Is it Gluten Free? [Quiz]

Gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease have made it more important than ever to understand which ingredients contain gluten and which are gluten free. Take the quiz below to test your knowledge!

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Bebe says:

I have celiac, so 10 out of 10 is easy assuming you are not talking about an item that may have been processed in a factory where wheat, rye or barley is also processed.

As a celiac, I was very disappointed when I bought some besan (chickpea flour). I bought certified GF, but your recipe on the back called for wheat! I don’t really need your recipe, but it would have been nice to be cognizant of the fact that GF purchasers who have to spend more on many items to be safe, would expect to find that accompanying recipes calling for other GF ingredients.

Kennedy says:

so right!!!!!!!

Geira obrien says:

I agree

Jon Rider says:

Quiz me

Jean says:

Couldn’t enter my email address

Don Weber says:

I don’t bake much, but use gluten free products in other cooking. For breading items to cook I use a mixture of gluten free flour and Masa (corn flour) comes out great. Also for thickening sauces i use masa or gluten free flour.

Lisa ohren says:

Go glutards!!!

Terri says:

Can’t see the quiz.

I recently had 2 granddaughters diagnosed with T1D. I am an avid baker and am having a hard time adjusting my recipes to be lower in CARBS. I understand that almond flour is a great alternative. I have noticed it it more expensive than GF flours. Is it possible to get a discount on a large purchase of almond flour through Bob’s Red Mill?
Thank you so much

Ordering by the case does save you about 10% off the cost of individual bags. Keep an eye on our website as we move into November, as we’ll be doing a lot of fantastic sales and it’s a good time to stock up.

Beth says:

Costco has almond flour now for less. Can bobs be ordered in bulk to cut costs?

Yes, you can order 25 lb bags or 40 oz bags on our website:

Brid says:

I can’t see the quiz. Using Ubuntu and Firefox…. I’ll try another OS and see if I can… I usually see this stuff on my phone, so don’t know how that would have worked. Use BRM’s flours and mixes all the time!

Jean says:

looking forward to your information

Kennedy says:

Product listing: Please List tapioca flour ALSO as Cassava flour on your SEARCH mode. Non USA Americans[ carribean, south american, canadian] will not search the word tapioca. Also cassava is used daily in Africa. You may be missing a big market on this.thank you.
You do not have to change product labels. You can add a shelf label saying “also known as cassava flour”.


Based on our research, cassava flour is actually a different product. Cassava is milled from the entire root, while tapioca is just the starchy portion of cassava flour.

Darla Chafin says:

Couldn’t enter email…

R.Hawk says:

My partner tested 97% of everything on the celiac list and also for the “maybe” list as well. He reacts to quinoa, chicken, and eggs as well. Also there is gluten free soy sauce so the question about soy sauce is incorrect. Most soy sauce has wheat in it but not all.

R. Bach says:

Just so you know that there are gluten free soy sauce and I have it.

Cindy says:

Great quiz.

Jeanne says:

Have been using Bob’s Red Mill Gluten free flours and product about 2 months and love the results! Thank you

Mia says:


Mary Drotar says:

Been living with this for years and am enjoying all the added products that are now available. Love the restaurant listing GF foods too

teresa says:

I couldn’t enter my email address

Christie says:

I use a variety of gluten free flours to improve taste, increase nutrition. Glad so many are available. Thank you!

Mallory says:

I couldn’t enter my email.

Gretchen Toman says:

Didn’t do so well, but I want to be more aware of what is in the food I make for others. This is a good start – very eye-opening!

Carrie Meadows says:

Took quiz

Kim Wrabel says:

I love your gluten free selection!

Debbie Skwirsk says:

So much to learn about GF lifestyle.

Wanda says:

I am trying to take the test. I assumed I was to answer yes if the item contains gluten and no if I believe it does not. I have answered every question correctly and yet keep telling me I am incorrect even though your answers match mine. 🙁

Lynne j Hatch says:

Could not see GF test… your GF products…….I have Celiac D.and depend on these products being GF. Thank you!

Dee says:

couldn’t add email address, but scored 100%

diane powers says:

couldn’t add an email

Having Celiac disease is not easy and so expensive. I was interested to learn from my GI doctor that Gluten free foods are tax deductible, so save your receipts.

Maria Tessing says:

Rumor has it that Bob’s Gluten Free Oatmeal is not certified gluten free anymore? Is this correct? If so, why? My family is so severely affected by celiac disease that they cannot even attempt to eat the gluten free Cheerios because of the way they produce the cereal. Bob’s was always a trusted brand in our house and now we are unsure.


Our oats are still sourced gluten free. We have added new suppliers because of the growing demand for gluten free products. But we are confident that all our oat suppliers, both new and existing, are dedicated to making sure their oats are gluten free. Our suppliers have to test the product before it even leaves their location, and we conduct our own gluten testing in our facility. We adhere to a standard of no more than 19 parts per million of gluten. Should a test show that a product exceeds that limit, it would be simply rejected and made unavailable for distribution to anyone. I hope this helps you feel more confident in our brand.

Geira obrien says:

Where can I buy gluten free products

Most grocery stores carry a selection of gluten free products- just ask your store manager where they are located. Otherwise, you can order on our website, Vitacost or Amazon.

Linda says:

Am just starting an elimination diet so this quiz was very helpful to me!

Helen Summerton says:

I liked the quiz, but I did not focus correctly when I started and had trouble remembering if I was saying “Yes” if it is gluten-free or “Yes” it has gluten. It might be nice to have that tacked on to the “yes” and “no”.

Helen Summerton says:

Thanks for your healthy, alternative products for any health needs.

Theresa McShane says:

I am celiac and very sensitive to even anyone touching gluten n then my food. I am glad I have more choices, thank you! 🙂

Barb berg says:

Love your newest flour! I’m hooked

Charity Ziegelman says:

could not enter email, but I don’t use the one associate with my fb . thanks

Nancy Mills says:

Buckwheat is not always gluten free (especially if made in USA).

Patti B says:

I am gluten intolerant

Maggie says:

Could I ever go back to eating gluten again.

Lois King says:

I love the challenge of taking a regular recipe that I find and like and making it gluten free so that I can enjoy it. Your GF products help make it easy and most often successful.

Thank you for trusting us with your gluten free baking!

Debbie Garrett says:

I cross react to oats, even the certified gluten free ones! So many of the gf crackers use oats now, it’s hard to keep up. Thank you for clear labeling on your products, and for a great selection of gf flours!

Thank you for trusting us with your health.

Shirleen Christenson says:

My 6 year old granddaughter just took the quiz and got all 10 correct without any prompting from me. I am so pleased she is knowledgable enough about food to keep herself healthy while living with Celiac Disease!!

That IS awesome! Education is definitely key to staying stafe with Celiac Disease.

Sherrie Flanders Burke says:

Cannot see test

It may be something with your browser. It’s at the bottom of the blog post.

I love sorghum flour by Bob’s . I’ve had good luck making oatmeal cookies substituting sorghum flour for the wheat flour (use xanthan gum, of course And I use Bobs oatmeal that has been processed in a gluten free facility. I have glutinista friends who beg for these cookies! Sorry about several formatting issues…

Roni Linsteadt says:

A suggestion for other Celiacs and Gluten Free people, get a subscription for the magazine “Gluten Free and More”. It is full of recipes, suggestions and lots of information.

Sunil Rajpal says:

Thanks for posting, I really appreciate your work. I think this along with is the best content available on Health quiz on internet.

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