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Almond Flour

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Our Almond Flour is made from almonds that have been blanched to remove the skins, then ground to a fine texture that is great for baking. It is a go-to ingredient for gluten-free flour and low carb baked goods, and a must-have for paleo and other grain free baking recipes.


Bobs Red Mill Almond Flour is ground from whole, blanched sweet almonds. Almonds are notoriously healthy nuts providing a good amount of manganese and vitamin E , as well as a healthy serving of monounsaturated fats in each 1/4 cup serving. Not only do almonds have a healthy boost of protein, they are also very low in carbohydrates and inherently gluten free.

Eating whole almonds is terrific, but did you know that adding almond flour to your baking and cooking can bring the health benefits of almonds to your diet, as well as cutting back on carbohydrate consumption? Replacing 25% of regular all-purpose flour in your baking with almond meal flour will add wonderful texture and flavor while reducing the total carbohydrates. This makes it perfect for those following a low carbohydrate or paleo diet. There are so many health reasons to buy almond flour!

Almond flour meal is produced in our gluten free facility, making it an ideal addition to a gluten free diet. In addition to low carbohydrate baking, almond flour is wonderful for use in French macarons and financiers, pie crusts, cakes, cookies, pancakes and quick breads. Almond flour can be used in savory applications, as well. Use almond flour in place of bread crumbs in meatballs, or as a coating for chicken and fish. Find recipes for using almond flour under the recipe tab below. Almond flour is best kept refrigerated or frozen.

To Your Good Health

  • Gluten Free

    This gluten free product was handled exclusively in our dedicated gluten free facility and tested for gluten free integrity in our quality control laboratory using an ELISA Gluten Assay test.

  • Kosher

    As a continued commitment to the quality of the products we make and sell, all of Bob’s Red Mill products are certified Kosher by OK Kosher Certification of Brooklyn, New York.

  • Vegan

    All Bob’s Red Mill products are vegetarian. This product is also vegan, meaning it is made from plant-based ingredients and does not include eggs, dairy and honey.

  • Paleo

    We offer many wholesome ingredients that are favored by folks who follow a paleo, primal or other grain-free diet, including nuts flours, starches, whole nuts, and seeds.

  • Non-GMO

    All Bob’s Red Mill products are made without the use of bioengineering, using ingredients grown from identity preserved seeds. We are committed to sourcing ingredients that are made without the use of modern biotechnology.

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Great for baking and not only!
Almond flour has become a staple in my pantry and the Bob's Red Mill products is definitely great quality, with a mild nutty almond taste.
I'm not gluten free, but I like to experiment with new recipes. This almond flour is finely milled and worked great for muffins, scones and breads (with a little help from xanthan gum or psyllium husk). Almond flour yields rather drier baked good in general.
But I don't limit the usage of almond flour for baking only. I use it instead of breadcrumbs, I mix it in my yogurt or oatmeal, I sprinkle it on salads or fruits (instead of almond slivers); it's a versatile product.
The almond flour stores OK in the pantry, well sealed, and it preserves the freshness for a couple of months; but it tends to start clumping if moisture gets in. If you don't use it regularly, storing it in refrigerator or freezer is best.
May 14, 2018
1 week ago
Bob's Red Mill Customer Since:
August 2016
In the kitchen, I am:
Serious Home Cook
Cooking For:
Great product!
This flour is very easy to cook and bake with.i have been using this for years and love the texture.
April 29, 2018
1 month ago
Bob's Red Mill Customer Since:
Dietary Preferences / Restrictions:
In the kitchen, I am:
Not a Cook, but Trying
Cooking For:
This is now my preferred method for baking. Essential for those on a gluten free diet.
Great stuff. I use this in place of regular AP flour as I have started a Keto Diet.Pie crust, cookies, cakes turn out perfect. Made Amaretti cookies for Easter- perfecto!
Also tried the Reine du Saba chocolate/almond cake. Moist and delicious.
April 2, 2018
2 months ago
Bob's Red Mill Customer Since:
Dietary Preferences / Restrictions:
Keto diet; Gluten free.
In the kitchen, I am:
A Professional Chef
Cooking For:
My Family
good stuff
I use this product all the time, it mixes well taste delish in the recipes I use
March 30, 2018
2 months ago
Bob's Red Mill Customer Since:
long time
Dietary Preferences / Restrictions:
no restrictions just always watching what I eat
In the kitchen, I am:
Serious Home Cook
Cooking For:
My Family
Fine Almond Flour
Finally an Almond Flour that is fine enough and produces a good baked product.
March 17, 2018
2 months ago
Bob's Red Mill Customer Since:
In the kitchen, I am:
Serious Home Cook
Cooking For:
My Family
Almond flour
Tastes great and we used it for very many recipes
March 17, 2018
2 months ago
Bob's Red Mill Customer Since:
One month ago
In the kitchen, I am:
Serious Home Cook
Cooking For:
My Family
Almond flour enriches our baking
We love our friends and love baking for them, whether as a gift, a dish to share, or for entertaining over a slow food dinner. So many around us are sensitive to wheat or gluten, so we've begun amending favorites when needed. Oat flour and rice flour provide lightness, but can be somewhat dry or so light that the outcome falls into crumbs. Almond flour adds a "toothiness" and seems to hold its own moisture.
Go ahead; experiment with some blends of your own, in your favorite recipes.
March 6, 2018
3 months ago
Bob's Red Mill Customer Since:
about 2010
In the kitchen, I am:
Serious Home Cook
Cooking For:
I have used your almond flour for a couple years now and it is the best out there!!! Wouldn't use anything else :)
March 1, 2018
3 months ago
Bob's Red Mill Customer Since:
In the kitchen, I am:
Serious Home Cook
Cooking For:
My Family
almond flour
I found a recipe for bread that takes almond flour and made in a loaf pan. Very good and since my husband is trying to lose weight and loves bread it satisfies the craving for bread.
February 24, 2018
3 months ago
Bob's Red Mill Customer Since:
Dietary Preferences / Restrictions:
We are not using flour or sugar,losing weight.
In the kitchen, I am:
Serious Home Cook
Cooking For:
My Family
Best for macarons!
It has the ideal texture. I do run it, few time in the mixer to refine it even more.
User submitted image
Added Feb 21, 2018
February 21, 2018
3 months ago
Bob's Red Mill Customer Since:
For ever!
Dietary Preferences / Restrictions:
Gluten free.
In the kitchen, I am:
Extreme Foodie
Cooking For:
My Family
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Why did you choose this?
Bob's Red Mill Store
Baking breads and cookies
Robert H on May 22, 2018
We love using almond flour to bake almost everything. Cookies, coffee cakes, etc. It works well!
Nicola C on May 15, 2018
Baking breads and cookies
Robert H on May 22, 2018
making bread with no grain flour
Judith F on May 22, 2018
We love using almond flour to bake almost everything. Cookies, coffee cakes, etc. It works well!
Nicola C on May 15, 2018
we bake all gluten free with this flour for superior taste and results.
cathy m on May 14, 2018
To make a 10 plus "grain" flour mix that is gluten free.
Janet N on May 14, 2018
Happened to be out of this item, added to this order.
Shirley S on May 13, 2018
I have been baking with almond meal flour for years and I enjoy the wonderful taste of baking muffins.
Octavia E S on May 12, 2018
I am on a Keto diet and I use this item constantly! I am very fond of this brand, but I live on an island where we can't easily access it. It is just better for me to order in bulk online!
Amanda H on May 11, 2018
Our daughter recommended this
Achim F on May 10, 2018
We know that the wheat flour is not healthy and this flour is, we use it for bread. My husband is on a diet and loves bread so this fulfills the need.
Julia S on May 10, 2018
To make macarons.
Rosemarie T on May 6, 2018
Makes delicious baked goods with a sweet almond over tone
Gary F on May 6, 2018
Since I am a newly diagnosed diabetic, I am looking for recipes to fit in to this new reality.
Almond flour has very low carbs so I thought I would try it.
Pat C on Apr 27, 2018
Trying to incorporate better food choices by removing white flour from diet.
Kathleen F on Apr 26, 2018
eat a low carb diet
Corey K on Apr 22, 2018
I have purchased Red mill steel cut oats for years and since i have always been satisfied with them. I am trying to eat low carb and automatically thought of red mill for almond flour.
Redonna T on Apr 20, 2018
Best for making pancakes!
Steve T on Apr 19, 2018
For fluffy maple pecan pancakes.
Marcelle M on Apr 16, 2018
I am eating gluten free and I've used this before and really liked it.
Gwyndolyn M on Apr 14, 2018
I like the way this flour works in my baking recipes. Always consistent texture.
Sharon R on Apr 14, 2018
Like the product and it has worked well in the recipe I have used it for - Amaretti cookies.
Lisa D on Apr 11, 2018
The perfect almond flour for my favorite cookie recipe. Makes wonderful cakes too
Betty D on Apr 5, 2018
I use a lot of almond flour and I need to get it as cheap as possible.
Poonie H on Apr 4, 2018
I am diabetic, I have perfected brownies and banana nut muffins that are low carb and also gluten free because they are made with this almond flour
Angi M on Apr 3, 2018
am gong on keto diet plan, and t requres almond flour. Our Ingle's store does not sell almond flour. I have used Red Mill products and have been satisfied .
ruse b on Apr 2, 2018
Great for baking....adds additional flavor and nutrition
Susan S on Apr 2, 2018
I’m adding almond flour to the gf pancake mix to make baked donuts.
I add 3/4 cup almond flour to the 1 1/2 cups of gluten free pancake mix and follow the recipe except add 3 tablespoons of oil. Use a non stick donut pan bake for 20 minutes at 350 f
Sarah M on Apr 1, 2018
I live a paleo Atkins lifestyle
Terra L on Mar 31, 2018
I have perfected low carb brownies and low carb banana nut muffins, my cookbook will be available next month on amazon AND THEY ARE GLUTEN FREE TOO!
ANGI M on Mar 24, 2018
Just starting to use in cooking and finding it has great flavor!
Virginia T on Mar 21, 2018
Wanting to experiment with using on fish and in baked goods
Nancy H on Mar 20, 2018
For baking snacks
Joy A on Mar 19, 2018
Want to try out baking with almond flour.
Katharine J on Mar 11, 2018
for GF baking
Teresa S on Mar 11, 2018
All around staple for gluten free recipes
Joyce S on Mar 11, 2018
Love this product-works well with cooking and making gifts for my gluten-free friends
Carol A on Mar 10, 2018
This almond flour makes delicious crackers!
Nicole Z on Mar 10, 2018
Love the almond meal, been using it for years. Great price with the Spring coupon.
Jennifer D on Mar 9, 2018
Because I am gluten intolerant and allergic to quinoa, rice, beans, and potatoes, so I am very limited in what I can use. I only use Almond flour, Cassava flour, and hazelnut flour. Haven't tried your Almond flour yet. This will be my first time to try it.
Debra D on Mar 9, 2018
Mainly for baking
Linda M Y on Mar 9, 2018
I am trying to eat healthier and the almond flour makes a bread we can both eat. We are getting off of wheat flour, and almond flour is a healthier flour. The bread I make takes no sugar.
Julia S on Mar 9, 2018
I love baking with Almond flour. I found that my cookies come out lighter in color when I use Super fine Almond Flour.
Dawn R on Mar 9, 2018
Wonderful for special carb diet.
Mary H on Mar 9, 2018
for baking
Lin Z on Mar 9, 2018
good quality flour
Dorothy D on Mar 9, 2018
Very helpful on a keto diet
Nipa N on Mar 9, 2018
It is amazing the difference Almond flour made in my GF pizza crusts and pancakes.
Christin S on Mar 8, 2018
almond flour is healthy for my high triglycerides
leslie v on Mar 8, 2018
I have used almond flour before, and I liked it. Our use it in my muffins and pancakes. It adds a little texture.
Shellie F on Mar 8, 2018
Almond flour makes the best cookies!
Maya R on Mar 7, 2018
making bread with no grain flour
Judith F on May 22, 2018
we bake all gluten free with this flour for superior taste and results.
cathy m on May 14, 2018
How many almonds does it take to make one tablespoon/cup of Almond Flour?
A shopper on Jan 8, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hi! Approximately, 3/4 cup whole almonds = 1 cup of Almond Flour.
I have a new bag of this Almond flour and it lists 9g carbohydrates. The smaller bag lists 6 g carbohydrates. The image here in the website picture lists 5 g carbohydrates. Which is correct?
A shopper on Nov 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: They are all right. We test our products for nutritional breakdown and since this is a natural product, that number can change slightly based on the crop.
I have read that all almonds sold in the U.S. are required to be pasteurized, and there are two different methods, gassing with PPO and steam. Which process is used for the almonds used in your flour?
Bonnie V on Dec 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The almonds used in our Almond Meal/Flour are sent through a steam chamber.
My recipe calls for 1 lb. of blanched almonds ground into flour. How many cups of your almond flour would equate to that?
Joanne F on Dec 9, 2017
BEST ANSWER: You can use equal parts of this flour for the almond flour called for in your recipe.
Is this almond flour made in a peanut free facility? Does this ever come into contact with machines that process peanuts?
A shopper on Jan 21, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Our entire plant is peanut free.
Can this flour be used for cookies?
A shopper on Nov 22, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Sure. It can be used most places you used to use wheat flour. You may have to change other ingredients, so experiment. I usually add an extra egg or two depending on the dish being prepared. Also, you can add other ingredients if you wish. The texture is a bit different. I have no problem with that. I am trying to go grain free and sometimes add ingredients like buckwheat flour that is not a grain.
In a regular recipe, do I use the same measured amount almond flour that I would with regular baking flour ? If not, THEN how much almond flour are used for every cup of regular baking flour ?
A shopper on Nov 9, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I use these guide lines:

A) "Gluten-free flours can require more moisture and often thickeners/binders such as xanthan gum or guar-gum added. 1 cup all-purpose: 1/2 cup whole-wheat + 1/2 cup all-purpose (white). If you make this 100% whole-wheat, baked goods will be “dense.” Almond flour: substitute 1:1 with all-purpose (white) flour."
B) "Almond flour: substitute 1:1 with all-purpose (white) flour. Note: Almond flour typically requires more egg or binding agent, so the recipe might need to be altered."
Your baking flour says 1 to 1
Is your almond flour the same ratio?
A shopper on Nov 6, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No, the 1 to 1 flour is formulated to replace wheat flour in cakes, cookies and muffins. The Almond Flour is not.
my recipe calls for 1 cup sliced almonds. How much almond flour should I use instead of grinding 1 cup of sliced almonds? I would weigh it if I had sliced almonds but I only have the four
A shopper on May 9, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hi! We haven't tested the equivalents for sliced almonds to Almond Flour, but I would estimate 1 cup of sliced almonds to be about 3/4 cup of Almond Flour.
Has the almond flour been made on equipment that also processes dairy, soy, gluten, grain, starch, or sugar?
Lynn B on Apr 7, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Our Almond Flour is processed in our Gluten Free Facility which processes hazelnuts, cashews, coconut, macadamia nuts, soy, oats, sesame seeds, corn, gluten free grains, and starch ingredients on shared lines. The facility is free of dairy and gluten.
Good I get a carb breakdown on your recipe for Almond Chocolate Chip cookies, please and thank-you? It's on the almond flour bag.
Joy C on Apr 5, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hi! This is not something we test for but you could get the information by inputting your ingredients into a recipe nutrition calculator.
How long will the flour keep and how should I store it?
Jennifer R on Jan 30, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Our Almond Flour has a shelf life of 12 months and we recommend storing in an air tight container in a cool, dry place like the refrigerator or freezer.
How many cups of almond flour are in this 1 lb package?
A shopper on Dec 15, 2017
BEST ANSWER: There are about 4 cups of product in a 1lb bag (give or take a bit).

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