Fall Soup Recipes

By: Bob's Red Mill | September 8 2017

When the temperature drops and it begins to get darker earlier, our bodies start to crave warm comfort food. It makes sense then that soup is such a popular dish in the fall, as it soothes both the body and the mind. With fall comes a plethora of produce that makes the perfect soup ingredients, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t heat up a pot and brew up some tasty autumn broth.

Fall soups can go beyond just chicken soup and minestrone, and there are plenty of healthy soups you can make that include plenty of fiber-filled vegetables, heart-healthy whole grains, plant-based proteins. Long gone are the days of boring, flavorless broths, and bland combinations of ingredients, and the more you experiment with different foods in your soup, the more nutritious and filling it ends up being.

Coming up with new soup ideas can feel overwhelming, but if you’re lacking in inspiration, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are four fall soup recipes that are easy to make, delicious, and use the best of the season’s ingredients.

Vegan Quinoa Chili

Fall Soup Recipes _ Bob’s Red Mill

If you like your bowls hearty, you’ll love this Bob’s Red Mill Vegan Quinoa Chili recipe. This dish is loaded with protein, thanks to the filling combination of quinoa, lentils, and beans. It’s vegan, which makes it a great choice for Meatless Mondays or if you’re making a meal with any vegetarians in the family. Not only does it contain a hefty amount of protein and  fiber, but this stomach-warming chili is also teeming with fresh vegetables, including kale, sweet potatoes, onion, peppers, and tomatoes. But don’t go thinking this chili is lacking in flavor. It has a unique spin thanks to the addition of cocoa and cinnamon, which gives a little special sweetness to an otherwise savory dish.

Farro, Cabbage and Lentil Soup

Most people think of cabbage as a pretty boring vegetable, but you’ll never think of this green in the same way after eating this Farro, Cabbage and Lentil Soup. This thick, rich soup is perfect for cold days, as the soothing broth is filled with farro, lentils, cabbage, and various herbs and is as nourishing as it is nutritious. What makes this cabbage soup is exciting is the flavor provided by the addition of bacon, feta cheese, and white wine, which make this recipe more of a delicacy than your standard cabbage soup. Although the bacon and broth add a salty kick to this recipe, the soup can be made vegetarian by swapping out olive oil for bacon and vegetable broth for chicken broth.

Coach Nicole’s Cold Weather Vegi Stew

This tomato-based, vegetable filled stew from Coach Nicole makes the perfect pairing for a grilled cheese on an especially chilly day. Preparing this soup is made easy, as it uses our Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Stew Mix, which provides a blend of green split peas, yellow split peas, barley, lentils, and pasta—so you don’t have to spend all your hard-earned money buying these items separately. In addition to the plant-based protein and grains found in the mix, the soup is also filled with antioxidant-filled vegetables including carrots and spinach. An added bonus: this soup takes just over an hour to prepare from start to finish, so you don’t have to plan too far ahead when whipping up this fall dinner.

13-Bean Vegetarian Soup

Bean lovers, this recipe is for you. This soup contains 13 types of beans—that’s right, a whopping 13 different varieties, including navy, black, red, pinto, and more. Luckily, you don’t have to have all of these different beans on hand to make this 13-Bean Vegetarian Soup. Instead, you just need to get your hands on our Bob’s Red Mill 13 Bean Soup Mix, which comes with all the types you need to make this protein-packed soup. Our soup mix makes it easy for you to have a delicious meal on the table. This aromatic blend of beans, celery, garlic, and spices is made in the slow cooker, which means you can throw everything together in the morning and come home to a ready-made meal in the evening. It also freezes well, so you can make a big batch and save some for those days where you’re feeling lazy and just want to hole up under a blanket on the couch.


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    Richard Klingman
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