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Quick Cooking

We might be partial, but if you ask us, there is no better breakfast than a warm bowl of soul-satisfying, belly-filling, body-nourishing whole grain oatmeal. On weekends and holidays, the aroma of thick rolled oats boiling on the stove has a way of welcoming the day with calmness and warmth. Not every morning can be so leisurely, however, and that's exactly why you can find quick cooking oats right here at Bob’s Red Mill, so you can get your whole grain fix in a fraction of the time! These oats are rolled a little thinner or cut a little smaller, still providing a hearty texture but allowing for a shorter cook time. Our quick-cooking oats are available in your preferred style: classic, gluten free, organic, or gluten free and organic so you don't have to compromise on your favorite oats. Prepare a breakfast for the whole family in a flash on the stove, or pack a single portion on the go and prepare in the microwave for yourself later in the day. Be sure to stock up on single-serving oatmeal cups in a variety of flavors so you always have a wholesome and delicious meal that's ready when you are. Buy quick cooking oats from Bob’s Red Mill today!