5 Holiday Bread Recipes to Make This Year

By: Bob's Red Mill | December 6 2020

If you love spending time in the kitchen, chances are you love baking. While there are many different kinds of foods that can be baked to perfection, an all-time favorite is undoubtedly bread. Nearly every baker has tried their hand at making a loaf of bread before. Whether it turned out perfectly or needed a little work, it may have helped improve their baking skills.

When it comes to bread, not all recipes are easy. Dough kneading, sourdough starters and dough proofing are all techniques that must be learned to make the perfect bread. That being said, once these different techniques have been mastered, the bread making process is an easy one.

Making bread at home gives you the freedom to add in the flavors and ingredients that you choose. From fruit-filled bread to chocolate varieties, the type of bread you bake depends significantly on your taste preferences. This holiday season, satisfy everyone at the dinner table by surprising them with a fresh-baked loaf straight from the oven. Whether you're a bread expert or just starting your holiday baking journey, follow the recipes below to bake a bread tasty enough to impress everyone. 


Sweetbread is a classic holiday bread favorite. Sweetbread encompasses any bread made with sweet ingredients. Ingredients like chocolate, caramel, vanilla and cream. It's usually enjoyed as an after-dinner dessert or a sweet snack to pair with coffee and tea. When making sweet bread, it's essential to make sure you don't make things too sweet. Too sweet of bread can create a flavor that's overpowering and not as enjoyable. For the perfect sweet combination, make sure that you follow the recipe and don't add too many extras. This will help you achieve the ideal balance of sweet flavors without it becoming overpowering. 

Chocolate Hazelnut Quinoa Bread

5 Holiday Bread Recipes to Make This Year | Bob's Red Mill Blog

This Chocolate Hazelnut Quinoa Bread is the epitome of sweet bread flavors! Made with raw hazelnuts, dark chocolate and milk chocolate, it combines all of the traditional holiday flavors into one delicious bread recipe. Bake it to enjoy as an after-dinner treat, or make a few loaves to give out as gifts. Anyone who enjoys this delicious bread recipe is sure to love it! 

Fruit Bread

Wondering what fruit bread is? Fruit bread is a lot like what it sounds like; it's merely bread baked with fruit. While the fruity ingredients in this bread can change, some are more popular than others. Banana bread, cranberry bread, blueberry bread and even orange bread are some of the most popular varieties. That being said, don't let these flavors stop you from making your own. Fruit bread can be made with nearly any kind of fruit, the possibilities are endless. Pair it with your favorite type of nuts, mix in a bit of shredded coconut or combine a sweet fruit like strawberries with chocolate. When baking in the kitchen this holiday season, we encourage you to get creative and try making a loaf of fruit bread.

Blueberry Bread

5 Holiday Bread Recipes to Make This Year | Bob's Red Mill Blog

As we mentioned, Blueberry Bread is one of the most popular fruit bread recipes around. When baked into the delicious bread dough, the blueberries are sweetened, creating a melt in your mouth flavor and texture. Make a batch of this blueberry bread to pair with your favorite tea or serve it as a dessert and top it with warm butter. The perfect after-dinner treat and sweet on-the-go breakfast, this blueberry bread can be made any time of the year but is incredibly delicious when eaten warm on chilly winter days. 

Savory Bread

Savory bread is one of our favorites to bake during the holiday season as it pairs well with nearly everything. Savory bread can be eaten alone, with a spread of butter, paired with cheese and meats, turned into sandwich bread, or even baked into stuffing. When it comes to savory bread, the flavor combos are truly endless. Herbs, spices and cheeses are baked into deliciously fluffy bread loaves, creating a savory flavor that will have your taste buds jumping for joy. Want to test your skills and make a savory bread of your own? Here are a few of our favorite recipes.

Herbed Yam Bread

5 Holiday Bread Recipes to Make This Year | Bob's Red Mill Blog

When it comes to savory bread, this loaf truly takes the cake. Made with yam puree, fresh rosemary, sage and crushed coriander seeds, it's a savory bread that will taste delicious at any holiday dinner table. Bringing homemade bread to your holiday gathering is an easy way to impress guests, and this loaf will surely do the trick. More than the standard accompaniment, this Herbed Yam Bread can be served alongside your dinner, and if there are any leftovers can be turned into a delicious sandwich! If your local store is out of yams, don't stress. Sweet potato puree can be swapped into this recipe to create the same great taste and flavor. 

Gluten Free Bread

If you're gluten free or baking for someone that is, we have good news! Gone are the days when you have to skip out on your favorite bread recipes or feel sick if you try a slice. With the many fantastic gluten free mixes on the market, nearly every bread can be transformed into a tasty gluten free loaf. By using mixes like our Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour, we help you take the guesswork out of gluten free baking and enjoy all of the delicious bread you loved before. If someone in your life is sensitive to gluten, surprise them with a loaf they can enjoy risk-free. They'll love the thought behind it, and you'll love knowing they can enjoy one of their favorite foods. While most bread recipes can be turned into gluten free ones with our Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour, we made this process fool proof and created some of our own. Check them out below!

Gluten Free No Knead Bread

5 Holiday Bread Recipes to Make This Year | Bob's Red Mill Blog

If you're new to bread baking, making gluten free bread might seem like an impossible task. Knowing how much gluten free flour to sub in for traditional flour can be overwhelming, and if things aren't measured correctly, your loaf may end up pretty flat. To help ensure that your gluten free bread comes out delicious each time it's made, we've put together this Gluten Free No Knead Bread Recipe. A delicious gluten free bread, this loaf is soft on the inside with airy holes and a crispy crust. Perfect to serve as a dinner accompaniment, sandwich bread or snack, it's an easy-to-make gluten free bread that will leave everyone wanting more.

Seasonal Bread

‘Tis the season for seasonal bread! With the season comes many seasonal flavors. Pumpkin spice, hot chocolate and cranberries are just a few of the many found advertised on grocery store shelves. If you're searching for a unique way to celebrate these tasty flavors, why not make a bread recipe out of it. Pumpkin bread, cinnamon bread and even apple baked bread are all delicious seasonal bread flavors that will create a buzz at your next gathering. While these bread recipes are simple to make, they sound and look rather extravagant, impressing anyone who tries them. Add a boost of festivity to your holiday table and bake one of these breads up for everyone to enjoy. We're confident they'll be a hit. 

Caramel Apple Cider Bread

5 Holiday Bread Recipes to Make This Year | Bob's Red Mill Blog

When it comes to bread recipes, we've saved the best for last. This Caramel Apple Cider Bread is the best holiday bread to make if you want to leave a lasting impression. It's a mildly sweet, crusty bread that's made with sweet cider, maple syrup and apples. The cider in this recipe works to give the bread a lift while also contributing to the sweet, yeasty flavor. Studded with freshly diced apples and drizzled with a velvety rich hard cider, the bread is an extra special dessert that everyone at the table will enjoy.

And there you have it! Five of our favorite holiday bread recipes to make this season. Whether you find yourself making these bread recipes for yourself, loved ones or gifting them to those you care about, they're sure to be the talk of the town. Handmade and homemade gifts are always a favorite here at Bob’s Red Mill, and what says “I care about you” more than a freshly baked loaf of bread? From sweet chocolate hazelnut bread to savory herbed yams, there's bound to be a bread recipe on this list that everyone enjoys. From everyone at Bob's Red Mill, happy holidays!

Have a bread recipe that you love baking during the holiday season? We'd love to hear more about it. Let us know in the comments below. 


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