7 Tasty Easter Dessert Recipes

By: Bob's Red Mill | March 23 2017
Easter is filled with smiles, sugar, and sweets. This year get creative and trade in your go-to dessert recipe for one of these fun and festive treats!

M&M Party Cookies

7 Tasty Easter Dessert Recipes _ Bob’s Red Mill What’s a better way to wait for the Easter Bunny than by throwing a party and snacking on some M&M cookies? Not only will kids love snacking on this savory treat, but they’ll also enjoy making it. This kid-proof Easter dessert recipe is incredibly easy to make and the perfect way to involve everyone in on the fun. By using Easter colored M&M’s and sprinkles, you can turn what was once a normal cookie into a dessert even the Easter bunny would be overjoyed to eat. Say goodbye to messy desserts, and say hello to festive get-togethers spent with all your loved ones around!

Easter Cheesecake Macarons

These chewy cheesecake macarons work great as a dessert for just about any holiday. Plus, their fruity flavors make them absolutely perfect for Easter. By adding bright, pastel-colored dye to your treats you quickly set the tone for Easter. Plus, if you want to amp up the holiday vibe even more, try color coordinating the sugar crystals to match the filling! Kids will love this sweet dessert, and adults will be amazed by the creativity!

Bunny Chow

It’s no secret that Chex snack mix has been a favorite for some time now. In fact, the chocolatey goodness of Muddy Buddies Chex Mix became so popular they started printing the ingredients on the back of the boxes! It’s no doubt that homemade muddy buddies always taste better, and this homemade treat it great to make with kids and families of any age. To turn this crowd favorite into the perfect Easter dessert, brighten it up a bit by swapping milk chocolate for white chocolate. To add in even more Easter spirit, throw some candy-coated chocolate eggs into the mix. With only six simple ingredients, you’ll have created the perfect Bunny Chow to pair with your Easter Bunny Cake. It's guaranteed to lure the Easter bunny himself (and everyone else!) to your house this year.

Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars

Let your creativity run wild with our simple but delicious Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars. Start with this easy recipe and decorate as you please. These bars are a fun take on the traditional sugar cookie, yet heartier like a brownie. They also provide you with a blank canvas so you can unleash those creative decorating skills. Try using pastel-colored blue, pink, and yellow food coloring for the frosting to give the bars that springtime look. If you are feeling extra festive, use an egg-shaped cookie cutter to make Easter eggs for the entire party!

Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies

It’s not a cupcake and it’s not a cookie; the whoopie pie is a dessert that combines the best of both worlds. These Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies are spiced to perfection and have an irresistible cream cheese frosting holding it all together. The carrot cake flavor works great with the holiday theme and can be decorated with nuts or coconut flakes for added texture. Everyone will be begging for seconds!

Chocolate Easter Egg Nests

Get into the Easter spirit with these festive Chocolate Easter Egg Nests. This dessert is an all-time classic and is surprisingly super easy to make. The coconut flakes and almonds add a crunch factor that everyone will just love. Who can turn down a dessert with chocolate? Not many, that’s for sure. But best of all, this recipe is completely gluten free and vegan, making it a fan favorite.

Coconut Lemon Bars

Our recipe for coconut lemon bars packs a powerful punch when it comes to flavor. Lemon is a traditional springtime flavor, and that’s why it would be a perfect treat for this year’s Easter gathering. Topped with the subtle flavors of coconut, this recipe has a nice spin on an old time favorite. These bars are also gluten free, making them a healthier alternative that still taste great! Have any other go-to Easter desserts? Share your favorites in the comments below!


  1. Erin - Suburban Simplicity
    What an excellent list of Easter goodies. Can't wait to try those macaroons! Thanks for including my Bunny Chow! xo
  2. Melissa
    I couldn't figure out how to get the recipes for the Easter cookies to come up on Facebook. If they use reg food coloring that is not good.!

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