Unique Thanksgiving Table Décor Ideas

By: Bob's Red Mill | October 24 2017
When Thanksgiving rolls around, we often think fall colors. Hues of orange, brown, hunter green, maybe some yellow and red come to mind. However, while using fall colors to decorate your Thanksgiving table can be beautiful, you can also go above and beyond with other details and accouterments. Or you can mix it up completely, and use colors that aren't necessarily “fall colors” but still complement fall colors and makes them pop.

Try Colorful Linens

One way to make a Thanksgiving table stand out is to use colorful linens. You can use contrasting colors between your tablecloth and your napkins, or make them match but choose colors that contrast with flowers, foliage, or dishes.

Handwritten Placement Cards

Sometimes, you have quite a few people sitting down at the table. Or perhaps you have multiple tables. It's nice to create a seating arrangement and use handwritten placement cards to assign everyone a seat. It's just a small little personal touch that can have a big impact. You could even go one step further, and write a short, heartfelt note on the placement card specific to that person, and list one thing about them you are grateful for. Cue the warm and fuzzies!

Tall Candles and Centerpieces

Unique Thanksgiving Table Décor Ideas _ Bob’s Red Mill While many people might choose to go with short centerpieces so that no one is forced to look around or over something if you want to change it up a bit you can go for tall candles and autumn-colored garland or centerpieces instead. The key is to choose candles and centerpieces that are tall yet slim, so they are easy to see around and don't obstruct vision or hinder conversations. With the right ones, tall candles, and centerpieces can give your Thanksgiving table a dramatic effect.

Display Family Heirlooms

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family. It also makes it an ideal time to trot out family heirlooms that normally reside in the china cabinet. Use those family heirlooms for unique table décor, as well as awesome conversation starters.

Mix Styles

There's no hard and fast rule that says you can only use china, or porcelain, or wood. Mix and match your styles and give your Thanksgiving table an eclectic, yet charming, feel. This is great when you want to enjoy a relaxing and perhaps more intimate get together.

Use Decorated Mason Jars

I don't think there is anything a good, properly decorated Mason jar can't do. You can use Mason jars as silverware holders, snack and appetizer jars, candy jars, or you can fill them with things like potpourri, flowers, or colored rocks. You can use them as candleholders, and you can personalize them with little labels or notes. If that’s not enough, they can also be used to serve drinks in.

Use Baby Pumpkins

Nothing says fall and Thanksgiving like pumpkins. Nowadays, you can find little baby pumpkins in perfect fall colors almost everywhere, and they can be strategically used around your table as holiday décor. You can take a few and fill a glass jar or bowl with them, or try cleaning some of them out and using them as a mini candle or tea light holders.

Acorns Instead of Rocks

Another neat idea that practically screams Thanksgiving and the fall season is using acorns on the table. You can use acorns as a complement to candles, or you can fill little jars and bowls with them like you would with colored pebbles. You can even scatter a few of them around on the table to make it look as though they've just fallen from the tree. Something similar can be done with pinecones, although acorns are little more uncommon and unique.

Use Snacks and Desserts

You can use snacks and desserts as part of your décor, too. Use a tray of caramel candy apples as a centerpiece, or carve out a pumpkin and fill it with chips or pretzels. You could even line the pumpkin with a little cloth and use it as a bread bowl, or serve a creamy butternut squash soup inside of it. Set out fancy-looking decorative pies, and/or think of the many creative things you can do with candies and cookies. All can contribute to the look of your Thanksgiving table décor while serving the dual purpose of feeding your guests! Obviously, this list is by no means exhaustive. There are many ways you can decorate your Thanksgiving table and give it a festive yet perfectly unique look. Just remember to mix it up and have fun with it. Keep in mind, the focus of Thanksgiving is not how good the meal is, and it’s not about how pretty the table is . . . it’s about the company seated around it.

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    I love good food and new fun ideas for all occasions of the year. Thank You!

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