6 Stunning Grain Bowls You Can't Live Without
Healthy Living, Recipes on on January 6 2017 by Cassidy Stockton

6 Stunning Grain Bowls You Can't Live Without

A few days ago, I shared a no-recipe grain bowl guideline. An easy way to meal plan and have healthy, delicious lunches that will keep you going all day. Today, I've gathered together six stunning grain bowls that will have you dreaming about your lunch hour all morning and keep you going all afternoon. These recipes take more planning, more effort and more ingredients than my no-recipe version. That's okay. These are for days when you want something extra special or have more time to create a proper meal.

Grain Bowls with Chicken, Vegetables, and Tahini Dressing from The Lemon Bowl: This one has roasted Brussels sprouts alongside butternut squash, avocado, and oranges. Combined with shredded chicken and a zesty tahini dressing, this is one bowl that will have you eagerly anticipating your lunch hour. photo (c) The Lemon Bowl

Kale, Mushroom, and Roasted Chickpea Bowl from Not Enough Cinnamon: Sure, roasting chickpeas seems like a cumbersome step, but it's really pretty easy and can be done while you prep the other ingredients. This version has rich, delicious flavors that make this meal very satisfying. photo (c) Not Enough Cinnamon

Harvest Roasted Grain Bowl from Joyfully Healthy Eats: With farro nestled below sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and red peppers that have been roasted with a dash of cinnamon, this dish comes together with a basil vinaigrette. Top with a fried egg for added protein (and deliciousness). photo (c) Joyfully Healthy Eats

Wasabi Vegetable Bowls from The Roasted Root: There's so much green here! We love the combination of sauteed greens over organic rice with a spicy wasabi dressing. Talk about a way to kick-start your afternoon!  photo (c) The Roasted Root

Cuban Chicken and Black Bean Bowls with Fried Bananas from Half Baked Harvest: Go big or go home. In this case, embrace the bold Cuban flavors and sweet fried bananas and enjoy your big kid lunch. photo (c) Half Baked Harvest

Buddha Bowl with Quinoa from Well Plated: Roasted veggies over quinoa with avocado and crispy baked tofu under a zingy tahini dressing for a vegan, gluten free meal to keep you on your clean-eating track. photo (c) Well Plated


  1. Dana Wolfe
    These grain bowls look amazing. Can you please send recipes?
    1. Elisabeth Allie
      Elisabeth Allie
      Hi there! The recipes are linked in the article. Happy eating!

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