us in the comments below!

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