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Employee-Owner Spotlight: Moon Yeung
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Employee-Owner Spotlight: Moon Yeung

Moon YeungWelcome back to our series of employee-owner interviews here at Bob's Red Mill. We have hundreds of fantastic people here on our team, and we're pleased to introduce you to Moon Yeung, a dishwasher at the Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Store and Restaurant. Moon is a big favorite among the staff and customers, thanks to her friendly personality and unflagging work ethic. Read on to get to know Moon!

Bob's Red Mill: What do you do here at Bob’s Red Mill?

Moon Yeung: Kitchen. I am washing dishes and clear table.

BRM: How long have you worked at Bob’s Red Mill?

MY: Four years. They hired me June 4, so four years this year.

BRM: What were you doing before you worked at Bob’s Red Mill?

MY: I worked at Chinese restaurant, I was a waitress.

BRM: How did you hear about Bob’s Red Mill?

MY: I saw Bob a lot before, he sometime come to the Chinese restaurant with Charlee.

BRM: What’s your favorite Bob’s Red Mill product?

MY: The cookies, the cranberry cookies [our Cranberry Oat Cookies], my best! I love it, love it. Everything so so so delicious, so so so good, so so so healthy. I like order sandwich. I like everything. Everything! Nothing I don’t like.

BRM: What do you like about working at Bob’s Red Mill?

MY: Really good, everybody excellent. Nice customer, nice coworker, nice boss, nice supervisor. Everybody so nice! Like a family.

BRM: What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

MY: At home? I like to mow the lawn. I enjoy the garden.

Our thanks to Moon for taking the time to sit and chat with us. Save a Cranberry Oat Cookie for us!

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