Employee-Owner Spotlight: Lonnie Chan

By: Elisabeth Allie | January 28 2020

Lonnie ChanHello and welcome to our latest Bob's Red Mill employee-owner interview, this time with machine operator Lonnie Chan. At Bob's Red Mill, we're proudly employee owned, and we have hundreds of fantastic people who join us each day to help bring high quality, wholesome foods to tables around the world. Now you can get to know our employee-owners and see what it takes to be part of the team!

Bob's Red Mill: What is your official title here?

Lonnie Chan: Machine Operator 1.

BRM: How long have you been at Bob’s Red Mill?

LC: Over a year.

BRM: What do you like about working at Bob’s Red Mill?

LC: The schedule is consistent, it doesn’t change. And even though it’s a 12-hour shift, it’s flexible.

BRM: Can you describe what your day looks like?

LC: As a machine operator, you do all the necessary paperwork, check in your equipment to make sure you have what you need. You check what the order you’re working on that day is, figure out how much time you need to concentrate production-wise, which will depend on how fast the machine goes.

Once in a while the machine doesn't operate efficiently, so you have to maintain and check around the machine and see if there’s something that needs to be fixed. If the operator can fix it, good. If you can't, you need to call the supervisor.

Bob's Red Mill Organic Oatmeal Cups -1BRM: Do you have any favorite Bob's Red Mill products?

LC: Oatmeal cups. I will not say which one would be better than the other, some people like oatmeal cups and some people like some other products.

BRM: What do you do when you're not working?

LC: Well, for me it would be probably on a computer, doing some research or watching YouTube to see how to do certain things.

Our thanks to Lonnie for the inside look at our mill! Make sure to stay tuned for further interviews.


  1. Sandy Thummel
    Hope you can help! I have 2 different packages of Bob's Red Mill GF pancake mix. One package's recipe calls for 1c milk, 2eggs, 2T melted butter or veg. oil, 1 &1/2 c pancake mix. The other says, 1 c pancake mix, 1 T melted butter, 1 egg, 3/4 c milk. My question is which one is best? First package weighs 22 oz. Second package weighs 24 oz. P.S. Love your product. Only kind I buy!!! Looking forward to hearing from you. Sandy
    1. Whitney Barnes
      Hi Sandy - you can try both and see which preparation method you like best. When we updated the packages (the newer 24 oz bag) we reformulated make a smaller batch based on 1 cup of mix rather than 1 1/2 cups of mix and it's our new favorite!

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