Sourced Non-GMO Pledge

Our Sourced Non-GMO Pledge

Throughout 40 years of offering whole grain foods for every meal of the day, our top priority has been sourcing the highest quality ingredients available. Now, we’re taking that commitment one step further with our Sourced Non-GMO Pledge.

When you see the Sourced Non-GMO Pledge seal on our products, you can be sure that we’ve worked with our farmers and suppliers to source ingredients that are not genetically engineered. That work includes cultivating trusted relationships over many years and requiring documentation that attests to the fact that the ingredients have not been genetically modified through the use of modern biotechnology. For assurance, we conduct audits of our suppliers annually. We also source organic ingredients whenever feasible, and by definition, foods that are Certified USDA Organic are made only with ingredients that have not been bioengineered.

Download this pledge here.

Learn about the next phase of our commitment to Non-GMO ingredients!

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