What Is It Wednesday? Muesli

By: Lindsey Duncan | August 31 2016
We are all about the muesli at the Mill. It’s a customer favorite. It’s an employee favorite. It’s the nation’s best-rated cereal (according to a leading consumer publication). You may be reading this and feeling sheepish that you have questions. Maybe you’ve never tried it. Maybe you thought all cold breakfast cereals come in boxes. Feel no shame! You don’t know until you know and we are here to let you know! What is Muesli? Muesli is your Everything Cereal. Whole grains, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds all in a single bowl delivering protein and fiber to fuel your day! Similar to granola, but with a few key differences. It's minimally processed. It’s cold, it’s hot, or it’s straight out of the bag. It’s fruity, creamy, or dry. It’s a baking ingredient. It’s a snack. It’s what you feel like today. Where did Muesli come from? Muesli is as Swiss as the Alps! More commonly found in Europe, we’re proud to produce our version of muesli here in Oregon with the Cascades instead of the Alps as our backdrop. Who invented Muesli? I’d love to tell you Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill invented muesli, but in fact the cereal is the brainchild of Dr. Maximillian Bircher-Benner, a Swiss physician in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Dr. Bircher-Benner was a pioneer in thinking of food as medicine, which is something we believe strongly at Bob’s Red Mill. He ran a sanatorium (a care facility for chronically ill) at which he prescribed muesli to his patients for healing, a novel idea at the time.

Dr. Maximilian Bircher-Benner

Dr. Maximillian Bircher-Benner // Bob's Red MillPhoto courtesy of alchetron.com

What was the original Muesli recipe? Dr. Bircher-Benner was a believer in the raw food diet. That’s right–you’ve heard about it and it’s not just a fad! Thus, the original muesli was a cereal of raw rolled oats, nuts, and grated whole apples (core and all!) stirred in a mixture of cream and lemon juice.

How do you eat Muesli? That’s one of the best things about muesli–eat it how you like! You can prepare it hot as you would oatmeal; cold with milk, cream, juice, or yogurt; or soaked overnight for softer grains and plumper fruits to create the perfect overnight oats recipe.

Is Muesli supposed to be chewy? Yes! Our muesli grains are lightly steamed before rolling, but are not further processed, so expect them to be chewy! Some people love the mouth feel of muesli straight from the package, but others prefer a softer grain that is more akin to oatmeal. To each his own muesli preparation–make it the way you like it. You’re not doing this breakfast thing for anyone but yourself.

Why does Bob’s Red Mill make Muesli? Bob Moore is a man that makes things happen! When he and his wife Charlee were visiting Scotland one year, they were served a bowl of muesli at a bed and breakfast. Bob loved it and quickly realized, “Hey, I’ve got the stuff to make this!” Putting a unique spin on the traditional recipe, Bob’s Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli was born. Bob is a firm believer in the same principles as Dr. Bircher-Benner and says “Food is the Best Medicine™.” Adding muesli to the lineup was a natural fit!

Now that you have a little background and your tummy’s starting to growl, let’s really get the drool factory going as we dive into Bob’s Red Mill Mueslis. The photo below will show you two great reveals. I can’t even prioritize which to talk about first because they’re both huge. So here’s the photo. I’ll give you a minute to “soak” it in (get it? Oh, muesli jokes . . . they don’t stop there). Muesli Collage   Not only have we added three new flavors to our muesli lineup, but we are also unveiling brand new packaging! Gone are the days of toppled bags of muesli spilling precious contents on the counter and floor. Put away the dustpan and broom! No more searching for bag clips and rubber bands! Welcome to transportable, easily stored packaging. Standing ovations abound for stand-up pouches. You are likely already acquainted with our Old Country Style Muesli and Gluten Free Muesli. The mueslis are multiplying and we are proud to introduce three new mueslis. (Collectively, “new-slis” in my book, though the name hasn’t caught on around here. I'm not giving up.)

Fruit & Seed Muesli1184C144_FruitandSeedMuesli_f_hr

Gluten Free Tropical Muesli 1975C144_GlutenFree_TropicalMuesli_f_hr

Paleo Style Muesli1952C144_GlutenFree_PaleoStyleMuesli_f_hr

Each new muesli has impressive features your taste buds will crave, your body requires, and your diet approves. Chock full of whole grains, dried fruits, seeds, and nuts, you simply can’t be bored by these beauties. What’s so great about Bob’s Red Mill Mueslis? • New stand-up, re-sealable pouches • Five exciting flavors • Easy, wholesome breakfast • Simple, clean ingredients • Good source of fiber • 5g of sugar or less per serving • Gluten free options • Whole grain option • Paleo option • Non-GMO Although these packages don’t display our Sourced Non-GMO Pledge yet, all of our products are sourced non-GMO. Check out the deets here. You won’t see the muesli pouches on your store shelf for a bit since they are brand-spankin’-new, but since we now have free shipping on orders over $50 (some exclusions apply), you can stock up right here on the Granola and Muesli page of BobsRedMill.com!


  1. Kelli @ Hungry Hobby
    I thought Muesli came from Australia very interesting! I love how hearty it is, can't wait to try the new flavors!
  2. Kim Garcia
    I have often eaten Mueslis in Europe and Bob's is every bit as good and authentic. I hope the new packaging will also be extended to include ALL of Bob's products.

    Thank you so much!
  3. marianna lee
    is Muesli supposed to chewy?

    I'm a editor by trade and hope you insert the "be." I love your products and would like to know how much cane or other sugar you add to the mueslis? Do I get a free bag for having improved your English usage (just kidding)?
    1. Cassidy Stockton
      Ha! Thanks for the heads up on the typo. We do not add any sugar to our muesli. Some of the fruit used does have sugar, such as the cranberries in our gluten free muesli and the mango in our tropical muesli. If you click through to the products, you can see a full nutritional panel and ingredient list.
  4. Clifton Gerring
    We have a son whole is violently alerted to peanuts. What are the nuts products included?
    1. Cassidy Stockton
      First, we are a peanut free facility. Our Gluten Free Tropical Muesli features macadamia nuts, our Fruit and Seed and Old Country Style feature almonds, and the Paleo Muesli has cashews, macadamia nuts and almonds. Hope that helps!
  5. robert
    Trial size packages of the new products would be useful and welcome for new users. I hate to buy a large package of a cereal or other product and have to toss most of it if it is too sweet or otherwise unsatisfactory. Please consider this.
  6. Steve
    I'm a fan of the Old Country Muesli. I'm also a user of software called a screen reader. This software turns text to speech; many use it who are blind, low vision or dyslexic. Sure do wish you had described the picture in an alt text. Missed the joke totally.
    Love the muesli though; in fact, enjoy many of Bob's Red Mill products. Keep on keeping on.
  7. Jennie Liedkie
    I have a new use for Muesli.....I use it as tops for muffins instead of streusel toppings ! I love it this way....can't wait to try some of the new ones....thanks !
  8. Linda M Ackerman
    Pleased to hear about new packaging! Running out of bag clips...
  9. Sabine Osborne
    Avocado lime smoothie.
  10. Vincent Nomides
    Great idea for the "Seal-able" bags for STARTERS! I like it, Although, I would rather buy it in a big canister similar to Quaker's Oatmeal.
  11. Perry Polk
    I've been breakfasting with Bob's Red Mill Old Country Muesli for probably 30 years. No other breakfasts "burn" as long and provide as much energy. We supplement it with fresh fruits in season. If not in season, we have dried persimmons, dried Asian pear apples, dried figs and frozen blue berries. It's great!
  12. Cliff Case
    I just had a bowl of Bob's Muesli with "Grandma's Molasses" from upstate NY. Usually I have raw honey but I'm fresh out right now. Add Almond milk & that's breakfast. GREAT! Have to try the Paleo and Tropical now.
  13. Virginia D. Jorgensen
    Virginia D. Jorgensen
    Can you store the large bags right in the freezer if you buy it by the case?
    1. Whitney Barnes
      Hi Virginia - Yes; however, I would add an extra layer of protection and put each bag in its own gallon-sized freezer bag first.
  14. Ephrem
    Should the Muesli be refrigerated before and/or after opening?
    1. Whitney Barnes
      Hi Ephrem - No, it does not need to be refrigerated. We recommend a cool, dry place (cabinet or pantry is perfect.)

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