Employee-Owner Spotlight: Adam Doty

By: Elisabeth Allie | May 23 2019
Adam Doty Bob's Red MillWe're so grateful to the hundreds of employee-owners here at Bob's Red Mill who have helped us grow and thrive over the past 40 years. That's why we're doing this series of interviews to take you inside the mill and meet our incredible people! We're pleased to introduce you to Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Store & Restaurant Store Associate Adam Doty, who came to us from the Family Fun Center & Bullwinkle's Restaurant, a local amusement park in nearby Wilsonville. Read on to learn how he helps make our Whole Grain Store "the happiest place" in Milwaukie, Oregon. Bob’s Red Mill: How long have you worked at Bob’s Red Mill? Adam Doty: I came to Bob’s as a temp through Express for about nine months, and then I was officially hired in May about four years ago. BRM: So did you start here in the store? AD: I did not. I was in packaging for nearly four years. I was looking for a position that was more customer based, so I was able to move over here. I’m at the register most of the time, which is more of what I want to do, and I’ve been here over a year. BRM: Where were you before Bob’s Red Mill? AD: In Wilsonville, there’s the Family Fun Center [a local amusement park]. It was a great job. I wasn’t in a relationship at the time, and it was a job where I could pick up extra shifts, where I could get overtime. You could say, “I’m going to be gone for a month” and you would still have a job. A lot of high school students would come work for the summer, but I was there for three years, so when I go back I’m family. BRM: What skills did you develop at the Family Fun Center that have benefited you here at Bob’s Red Mill? AD: I always say working at the Family Fun Center was working in the entertainment business, and it was my job to entertain them—and it’s a little like that here. People come here for the same reason that they come to the Family Fun Center: to have fun. For a lot of people, Bob’s Red Mill is kind of like an amusement park—all of the products are here, and they get excited about that. They want to know fun facts about Bob’s Red Mill, so we make it fun for them. I mean, it’s still just buying flour and knowing which grain makes pastry flour. But a lot of people come here because it’s Bob’s Red Mill, not because it’s flour or it’s a place to eat. 13 Bean Soup Mix BRM: What are your favorite Bob’s Red Mill products? AD: I’m learning how to cook—now that I’m married, my wife is encouraging me to learn to cook—but the things I like are simple, so I really enjoy the 13 Bean Soup Mix. It’s really easy to make, and there’s a lot in there already. You can add meat or not. I have nine siblings, and I’ve always said that anything that everyone likes is amazing, and the 13 Bean Soup is one of those things. We were raised on the oats, too. As I’ve learned to cook more, I also really appreciate the different pancake mixes we have. BRM: What do you do when you’re not working? AD: I am recently married, about seven months now, and we are expecting our first son, so that takes up a lot of my time. We’re super excited. We have lots of family: she has five siblings and I have nine, so we both come from very large families. We’re also connected to a multi-church youth group. We do that every Thursday, and we put a lot into that. Eventually we want to start a ministry based on her and her brother’s puppets. They did it at their old church and we want to start it up again. Gluten Free Brownie Mix BRM: What do you like most about working at Bob’s? AD: I'm selling stuff I buy! I enjoy working at a place that sells quality products, I really enjoy that. I don’t cook gluten free very often, but I always tell people I’d eat our Gluten Free Brownie Mix, because it’s really good. I like the quality of it. I also like that it’s just normal for me to see Bob every day [laughs]. Walking around, 90 years old. I love when he comes in and I say, “Hey Bob!” real loud and people say, “Wait—he’s a real person?” Our thanks to Adam for taking a quick break to chat with us! If you're interested in joining the Bob's Red Mill team, visit our Careers page now.

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