Employee-Owner Spotlight: Jeovanny Refuerzo

By: Elisabeth Allie | November 5 2019

Jeovanny RefuerzoWelcome back to our special series of interviews introducing you to our incredible employee-owners! We had the chance to talk with Jeovanny Refuerzo, a material handler in the mill who has worked at Bob's Red Mill for almost six years. Learn more about the skills he's developed here at the mill, his favorite Bob's Red Mill product, and what he enjoys doing off the clock.

Bob's Red Mill: So what does a material handler do?

Jeovanny Refuerzo: We bring all the product for stuff—like flour totes—for the line operators. So when they need anything, like boxes or product, we bring it in for them.

BRM: How long have you worked at Bob’s?

JR: Almost six years.

BRM: How did you hear about the job?

JR: So I was working through Express, so I was bouncing from job to job, and they brought me here, and Bob’s decided to keep me. I’ve been here ever since.

BRM: What do you like about working at Bob’s Red Mill?

JR: I like the type of work it is. As a material handler, a forklift driver, it keeps me busy so the shifts go by fast. I like the people, I like the benefits.

BRM: What are some of the challenges you’ve found working here?

JR: I’ve only been forklift driving for the past year. My first year here I attempted it, but I ended up quitting because it was too nerve wracking for me. I was training with forklift fail videos, I was watching those before, so that threw me off, but in the past year I asked to do it again and they gave me a shot, so I’ve been doing it ever since.

Golden Flaxseed MealBRM: What are some of the jobs you had before Bob’s Red Mill?

JR: I worked at Hot Dog on a Stick for like 6 years, I worked at Blount for a little bit.

BRM: Do you have a favorite Bob’s Red Mill product that you like to eat?

JR: Probably the flaxseed, in smoothies.

BRM: What are some of the skills you’ve developed here at Bob’s Red Mill?

JR: People skills! I’m here with people for 12 hours at a time, and I think over the years, I’ve learned to deal with a bunch of different personalities. Being able to navigate those situations, it’s actually been a cool thing, all the relationships I’ve built.

BRM: What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

JR: I like to camp a lot, I like to ride my bike, I like to play music.

BRM: What kind of music?

JR: Electronic hip-hop!

Our thanks to Jeovanny for chatting with us! Interested in joining Bob's Red Mill? Explore our Careers page to learn more.

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