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Supporting health & wellness in our community

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels Logo

Even before COVID-19 emerged as a worldwide threat, nearly 10 million seniors in America struggled with hunger, 8 million seniors lived in isolation and more than 7 million seniors had incomes below the poverty line. That’s why it’s so important that Meals on Wheels operates in virtually every community in America, providing an invaluable lifeline to more than 2.4 million of our nation’s most vulnerable seniors each year. Each program delivers nutritious meals, safety checks and social connections that are critical to keeping their senior neighbors healthy and living in their homes—where they want to be. Bob’s Red Mill believes in Meals on Wheels America’s mission to empower the Meals on Wheels network to improve the health and quality of the life of seniors, so they are not left hungry or isolated. We're proud to be a National Partner and raise awareness with events like our Portraits of Longevity contest. Learn more at

Oregon Food Bank

Oregon Food Bank Logo

We've been a proud supporter of Oregon Food Bank for decades, donating more than 650,000 pounds of food since 2014 alone. Oregon Food Bank was founded in 1988 and collects food from multiple sources, including farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, individual donors and the government. This food is then distributed through a network of 21 regional food banks and 1,200 food assistance sites serving the state of Oregon and Clark County, Washington. We staunchly support their goal to eliminate hunger in Oregon, and we're honored to be able to help.

Urban Growers Collective

Urban Growers Collective Logo

Urban Growers Collective is a Black- and woman-led organization that aims to address the inequities and structural racism that exist in the food system and in communities of color. Bob’s Red Mill is proud to support their efforts to heal trauma through food justice, create a market for urban growers and provide good food for the communities they serve. Through a variety of programs, including their Fresh Moves Mobile Market, COVID-19 emergency food relief and Collective Supported Agriculture subscription, Urban Growers Collective seeks to build economic opportunity for urban farmers, mitigate food insecurity and increase access to high quality, affordable and nutritionally dense food on Chicago’s South and West Sides. Learn more at

North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems

North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems Logo

North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NāTIFS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to re-establishing Native foodways to address the economic and health crises affecting Native communities. Bob’s Red Mill is a proud supporter of their goal to create a new North American food system that generates wealth and improves health in Native communities through food-related enterprises. Education is the heart of their mission: NATIFS has opened an Indigenous Food Lab in Minneapolis that houses a professional Indigenous kitchen and training center covering all aspects of food service; research and development; Indigenous food identification, gathering, cultivation, and preparation; and all components of starting and running a successful culinary business based around Native traditions and Indigenous foods. To combat hunger during COVID, the organization is producing thousands of meals per week to serve culturally relevant foods to the Minnesota Native community; in addition, they provide support to tribes and others to help Indigenize their culinary programs. Learn more at

Black Food Sovereignty Coalition

Black Food Sovereignty Coalition

Black Food Sovereignty Coalition (BFSC) is a community member-based organization committed to providing Black people with access to nutritious, culturally relevant food; increasing the self-reliance of Black people in meeting their communities’ food needs through stewardship of land resources; and opening doors to create wealth and develop marketing strategies that benefit both Black food producers and Black consumers. Founded in 2018 and based in Portland, Oregon, BFSC works in collaboration with Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) growers, policy makers, advocates and educators to support existing community initiatives and strengthen community food systems, transform cultural spaces and conserve resources. Their key programs are Grandma’s Hands, Black Futures Farm in southeast Portland, and the RBG Freedom Farm at Sauvie Island. Bob’s Red Mill is proud to provide financial support to BFSC. Learn more at

Blessings in a Backpack

Blessings in a Backpack

Providing good, wholesome food has always been a part of Bob's Red Mill. That's why we support the launch of the Blessings in a Backpack Northwest Oregon Chapter, a program that is conquering child hunger on the weekends by distributing healthy, non-perishable food in partnership with schools and community organizations. Through their efforts, thousands of food-insecure children return to school on Monday, nourished and ready to learn. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Northwest Oregon Chapter served 2,000 children in 52 schools in greater Portland. Despite subsequent school closures, many of these children continued to receive food from heroic volunteers. When schools fully reopen, the demand for weekend food will be greater than ever before. The chapter development donation from Bob's Red Mill will help fulfill this need. Learn more at Northwest Oregon Chapter of Blessings in a Backpack.

Emma's Torch

Emma’s Torch

Founded in 2016, Emma’s Torch is a non-profit social enterprise that provides top-notch culinary training to refugees, asylees and survivors of human trafficking, and helps them find meaningful careers in the food industry. They offer classes through their restaurant in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn and cafe at the Brooklyn Public Library. At Bob’s Red Mill, we support their vision of a country where refugees are welcomed as an important part of the economy and their new communities, by offering product donations and monetary support. Learn more at

Albertina Kerr

Albertina Kerr

Since 1907, Albertina Kerr has been caring for Oregon’s most vulnerable citizens. Today, Kerr offers short-term crisis psychiatric care and community-based outpatient services for children and teens facing a mental health challenge. Kerr also provides safe and supportive 24-hour residential care, as well as employment training with follow-along coaching, for individuals experiencing an intellectual and/or developmental disability. Bob’s Red Mill makes monthly product donations that contribute to healthy meals for the Albertina Kerr community. Learn more at

Our community outreach extends to many local organizations we support with donations. These include:

Sunshine Division Good Roots Community Providence Milwaukie Community Teaching Kitchen Portland Rescue Mission Blanchet House Clackamas Service Center 3 to PhD Northwest Family Services American Military Encouragement Network Outside In