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Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix

Gluten Free

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Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix makes a light, crispy, delicious pizza crust. Specially designed for those sensitive to wheat or gluten and delightfully easy, this whole grain pizza crust bakes up to two 12" gluten free pizza crusts! Contains whole grain brown rice flour


Our Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix makes a light, crispy, delicious pizza crust. Specially designed for those sensitive to wheat or gluten and delightfully easy, this whole grain pizza crust bakes up to two 12" gluten free pizzas! Top with your favorite gluten free toppings and savor how delicious homemade pizza can be. Our Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix is wheat free, dairy free, whole grain and can be made without eggs. Ingredients: whole grain brown rice flour, potato starch, whole grain millet flour, whole grain sorghum flour, tapioca flour, potato flour, cane sugar, xanthan gum, active dry yeast, sea salt, guar gum.

It’s quite easy to prepare. Just add eggs (or substitute flaxseed meal for a vegan crust), water and olive oil. The mix contains a yeast packet and bakes up like a real wheat crust. The texture and taste of this crust is fantastic! It’s crispy and chewy and has the wonderful yeast flavor of a wheat crust. Try adding a little basil, oregano, garlic, or finely chopped rosemary to the mix to expand the flavor palate.

There are so many creative ways to use this mix! We’ve received many happy reports from our customers and their explorations: cheese breads, Stromboli, Chapati, Roti and Naan, to name a few. It makes a very tasty flat bread (cover with cheese and your favorite vegetables for the second baking) to serve with soups and heartier stews. If you want to branch out further, cut the dough for donuts, fry it up and coat with powdered sugar or cinnamon. Follow the recipe on the package to make outstanding gluten free cinnamon rolls with this versatile mix. You can also make pretzels sprinkled with a little salt, and serve with a side of mustard. Additionally, our Gluten Free Pizza Crust has been praised for making delicious bread sticks with garlic and butter. The flavor is also a big hit with kids, so it works great for leftovers in school lunches.

For more pizza-loving inspiration, take a peek at this article from our blog: www.bobsredmill.com/blog/gluten-free/mixing-it-up-gluten-free-pizza-crust.

NOTE: Bulk 25 lb bag does not include active dry yeast

To Your Good Health

  • Gluten Free

    This gluten free product was handled exclusively in our dedicated gluten free facility and tested for gluten free integrity in our quality control laboratory using an ELISA Gluten Assay test.

  • Kosher

    As a continued commitment to the quality of the products we make and sell, all of Bob’s Red Mill products are certified kosher pareve or kosher dairy by Rabbi Avrohom Teichman of Kehilla Kosher, Igud HaKashrus of Los Angeles.

  • Vegan

    All Bob’s Red Mill products are vegetarian. This product is also vegan, meaning it is made without the use of any animal products including eggs, dairy, and honey.

76 Reviews For "Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix"

  1. Go to Pizza Crust from now on.....

    by Munroe's Kitchen on 07 Mon,2017


    After trying dozens of recipes from the internet, I finally gave in and bought a package mix.
    I will say that if you don't have any experience using yeast or the temperature management involved in proofing yeast, the provided instructions for that process are lacking. The provided yeast packet offers no directions.
    It mixed up and it did rise like it was supposed to. I was pleased with the end result. For those reviewers "complaining" about it being tasteless or too eggy. Before I put it in the over for the initial bake, I put some fresh cracked pepper and sea salt on it. Then for the final bake before my toppings I put a light misting of EVOO on it before I put my pizza sauce and toppings down. This is a great mix....will definitely buy it again. Thank you!

  2. Better the Second day

    by Jeff on 07 Thu,2017


    The crust was spread out on a 12x16 baking pan. The toppings were all pre-cooked a bit to get some of the moisture out. It was cut in half after the max. recommend heat/time and it didn't look right. I ended up putting it back in the oven for 8 min. It came out with a slightly odd flavor and still appeared to have too much moisture left. The slices were put in a container and stored in the fridge. I reheated some of it in the toaster the next day and bam! It was delicious! The odd flavor and excess moisture was gone. I gave it five stars based on the second day. I may try removing a fist full of dough and use a different pan next time.

  3. Pizza is my favorite!

    by Bernadette on 05 Mon,2017


    This makes the perfect crust every time. I can now eat my favorite food all the time with no worries about getting 'gut-rot'. The price is right so the whole family can eat healthy and enjoy their all time favorite --- PIZZA!!
    Love it!

  4. Very tasty!

    by Nicole on 05 Sat,2017


    Just bought this yesterday to make pizza. I didn't have high expectations because in my 11 years being gluten free because of Celiac Disease, I still haven't found a great tasting pizza crust. I'm glad I took a chance on this one!! It was very tasty!! My only complaint is that the dough came out extremely sticky, like I couldn't touch it without it sticking heavily to my fingers. I'm just wondering if it should be like that? I followed the instructions exactly. Regardless of stickiness, I will definitely be making this dough again!

  5. Tastes just like a famous pizza kit

    by SurferGirl on 05 Wed,2017


    I am recently Gluten Free and at times not thrilled about it. Pizza is my jam! I bought this and tested it on my friends before taking this on a weekend trip out of town. The dough smelled and tasted just like the pizza kits we made as kids on Wednesday nights. Using the dough on two 12 inch pans is a little too thick for my taste. My second try, I made one 16 inch pie and one 12 inch pie. PERFECT! Since I can buy the pizza kit sauce separately, this tastes just like the homemade pizzas I grew up with. My friends couldn't even tell they were gluten free. Thank you for this!! I'm excited to try the cake mixes.

  6. Disappointed

    by Becca on 05 Sun,2017


    I followed the directions, the yeast bubbled and the dough appeared to rise, shaped two crusts about 1/8"-1/4" thick and double baked, but still found the cooked product to be gummy, dense, and flavorless. I didn't even finish my portion of pizza because I found it too unappealing.

  7. sigh.....

    by Gardengirl on 04 Sun,2017


    I was looking forward to trying this, but its a bit too "eggy" tasting for me. A bit disappointed.

  8. Easy Peasy

    by Igamallo on 02 Mon,2017


    My 12 year old made this with my assistance. We spread 1/2 the dough onto 12"pizza pan, baked as directed and cooled in pan atop a wire rack. After topping we baked directly on a pizza stone. The crust was thin and crispy just the way we like it and tasted almost as good as my regular home made

  9. Delicious!

    by ScanAsana on 11 Tue,2016


    This was fairly simple. I love that the yeast was included. You have to let it rise for 20 minutes, so grab a snack whilst you wait. But the wait is worth it and it came out delicious!


    by Granny on 09 Wed,2016


    As a former pastry chef I never use mixes etc. But after too many trips to the garbage can trying to make gluten free anything (except pasta) I tried this kit. Blown away! Pizza night returns to our house, Yeah!

  11. so good for making Naan

    by momma224 on 08 Thu,2016


    I used the mix today to make amazing Naan. I substituted half of the liquid for buttermilk and added chopped garlic. I cooked it in my cast iron skillet with a little olive oil and ghee. I used a scoop with a slider in it and with hands dipped in the Bob's red mill one to one mix, I quickly flattened it out. I used a low temperature and kept the cooked ones in a warm oven. They turned out awesome!

  12. Disappointed

    by DS on 06 Mon,2016


    Chose this mix due to reviews. We made it today. Nothing happened when we mixed the yeast with the water, and the dough didn't rise either. Pizza came out doughy. A bit disappointed.

    Thank you for your product review. We apologize that this package did not perform well for you. Please contact us in Customer Service and we will help you.


  13. OM NOM NOM

    by Leah on 03 Thu,2016


    My guy has celiac, I don't. Usually that means we both get disappointing pizza. This was delicious, and plenty for two 12" pizzas.

  14. Delicious

    by Twin 1 on 03 Sat,2016


    I made it following the directions and it was great. We topped it with a little tomato sauce and sauteed mushrooms, onions, garlic, and peppers.

  15. Delicious

    by Peggi on 02 Thu,2016


    We like a thin crust, so I get two pizzas out one bag. This is the closet to gluten pizza crust that we have found. The flavor is delicious. I have also used this mix to make garlic breadsticks.

  16. So good!

    by Laura on 02 Fri,2016


    My toddler (who is allergic to wheat) helped me make this and it turned out SO good. Much better than the frozen gluten free kind we used to use! Thank you so much for this product.

  17. I recommend it.

    by Ana Maria on 02 Wed,2016


    Excellent pizza crust. I love the fact that it includes wholesome grains instead of only white rice and starches!

  18. Tasted quite good but the instructions were lacking clarity.

    by Ney on 01 Wed,2016


    The taste was surprisingly good. However the directions lacked clarity. It said to use warm water for the yeast. I thought I did but nothing happened. When I let the dough rise for 20 min, it didn't at all. The instructions said to cook for 7-9 min first. But it didn't say what the crust should look like, so do you cook for 7 or 9? Maybe my yeast was bad, but the package had a 2017 date on it. The crust showed that the dough hadn't risen.

    Hello Ney,

    Thank you for your review, please contact Customer Service and we will help you. It does sound like the yeast was dead. Thank you for your patience. We look forward to your call.

    Customer Service

  19. A Great Procduct.

    by First Try! on 11 Thu,2015


    This pizza dough is very good I had been looking for one for about 4 years. This is the first pizza crust mix that I had ever tried and it was great!
    I have always used BRM products since I became gluten free and will continue to. Mine made two 14 in. crusts and I made the with the "Flax Egg". Thanks for having a egg free option on your products. Keep up the good work.

  20. Good product for gluten-free, vegan diets.

    by Pam3000 on 11 Wed,2015


    Requires a bit more work and ingredients than regular pizza crust recipes, and the texture of the finished product may be an acquired taste, but it is delicious and a really great pizza crust alternative for those on gluten-free diets. I was able to veganize it as well, so that's a plus. I also tried a vegan version of the cinnamon roll recipe included on the package. My husband really loved it!

  21. Crust came out like pasta

    by Judy on 09 Thu,2015


    I tried making this last night for dinner. After meticulously following the directions,baking it twice, the crust was like pasta? Any suggestions as to what I can do to prevent this from happening again?

  22. A little daub will do you

    by Dee on 09 Fri,2015


    To resolve the sticky issue, try one of these: Grab a big wad of plastic wrap, wet it a bit, daub the dough until it has spread. Or don a pair of disposable plastic gloves and wet them slightly, the daub the dough. Works for us!

  23. New to us

    by Colin's grandma on 08 Tue,2015


    My grandson loved it. He is only 4 and did not understand why he can't eat pizza so I got your product and we did pizza night. He loved it and ate his pizza he made before I did.

  24. This is so good!

    by Pam on 09 Thu,2014

    This was the first gluten free pizza that I had ever tried to make. I was very worried that it wouldn't taste right, because my son is a very picky eater. It was a huge hit. My son said it was better than the homemade pizza that I used to make before I went gluten free. It was also very easy to make. It was a bit sticky, but as long as I wet my hands, it worked great!

  25. delicious!

    by LaFonda on 09 Fri,2014

    All gluten free pizza dough that I've eaten has tasted the same: horrible. This tastes/smells like normal dough. Usually I'm horrible about baking things but this was super easy to make and super customizable. Minus a star because the yeast packet inside would be hard to divide, so you have to make the whole bag at once.

  26. Good taste, would prefer organic non GMO

    by GMO intolerant on 04 Sat,2014

    I would definitely put less water in as it came out very sticky and I had to use corn starch to shape it on the stone. Once you cook it before making the pizza, it does form well. The flavor was very good but enjoy it while it is hot for the best texture. I would however prefer a non GMO GF option. I would definitely give 5 star if this was the organic! Enjoyed the pizza.

  27. Easy to Divide into More

    by KS on 04 Sat,2014

    This package can easily make more than one 16 inch pizza, or two 12 inch ones. I divided the dough to make four pizzas. I like a fairly thin crust, so this works well for me. The finshed pizza was appx 10 inches. Unused dough was frozen to be used for another treat night. Although the crust didn't get as crispy as I would like, it was still good.

  28. This makes great pizza crust!

    by Taters Mom on 03 Mon,2014

    I've made this pizza crust mix several times and it always turns out great. The best gluten free pizza crust I've tried. Thank you Bob's!

  29. work in progress

    by Deb on 02 Tue,2014

    followed the directions as required. I think if I make the crust thinner next time and add herbs as suggested it will be better. I did brush the rim with olive oil seasoned with oregano and, browned up, it was the best part of the crust. I needed to make the base much thinner and I believe the addition of herbs will improve the taste. Certainly worth another go 'round. My problem is I'm a real crust snob -- I LOVE a good crust -- and I want the GF crust to be perfect. I never order a GF pizza when I'm at a restaurant because frankly, they all stink. So I want to perfect my own. I'll keep working on it with Bob's Red Mill because it's got the most potential.

  30. Best I've had

    by sw on 01 Thu,2014

    If you follow the directions, it's excellent pizza crust. We make pizza at home on a regular basis, and I'm thrilled to have something for the GF in the family. I use it to make 4 ~10" pizza crusts, and after the first bake, freeze the ones I'm not using that night. Another night, I top frozen crusts and bake them just a bit longer for the 2nd bake. The texture is just a tad different frozen, but still very good. I really wish my local restaurants would start using this.

  31. MUST follow instructions & it's delish!!

    by Hexxuss on 10 Mon,2013

    I followed the instructions, but I let it rise longer than it called for (had to shop for pizza ingredients). When it says to use wet hands to spread the dough, it is NOT kidding - it means WET - then it doesn't stick. I was leery as to whether it would be any good but it came out looking great. I added the ingredients (light sauce), and even my otehr half said he preferred this to regular pizza crusts, and he's not stuck being GF. My son loved it & I loved it. I simply put the whole thing into a cookie tray & split the ingredients into thirds. Worked like a champ!! Next I'll be adding herbs into the dough, maybe parmesan & dessert pizzas! Went back to the store & bought the remaining bags (on sale).

  32. So pleased!

    by Kaitlyn H. on 03 Sat,2013

    I was kind of hesitant in making this dough because my skills are kind of low, and some of the reviews mentioned how difficult it is to handle. I made the dough in my bread machine and just followed the machine's instructions on pizza dough and it worked! I added a little honey (3/4 tsp) as well. You really do need to keep your hands dripping wet in order to handle the dough. It is also kind of difficult to shape, but I just put it straight on my cookie sheet and did my best to make it into a pizza shape. I also dusted the bottom and the crust with Bob's GF cornmeal. Because I had read that the flavor is a little plain, I spread garlic butter on the crust inbetween baking times. Next time, however, I plan to add more garlic butter and adding it when the dough is still raw, before I add the toppings to allow it to bake into the crust. Overal, I was pleasantly surprised.

  33. GF Pizza Crust Holds Up Vegan

    by peggygf on 12 Mon,2012

    I was so pleasantly surprised with this pizza crust that I am already on my second package, and will bring it for a holiday party as it does not have a noticeable beany taste. I made it vegan, using flax seed meal, per notes on the package. I was a bit concerned while working with the dough, as it had a bit of a slick slippery feel that comes from the rice flour, but does not translate into that slick taste in the finished crust.
    I split the dough into 2, refrigerated the second half for 2 -3 days. I pressed it thinner than suggested, so got slightly larger pies which I like, as I can heap on the toppings, and allows the edges to get crisper.

  34. Convenient and Reliable

    by Celiac pizza ea on 12 Sun,2012

    What I like best about this is that it mixes up quickly and easily, and it makes 2 pizzas, so it's really economical for feeding a family. It does not make a crispy crust, and I've tried to do that multiple ways. I usually spread it into th pizza pan, bake it until it's just firm enough to get it off the pan directly onto the rack, and then bake it directly on the rack until it's almost done prior to adding the toppings. That does help it brown and crisp better than if I follow the package instructions. But it does not get truly crisp, no matter how I try. I also add a teaspoon of granulated garlic and a teaspoon of dried Italian seasoning, otherwise I notice a slightly "off" flavor to the dough. But, it still beats the homemade GF doughs I've tried to make, some of which were garbage-can flops.

  35. LOVE IT!

    by GFFamilyof4 on 08 Wed,2012

    This is the only pizza dough our family will agree on. We've tried several...we keep going back to this one. I add a little Italian Seasoning for a little more flavor and the family loves it. Thanks Bob for making GF items...we love you for it!


    by Patty Cakes on 07 Mon,2012

    Just made a very quick and delicious GF and Dairy free pizza. This crust was perfect. Cooked perfectly and was so simple to make. Would definitely buy this again. Next time I would save half the dough by sticking it in the freezer and spread the dough out a little thinner to make it even more delicious.

    I was very pleased with this product and would definitely buy this again in a heart beat for my next pizza!


  37. Delicious!

    by mrshall617 on 04 Mon,2012

    A nutritionist recently suggested that I go gluten free in an attempt to control chronic migraines. Overall it's been easier than I thought it would be but I've had trouble finding bread products. The nutritionist suggested Bob's Red Mill and I used the mix today to make bread sticks to eat with soup during the week. I was very pleasantly surprised at how tasty the bread sticks are!

  38. Excellent Pizza Crust

    by Gluten Free Mar on 10 Sun,2011

    Fantastic crust. I serve this to family members and friends instead of making two different kinds of crust. Great flavor enhancer...add garlic and parmesan cheese. Very economical to make.

  39. Simply Wonderful!

    by Jars of Clay on 10 Fri,2011

    I was recently diagnosed as gluten sensitive and have started a gluten free diet. It has been so hard to find things to make for our family that we used to have and can still all eat. This pizza mix was fabulous and turned out a great pizza! The kids even asked for more. This will be a staple in our house from now on! Thanks Bob's Red Mill for making our life a little easier!

  40. Fried chicken

    by montygal453 on 10 Mon,2011

    I bought this product to make pizza with, but haven't gotten around to it yet, as my husband doesn't really like pizza. But I used to make fried chicken for him on the day of one of his favorite rival football games. I know that I can't have any wheat now, so I grabbed the pizza dough mix and tried it with my own fried chicken recipe. It worked great!!


    by no wheat for th on 09 Sat,2011

    This pizza crust is amazing! One bag makes 2 pizzas, but I freeze half of the dough for next time. It's easy to make and tastes really good. I first got this from a friend because I love pizza. Then I started buying it myself! The only bad part is, it's hard to find in the grocery store. It's one of those products that they don't carry all the time, so that's why I'm buying it online.

  42. It's pizza how could it not be good

    by mamabreen on 08 Fri,2011

    I could take it or leave it, it's easy so I'm sure I'll buy it again, though I think I'd have better luck if I used a recipe using other BRM GF flours.

  43. Absolutely AMAZING!!

    by GF in FL on 08 Thu,2011

    My BF found this mix in a store and brought some home for us to try because pizza is one of my favorite foods and something I have missed dearly since going GF. This is amazing! I could not tell a difference at all, and neither could he! It was a little difficult to spread on the pizza pan but with more water on the hands, we fixed that issue. And it did take a little longer to cook but the smell

  44. Finally!

    by Cj on 08 Thu,2011

    I have been gluten/dairy/sugar free for about a year. I have tried everything, and ended up just giving up on trying to find bread-product substitutes. I had this in my pantry for 6 months before I got around to using it. Well, I sure wish I had tried sooner. This was fabulous. NO weird texture or strange taste. A+.

  45. GF pizza crust

    by Sammyo on 07 Wed,2011

    I baked a cheeseless pizza in my Pampered Chef bar with the GF pizza crust! I used olive oil and fresh pressed garlic when i was spreading the dough to prevent sticking. I will be buying this in bulk!

  46. Yes...I can have pizza again!

    by Lou on 07 Fri,2011

    I ate pizza for the first time in months recently thanks to this "gluten free" pizza crust mix. I was so pleased with it. It was simple to make and quick. Great texture and flavor. Next time I will try adding some natural herbs to the mix before baking to see how that goes.

  47. no metallic taste

    by julieblue on 07 Mon,2011

    Doesn't have that metallic taste that usually comes with gluten free breads. Most similar to a regular flour pizza crust!

  48. Great Texture, Satisfying, and Worth It!

    by Heather Cooks E on 06 Sun,2011

    I use this pizza crust mix as an alternative to buying pre-made, frozen GF crusts, which I find tasteless, have a poor texture (they are often freezer burned!) and overpriced. The taste and texture of this one are outstanding.

  49. Great pizza mix!

    by maryellen1952 on 06 Wed,2011

    This is a great GF pizza crust. It was easy to make and delicious. I live in Mexico where pizza is not the best so I bought this mix to make my own. I have tried the Pillsbury refrigerated pizza crusts but Bob's Mill is superior. I will definitely keep this pizza crust mix in my pantry as it is convenient.

  50. ok but bland

    by sam on 06 Mon,2011

    I used this product and made 2 pizzas. The first one worked better because i used a pan with holes in it but it was hard getting it onto that pan. The dough does not stick together well and comes apart all over your hands. I advise adding garlic powder and a little salt to the dough which makes it taste a whole lot better. I also advise greasing the pan very well and coating your hands in olive oi

  51. Bake it longer than suggested...

    by Mar on 06 Tue,2011

    This pizza is too floppy if you cook it by directions. I have to bake it longer before adding toppings for it to get a little harder, otherwise it would be too hard to eat it with your hands. Also in my opinion the flavor is not great. I use it because the price is affordable but I don't love it.

  52. Even the kids loved it!!!!

    by Mommyrph on 06 Sun,2011

    I made this last night for dinner. I didn't tell my partner or the kids..... Everyone was eating and I was so excited! It is very sticky when spreading but tasted AMAZING.|When they saw me eating it they realized it was GF... they all agreed it was delicious!

  53. Good with Morel mushrooms

    by VFF an old time on 05 Mon,2011

    Bought morel mushrooms on sale yesterday, so today I used them to top a Pizza along with lean ground beef, onion, tomatoes and garlic. The Red Mill crust was easy to make and had a nice yeasty bread flavor. The crust had a nice golden edge. it would have been even better, had I followed the directions and cooked the crust 9 minutes before I put on the toppings. This mix will certainly be a staple


    by Paula on 05 Mon,2011

    I'm entering my 7th year as a person with Celiac Disease. My husband is the main cook in our home, and has tried different pizza recipes over the years. None have been good. Then he discovered Bob's Red Mill Products and it was like the gates to PARADISE opening!! He said it was very easy to make this pizza.

  55. Best I have had!

    by Beth the nurse on 03 Mon,2011

    Well, Sorghum flour is the best and I think this is what makes this taste so good. When you start using bean flour or only rice flours, I find recipes don't taste so great and this is one of Bob's products that DOES NOT have bean flour in it. Pizza is my favorite food and I am picky. I have tried several recipes. I do have a good homemade gluten free pizza recipe that won awards but we (husband

  56. Excellent GF products!

    by Cailin on 03 Tue,2011

    My husband is gluten-intolerant and it has been a challenge finding good GF products. Red Mill has the best, hands down! I use the GF pancake mix (delicious) and have now tried the pizza dough (amazing!). I was not interested in re-creating our unhealthy eating habits with GF products so I really searched for items that were healthy and tasty. I found them!

  57. Perfectly amazing!

    by Kim on 02 Tue,2011

    I spent a year watching others eat pizza and felt left out since I can't have wheat products. Then I found this Pizza dough which was so easy to make and makes me a wonderful cook! It was our Super Bowl meal this year, home made pizza that everyone wanted! I did the dough a little different I used a wood board with rice flour on it and worked it out to the size I wanted.

  58. Great Pizza Crust

    by LadySelene on 02 Fri,2011

    I have tried many Pizza Crustmixes, and have tried making my own. This is the best I have found! Is it like Pizza Crust from a pizza shop. No but it has great texture and flavor. In the Gluten Free world nothing will taste the same or have the same texture. But thanks to Bobs Mill...we can have great tasting food!!!! Bravo!!!!

  59. Best Pizza Ever

    by m on 02 Thu,2011

    This made the best pizza I ever tasted!

  60. Yippeeee - it's Pizza Time!!!!!

    by Granny C on 02 Thu,2011

    I'm soo very glad for this product-it's like making homemade pizza when I was a kid! I absolutely love it & so does my husband (who isn't celiac). He actually prefers your crust to any other that we've tried. Thank you so much for making it possible to have pizza again -)

  61. Classy Alternative

    by Anna on 01 Sun,2011

    As a yeast product, this pizza was great.|The thin crust and gluten free benefit enabled us to enjoy feeding our craving and eat healthy. Used organic tomato paste and high end pesto as a light sauce and added strips of roasted peppers, roasted eggplant, thin slices cooked potato and a drizzling of olive oil. With a glass of red wine...it was elegant. |Trust the fact you must wet your hands freque

  62. Best pizza I've had since going gf

    by EP on 01 Sat,2011

    This was the best pizza mix that I have found. We made it without using an electric mixer and it still came out great. My gluten eating boyfriend liked it more than the pizza he normally eats and his roommates scarfed it down (and had thirds) without realizing that it was gluten free.||It has a great, fluffy, thick crust and makes a lot of pizza.

  63. Great Stuuf

    by gastonrose on 01 Thu,2011

    Fabulous! The dough in the refrigerator overnight, even better. I added black olives to the dough, yum.

  64. Easy way to spread dough

    by Marge on 11 Fri,2010

    So happy to have pizza again. To make spreading the dough really easy: Cover ball of dough with plastic wrap (I overlap two sheet to cover my pan) and smooth out with a rolling pin. This really cuts down on mess and speeds up the process.

  65. Love it!

    by TaraY on 11 Thu,2010

    We made pizza with this crust the other night - it was delicious! I didn't think we would be able to find a suitable replacement for pizza crust when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, but we were truly amazed and overjoyed when we tasted it! Yum! I can't wait to have pizza again! :)

  66. I have made over six pizzas with this!

    by Robotanist Ratt on 11 Sat,2010

    I am SO happy that I found this product! I am gluten intolerant and pizza is probably my favorite food. I have made many, many pizzas with this mix and my only complaint is that it stays pretty soft. Some people like the crust soft and I happen to like it VERY crispy! I found a solution to this problem, though: Cutting the pizza into slices after it's finished then individually baking the slices a

  67. Not Just for Pizza!

    by Martha on 10 Sun,2010

    This dough is great as a pizza base and it worked quite well for making little 'calzones' with a spinach and feta filling by forming thin circles on a baking sheet, adding filling, then flattening small balls of dough in my hands, pressing them over the top. Patching is easy.

  68. Great item!

    by GFree Stay at H on 09 Thu,2010

    Great alternative for families with Celiac. I make an entire package - forming 4 smaller crusts - bake them for the first time for 6 mins and then freeze them and pull them out as needed. Not everyone in our families eats gluten free, so it's great to have at the ready for pizza nights.

  69. Great Pizza

    by Debora on 08 Wed,2010

    I have tried other GF pizza crust but this one is by FAR the best. I thought good pizza was a thing of the past. Thanks to this pizza crust I can have great pizza whenever I want. The greatest thing is that my entire family likes it and eats it over the gluten containing pizza. Thanks for a great product.

  70. Good substitute! Daughter loved it!

    by WendySue on 08 Tue,2010

    First try at GF pizza. Very pleased. I made the dough the day before and threw away to package... Whoops! So I baked it like normal. Spread the dough, add the sauce, add the toppings and bake. Not exactly the way the directions stated. It worked out great - baked at 375 for about 12 minutes and came out with a nice soft crust.||THANKS BOBS!!!

  71. Awesome!

    by Many to many gl on 08 Fri,2010

    It was easy to make. I just got my hands real wet. I spread the rice flour on my pizza stone to keep it from sticking! It tastes so much like regular flour pizza crust that my kids and myself are all in heaven. We have a large family and this mix is easy and very affordable!

  72. Great for more than just pizza!

    by motherofmany on 06 Wed,2010

    This mix does make a wonderful pizza crust, but it also makes the BEST gluten-free donuts and soft pretzels. I mix it according to directions, roll out with potato starch or all-purpose mix, and cut into donuts. Then I allow them to raise for 15 minutes (while the fryer warms up) and then fry them until lightly brown on both sides. Shake in a paper bag of either powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar

  73. Liked it so much I bought a whole box

    by Bob on 06 Fri,2010

    What works for me because I can substitute almond milk and flax seed meal and it works!|Bakes really nice and easy.

  74. We just tried this mix ...

    by Nancy on 01 Sat,2010

    We just tried this mix and it was wonderful. We made 4 personal size pizza crusts. It was also make wonderful fococcia bread.

  75. This pizza crust mix is a ...

    by Kristine on 01 Sat,2010

    This pizza crust mix is a life saver!! Pizza is one of my favorites and after trying several recipes with failure I thought I was going to have to give it up. This mix is very easy to use and turns out perfect every time.

  76. This is a staple of mine. ...

    by Harris on 01 Sat,2010

    This is a staple of mine. High in fiber, protien, and whole grains. I use it as an all-purpose replacement for flour. It makes amazing flatbread and vareneky.

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Nutritional Facts
Serving Size: 1 pizza slice (57g mix)
Servings Per Container: 8
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 200
Calories from Fat 10
Total Fat 1 g 2 %
Saturated Fat 0 g 0 %
Trans Fat 0 g 0 %
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %
Sodium 350 mg 15 %
Total Carbohydrate 45 g 15 %
Dietary Fiber 4 g 16 %
Sugars 3 g N/A
Protein 3 g 6 %
Vitamin A 0 %
Vitamin C 0 %
Calcium 0 %
Iron 4 %
* Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Ingredients Mix: Brown Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Whole Grain Millet Flour, Whole Grain Sorghum Flour, Tapioca Flour, Potato Flour, Cane Sugar, Xanthan Gum, Sea Salt, Guar Gum. Yeast Packet: Yeast, Sorbitan Monostearate, Ascorbic Acid.

*Manufactured in a facility that also uses tree nuts and soy

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