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Gluten Free Hearty Whole Grain Bread

Gluten Free

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Gluten Free Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix is moist, delicious and bursting with whole grains and seeds. The flavor and texture are complex and satisfying. Specially designed for those sensitive to wheat or gluten. For bread machine or by hand, this mix takes homemade bread to a new level. Contains whole grain buckwheat flour, garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, cornstarch, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, whole grain sorghum flour, tapioca flour, cane sugar, cocoa powder, fava bean flour, molasses powder (molasses, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide), xanthan gum, caraway seeds, active dry yeast, sea salt, whole grain teff, potato flour, onion powder, guar gum and soy lecithin. Makes one 1 lb loaf.


Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix is specially designed for those sensitive to wheat or gluten‚ and makes a delicious bread bursting with whole grains and seeds. The flavor and texture are complex and deeply satisfying. Whether made by hand or in a bread machine, this hearty mix takes homemade bread to a new level. This moist, flavorful bread is wonderful for savory sandwiches, toast, bread crumbs, croutons, hamburger buns and pizza dough. The unique blend of gluten free flours is wonderfully nutritious. Garbanzo bean flour is loaded with protein, dietary fiber and a healthy dose of vitamins, especially vitamin B6 and folate. Garbanzo bean flour also contains a variety of minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. Whole grain sorghum flour is a powerhouse of nutrition and adds a superb flavor to gluten-free baking. It is a good source of protein, iron, dietary fiber and antioxidants. Fava bean flour is an excellent source of protein and potassium. It also contains thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B6, and it is a very rich source of dietary fiber. Compared to other grains, teff has a much larger percentage of bran and germ, so it's a very good source of dietary fiber, protein, iron, and calcium. The calcium content in teff significantly surpasses that of all other grains. Our Gluten-Free Whole Grain Bread Mix contains: whole grain buckwheat, garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, cornstarch, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, whole grain sorghum flour, tapioca flour, evaporated cane juice, cocoa powder, fava bean flour, molasses powder (molasses, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide), xanthan gum, caraway seeds, active dry yeast, sea salt, whole grain teff, potato flour, onion powder, guar gum and soy lecithin. Makes 1-1/2 lb loaf.

To Your Good Health

  • Gluten Free

    This gluten free product was handled exclusively in our dedicated gluten free facility and tested for gluten free integrity in our quality control laboratory using an ELISA Gluten Assay test.

  • Kosher

    As a continued commitment to the quality of the products we make and sell, all of Bob’s Red Mill products are certified kosher pareve or kosher dairy by Rabbi Avrohom Teichman of Kehilla Kosher, Igud HaKashrus of Los Angeles.

  • Vegan

    All Bob’s Red Mill products are vegetarian. This product is also vegan, meaning it is made without the use of any animal products including eggs, dairy, and honey.

57 Reviews For "Gluten Free Hearty Whole Grain Bread"

  1. Perfect

    by Linda on 08 Wed,2017


    This is the first gluten free bread mix that actually resembles bread...love it

  2. I mix white gf mix with the dark gf mix.

    by Carol on 05 Tue,2017


    I mix dark gf bread mix with the white gf mix following both directions..yielding two loaves of perfect tasting bread..yum.

  3. Yuck!

    by DanBGlutenFree on 04 Wed,2017


    Texture and consistency is great but it is super bitter, it reminds me of rye or pumpernickel bread. It comes with it's own packet of yeast. My yeast didn't bubble or activate. Bad experience.

  4. Absolutely Fantastic!

    by PaulieP on 04 Wed,2017


    Absolutely love this mix! One of the hardest parts about switching to Gluten Free is that most breads have no texture and lack robust flavor. This bread is just delicious and has great, stand-alone flavor. I really applaud Bob's Red Mill for going the extra step to make something out-of-the-ordinary for us who must eat Gluten Free! We were literally astounded at the delicious, complex flavors! It is so easy to make too!

  5. Quick and easy, gluten free

    by Jerry T. on 10 Mon,2016


    A delicious whole grain bread full of healthy seeds and gluten free goodness. Moist and nutty flavor and texture. Be ready for an overpowering caraway seed flavor. An almost perfect bread, ready for a slathering of butter and enjoyment.

  6. Delisciously satisfying!

    by vickieafca on 08 Sat,2016


    Absolutely delicious! Moist, excellent crumb, does not disintegrate or crumble. Reminiscent of old European dark bread. Sooooo satisfying! Just had it for breakfast - sliced norwegian meatballs in half, placed on unbuttered bread slice (brown gf gravy still clinging to meatballs), nuked briefly, almost made me cry! I'm eating wonderful, nutritious bread again, after 66 years of celiac disease and refusing to eat the white starch-laden bread offered as gf these days. Thank you!

  7. Yum!

    by RUTH ANNE on 12 Tue,2015


    Huge surprise! This is a wonderful flavorful hearty bread and unlike just about any other GF bread mix I have tried. It even kept nicely for quite a few days. I'm ordering more--this bread will become one of our staples. Thank you, Bob's Red Mill for this fabulous mix.

  8. Nutty. chewy. Yum!

    by Frogglady on 11 Sun,2015


    This was my first bread machine experiment, and I loved it! One of my grown children needs gluten-free breads so she liked it, but my whole family raved over it as well. I did not taste the caraway seeds that others remarked upon. I DID love the nutty texture.

  9. At Long Last

    by vtdave on 10 Wed,2015


    I have been searching for a gluten free bread that didn't fall apart and taste like sand. This was phenomenal. Highly recommended.

  10. Quick and easy tasty bread

    by Breadhead on 10 Sun,2015


    I bake bread on a weekly basis and usually don't use a bread mix. This mix is outstanding! The bread turned out perfectly. The taste was sort of like a rye, not as dense and more moist. I used my bread machine to mix the dough but let it rise and bake in a bread pan.

  11. Best Bread mix quick and easy!

    by Breadhead on 10 Sun,2015


    I bake bread weekly and generally don't use a bread mix. However, the Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix is outstanding! My husband just loves the flavor and texture. The bread is easy to make and great with peanut butter. I recommend it
    for anyone. Looks fancy!

  12. Would be amazing without the caraway!

    by PJ on 10 Wed,2015


    Easy to make. Would taste amazing if there was less caraway seeds, it is a little overpowering. If you like the taste of caraway this is the bread for you.

  13. Great Bread, Great Flours and Mixes

    by BJan on 08 Sat,2015

    Excellent bread, and easy to make. It's the only alternative I've found to all the "white" GF bread and bread mixes. For white bread, I have had great success with Bob's Red Mill recipe for Everyday GF bread. The bonus, and why I'm a faithful BRM customer, is the mixes and flours are mostly garbanzo flour, which is much healthier than the usual rice, tapioca, and other low-nutrition flours. Thank you, Bob!

  14. Delicious, moist, and tastes like rye bread which I loved, but couldn't eat it because of gluten. Please keep the caraway seeds.

    by Wendy on 07 Thu,2015


    I just found this bread mix, about a month ago in a health food store. I absolutely loved it caraway seeds and all! it tasted like rye bread which I really missed since being GF. I made it in my bread machine with ground flax seed, and water. It's so moist and DELICIOUS! Thank you. Please keep the caraway seeds. Make one without for others, but keep it for those who like caraway seeds. Thanks

  15. Good but a little strong on the caraway.

    by AZPATE on 06 Sat,2015


    I love this bread except I agree with others that the caraway is too strong. It limits its use. Maybe cut it back or let people add their own as an option.

    I made it in my silicone bread pan without the hassle of greasing and parchment paper. It works great.

  16. Definitely a keeper-- as good as a muffin

    by Dick on 06 Tue,2015


    I've baked about six loaves of this now and it continues to please. With all the sesame and sunflower seeds in it, it seems like a nut bread, and I like it plain as well as with butter and/or honey, or as a bread with a meal. It also makes a nice snack with cheese melted on it.

  17. Best bread, but with one request

    by Kimbo on 02 Mon,2014

    I was so excited to find this bread. It came out of my bread machine perfectly and I was thrilled until I tasted the caraway seeds (which I hadn't realized were in there). If there's anyway to make a wonderful, hearty bread like this without the very strong tasting caraway seeds, I'd be the only bread I'd ever need. Other than the caraways seeds, it was incredible!

  18. Great full-flavored bread

    by Pearl by the Se on 01 Sat,2014

    I am sensitive to eggs, so I replaced the 2 eggs in the recipe with 2 tbsp chia seeds soaked in 6 tbsp warm water for at least 5 minutes.
    I let the bread rise for one hour on the counter, as directed on the package.
    Based on another reviewer's comments, I decided to try a covered baking approach. Lacking a Dutch oven, I put the dough in a greased and parchment-lined glass loaf pan, which I covered with a similar-sized loaf pan for the first 40 minutes of baking time.
    The bread turned out perfectly! It rose well, held its shape, and had a texture similar to that of Dave's Killer Bread (which is not GF).
    Slicing once the bread has a chance to cool definitely yields better texture (a common trait of GF breads)! If you succumb to the allure of hot, fresh bread, at least don't slice the whole loaf right away.

  19. Like old world dense breads

    by Wholiblogger on 12 Fri,2013

    I had a craving for a hot smoked ham sandwhich and went looking for breadmixes because i wasn't in the mood to create my own. I was soo happy when this came out of the breadmaker!!!! I miss the old world dark pumpernickle and rye breads of my pre-GF days. I like international breads, often the more dense and flavorful, the more i like. I sliced this warm and steamy, put on honey & dijon, mashed cranberry sauce, slabs of smoked ham, mild cheddar and we feasted! Thank you Bobs! Loved It! PS, i understand just what the other commenters mean by removing the onion and caraway: Great Idea; only keep it in this version, renamed and make ANOTHER version without it.

  20. Taste is reminiscent of pumpernickel

    by MG on 12 Tue,2013

    Used this mix in the bread machine as directed on the package. Smells incredible while baking, and turns out a very hearty loaf. Medium-dark in color and taste is similar to a mild pumpernickel bread, though more moist, and with seeds and nuts. I was looking for a GF bread alternative and chose this over the "wonderful" bread mix. I will try that one next!

  21. Love This Bread Mix For Rusks

    by Mia on 12 Sun,2013

    I buy this mix and keep it on hand to make in my breadmaker, slice thin, cut slices in quarters and dry as rusks, making them much more economical than prepared rusks in the store. And these are gluten free as well. For the holidays I added a heaping TBS of pure chocolate powder and another heaping TBS of instant coffee crystals to the mix, too. Yum! I love this stuff!!! Oh, and it's delicious when it's not dried into rusks as well, especially hot from the breadmaker. But it keeps well in the refrigerator, too.

  22. Delicious Easy Homemade Bread

    by Gluten_Free_Gir on 11 Sat,2012

    This was the first bread I have ever made by myself, and I did it without the bread machine. It was amazing. Flavorful and delicious, good if you like rye/pumpernickel kind of breads. Not a white bread, or even like a wheat bread, so be careful of that.||It was a little crumbly the day after I made it so I popped it in the freezer, like I do with all gluten free breads and most baked goods. Worth

  23. Good but for caraway

    by Dave on 04 Mon,2012


    First, thank you for a very good product. But I agree with others who say that this is good bread but would be better and more appealing without the caraway. I don't have anything against caraway, but I don't want it in my bread. Bread should be versatile, not limiting. Bread should taste like grain, not seasonings like caraway and onion. Let the user add to the flour and put things onto the bread

  24. Yummy!

    by Gluten Free RN on 02 Wed,2012


    The bread was very good, but you cannot use it to make a PB & J. The texture and flavor are great for savory sandwiches, but not for sweet. The bread holds up well and does not crack. It has the texture of wheat bread.Thanks for all the great gluten free products.

  25. What A Great Bread!

    by Marty on 10 Sun,2011


    It is a great, satisfying alternative to some other gluten free breads.

  26. The Caraway Seed question

    by North Bay Baker on 10 Thu,2011


    The caraway seeds have such a strong flavor. They are just too overpowering for me! Otherwise, I really like the texture and variety of grains in this hearty bread. I've made it several times now; I'll probably make it again; but I would MUCH prefer it w/o those darn caraway seeds!

  27. 16 year old likes it!

    by Teacher and mom on 09 Sun,2011


    My 16 year old son loves the Homemade Wonderful Bread mix but wanted to try some new foods. He loved this mix toasted for breakfast. I also noticed him packing it with GF ham for lunch but he later commented that it was crumbly for a sandwich. I used one egg and one egg substitute in the recipe. We love Bob's Red Mill GF mixes!!!! Makes my life easier!

  28. Recipe

    by Terri on 08 Tue,2011


    I LOVE this mix, but not the directions. If I do it their way, I get a weird shaped loaf that sticks to the pan no matter how much I grease it. I prepare it according to the package using just 1/2 the yeast. Pour the dough into a small iron dutch oven (I use a 2 qt Le Creuset) lined with greased parchment paper (the paper keeps it from sticking to the pan). Smooth the top and cover with a thick layer of raw sunflower seeds. Then cover with the lid (oiled inside). The seeds look and taste great and keep the bread from welding itself to the lid. Let rise for 1 hour in the refrigerator. Bake at 375 degrees for about 65 minutes or until an instant read thermometer inserted in the middle reads 205 degrees. Remove the lid for the last 20 minutes of baking. Remove the loaf from pan, pull off the paper (you can save it for the next baking), and cool on a rack. This gives you a lovely round loaf, with good crust, that slices beautifully and looks like it came from a fancy bakery. No misshapen, collapsed loaf. The refrigerator rise and enclosed baking give the all important xanthan gum time to set and keep the bread from over-rising. This prep sounds fussy, but it's easy once you find yourself a heavy little pan that can go in the oven. It is worth it for the best-tasting GF bread!

  29. Hearty, savory bread

    by Jen on 07 Tue,2011


    I made this in my bread maker and it was super easy. The loaf comes out hearty and is easily cut into thin slices. I even used a vegan egg substitute with no ill effects. I love the nuts, seeds, and herbs in this bread - like a good old-fashioned German rye or pumpernickel. Definitely recommend for savory applications like sandwiches and buttered toast.

  30. I'm addicted to this bread!

    by Twitch on 07 Fri,2011


    I absolutely love this bread. I am a big fan of rye bread, but after learning I was gluten intolerant, I had to stop eating it. The caraway in this bread mix makes it taste so much like rye. I use this bread for everyday turkey and swiss cheese sandwiches. I also use it for savory bread puddings and pot roast sandwiches. I make two smaller loaves at a time, and they are the perfect size for my sandwiches.

    The only con is how fast it spoils. I'm going to start freezing it so it will last longer.

  31. Wow, a delicious + interesting GF bread

    by Gareth on 06 Wed,2011


    Here is a bread mix that has some flavor kick! I have been so disappointed in store bought GF breads and most mixes. They are so boring and bland. This bread has texture and flavor. Plain, with olive oil, peanut butter this is great with breakfast or dinner. Thank you Bob's Red Mill. Suggestion: I tried this first with a regular bread maker, = good. Then I tried with a convention bread maker with GF setting, premixing the yeast and flour together, (not the same as recommended), fantastic! raised the bread twice as much. This is a "hearty" bread but lighter in texture if you figure out the baking part.

  32. 2nd baking of this bread

    by pad69jr on 05 Mon,2011


    I don't eat a lot of bread with my diet but once in a while I like to indulge. This is my second baking of this bread. It came out great just like all the time with the different breads. I was able to cut 21 slices rather than the 16 recommended. I freeze the bread. My wife doesn't care for this bread because of the caraway in it. She really likes a GF spice bread mix; she found at a local store.


    by Aged To Perfect on 04 Tue,2011


    I am Gluten Sensitive, and my Husband wanted to avoid Wheat, so we found this fantastic mix. He thought the caraway seed taste overwhelmed the taste, so we add a cup of Almond Meal and a little more water. It absolutely fixed the caraway issue, and it's delicious.

  34. The Best!

    by June on 03 Fri,2011


    This is one of the best gluten-free products on the market. I have been unable to find it for the past couple of months. Please do not tell me it has been discontinued. Even my gluten tolerant friends love it!

  35. Delicious, much better than white bread.

    by GF foodie on 02 Sat,2011


    Delicious and different. Love it! Why do local stores claim it is discontinued? I cannot find it in Western North Carolina.

  36. lovely moist texture

    by Jolanthe on 02 Fri,2011


    This gluten free bread mix really is one of the best I ever encountered texture-wise. It also doesn't dry out as quickly as the others. The only hitch is the intense caraway flavor. Too bad there isn't another bread mix just like this without the caraway seeds. My kids refuse to eat it because of that.

  37. Gluten-Free doesn't mean taste-free

    by Baking Mom on 02 Fri,2011


    Wonderful product. I've been a bread hobbyist since I was a teenager, experimenting with flours and formulas was a favorite past time, so being diagnosed with celiac disease has been tough in more ways than one. This mix just made things much better. This is a delicious bread with a great crumb. For my taste, I will add an extra pinch or two of salt next time

  38. Excellent flavor and texture!

    by Sandra the runn on 02 Thu,2011


    This bread is excellent! I was afraid to try it, because I love the GF Wonderful Bread Mix, and thought this couldn't possibly be as good. I was wrong -- this bread is every bit as good, and satisfies the need for a bread with a seedy taste. I have celiac disease, so I have to eat gluten-free, but I'd make this bread regardless!

  39. Awesome texture and flavor!

    by Teresa on 01 Tue,2011


    What a surprise to have such wonderful flavor and texture in a gluten free bread. With the dark color and caraway seeds it reminds us of pumpernickel bread. We took it to a family gathering and it was a big hit. Also, I made it in my bread machine, it was nice and easy. I'll be making this bread again!

  40. GF whole grain bread hit the spot!

    by Darwin on 12 Fri,2010


    This bread was easy to make and preformed well. I loved the flavor and that it tasted a bit like rye bread. The texture was as good as you can get in a gluten free bread, holding up well even after a few days in the fridge! Makes great toast and grilled cheese sandwiches.

  41. Wonderful discovery

    by Camilla on 12 Tue,2010


    This is delicious, whether you must be gluten free, like my husband, or not. Use it just as it comes, or add a couple of teaspoons of gluten-free rye flavoring and it really satisfies a celiac sufferer's cravings!

  42. Oh. My.God.

    by Lisa P on 12 Sat,2010


    I love it. I did add a teaspoon of salt, because other mixes seemed lacking and it made this loaf absolutely perfect. Reminds me of my old favorite 7 grain bread with all the nuts and seeds.

  43. 7 year old loves this!

    by Nikki on 12 Mon,2010


    My daughter has constant stomach pains. With the specialist we decided to go gluten-free. The store bought bread was horrible. I can't believe we stumbled upon this at the Piggly Wiggly store! It should be more widely available as this is the best gluten-free brand I've found!!!

  44. Best GF Bread!

    by Heather on 11 Mon,2010


    I love this bread! I was diagnosed with Celiac 4 years ago and was disheartened to find that most GF bread tastes and looks like cardboard. This mix smells delicious while cooking and tastes incredible! It reminds me of the homemade bread my mother used to make every Sunday when I was a child. Even my husband likes it!

  45. This bread is so good!

    by Susan on 10 Mon,2010


    I bake this bread all the time for my husband. He loves it and finds this is the "best"; gluten free bread we have found.

  46. Unexpectedly Wonderful

    by Gluten free on 10 Wed,2010


    Followed the recipe with great detail, and received back the most surprisingly good (rich with grains and seeds) bread from the oven. Will repeat this bread as soon as we have another cool & cloudy day.

  47. Hands down the best G/F bread

    by Lisa on 09 Fri,2010


    HANDS DOWN THE BEST BREAD WE HAVE TRIED!! I added a 1/4 cup of brown sugar to this recipe and it tastes fabulous! Comes out tasting like the sweet dark breads served at restaurants. I am wheat and rice intolerant and it is so nice to find one that doesn't have rice in it. I cannot believe I took so long in trying this one. I will be buying more and passing on the recommendation.

  48. Tasty Additions to the Best GF Bread Mix

    by Gluten Intolerant on 09 Wed,2010


    After learning that I am gluten intolerant, I despaired of ever having a hearty bread again. Everything tasted like plastic or cardboard and had no fiber or nutritional value. Then I discovered Bob's Red Mills GF Hearty Whole Grain Bread Mix - wow! Loved the flavor, texture, grains and seeds! My family, however, found the flavor a little strong.

  49. Incredibly Delicious!

    by Celiac Lewel on 07 Wed,2010


    Being gluten intolerant, this bread is an absolute Godsend to me. Not only do my wife and I love it, but so do many of our friends who would never guess this product is gluten free. Thank you, thank you, thank you Bob's Red Mill!

  50. I Love this bread mix

    by S. on 07 Fri,2010


    This is a great bread mix. I keep it on the shelf at all times. My family even enjoys it!! Your products make having Celiacs a little easier. Thank you!

  51. Texture was good, but the ...

    by LuckysMom on 01 Sat,2010


    Texture was good, but the caraway seed flavor is strong. Will try the other mix next time.

  52. I cant believe there ...

    by BetseyP on 01 Sat,2010


    I cant believe there aren't more reviews!! I couldn't believe how gooooood this tasted! Having bread had become a thing of the past & when I saw & tried this , in a bread machine that hadn't been used for 3 years, I was amazed. Thank you to whomever created this recipe!!

  53. OH MY GOD! It's been over ...

    by BCunningham on 01 Sat,2010


    OH MY GOD! It's been over three years and I'd given up on bread. Everything was too high in calories, too low in fiber and tasted like cake. This is amazing! It's a dark bread that reminds me of rye. This was never my favorite but it is my husband's. He's not celiac but also really enjoyed this--he ate three, thick slices! The true test is if it is still good the next day. This was!

  54. Wow, just had my first ...

    by N. Clite Califo on 01 Sat,2010


    Wow, just had my first slice of the bread I made from your hearty whole grain gluten free bread mix. It's fantastic. And I'm thrilled I was able made it myself per your instructions and it turned out perfectly. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful products! I've always been a fan!

  55. I hadn't had any bread ...

    by M schmidt on 01 Sat,2010


    I hadn't had any bread for almost 10 years because they tasted horrible. When I tried this mix I was so surprised how wonderful it tasted. Now I make this all the time and can finally have sandwiches at work. Thank you so much.

  56. I was diagnosed with ...

    by Lee Wisconsin on 01 Sat,2010


    I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 4 years ago and never thought I'd have a sandwich that didn't taste like bland vanilla cake. Your whole grain bread mix is absolutely the best on the market and believe me, I'd tried them all. Thanks for making such a good product.

  57. This is the best gluten ...

    by Cheryl on 01 Sat,2010


    This is the best gluten feed bread mix on the market. It actually tastes like real whole grain bread. You don't have to have a bread machine to make this bread. Mix, put in bread pans, let rise and bake. Easiest bread you will ever make. I suggest that you don't use dark stick free pans. Find some 8x4 heavy aluminum pans. Your bread will bake higher.

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Nutritional Facts
Serving Size: 1/16 of pkg (35g)
Servings Per Container: 16
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 130
Calories from Fat 30
Total Fat 3.5 g 5 %
Saturated Fat 0 g 0 %
Trans Fat 0 g 0 %
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %
Sodium 170 mg 7 %
Total Carbohydrate 23 g 8 %
Dietary Fiber 4 g 16 %
Sugars 3 g N/A
Protein 4 g 8 %
Vitamin A 0 %
Vitamin C 0 %
Calcium 2 %
Iron 8 %
* Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Ingredients ** NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION REFLECTS UNPREPARED PRODUCT ** whole grain buckwheat, garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, corn starch, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, whole grain sorghum flour, tapioca flour, cocoa powder, cane sugar, fava bean flour, dried molasses (molasses, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide), xanthan gum, caraway seeds, active dry yeast, sea salt (magnesium carbonate as flowing agent), whole grain teff, potato flour, onion powder, guar gum, soy lecithin.

*Manufactured in a facility that also uses tree nuts and soy

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