Employee-Owner Spotlight: Adrian Garcia

By: Elisabeth Allie | June 3 2019
Adrian GarciaHave you ever wondered who makes the delicious food we serve at the Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Store & Restaurant? You're in luck: meet Adrian Garcia, one of our incredible line cooks, as part of our series of interviews with the Bob's Red Mill employee-owners who help us bring whole grain goodness to your table. Adrian has been a mainstay of our restaurant kitchen for years, making delicious pancakes and scrambles for breakfast and scratch-made soups, sandwiches and grain bowls for lunch. Read on to learn how he became a Bob's Red Mill employee-owner! Bob’s Red Mill: How long have you been at Bob’s Red Mill? Adrian Garcia: A little bit more than five years, almost six years. BRM: Where were you working before? AG: I was working for Shari’s. BRM: What made you want to work for Bob’s Red Mill? AG: At first it was just a second job, but then when I started working here, I started liking the people and the product that we have here. I always like to be proud of where I work. This is a very good company to work for because all the product is fresh, vegan, all that type of stuff. So I thought, this is a nice place to be! Plus, all the benefits we get as employee-owners, it’s a lot. BRM: Which of your skills has helped you the most here? AG: I think all my experience of cooking, that has helped me the most. Staying here, doing my job. Gluten Free Organic Steel Cut OatsBRM: What is your favorite Bob’s Red Mill product? AG: The steel cut oats. BRM: What is the biggest change you’ve seen in the store since you’ve started working here? AG: The biggest change is when we switched from breakfast all day to only being from 7 to 11. That was the biggest change. BRM: What do you like to do when you’re not at work? AG: Being with the family, with my kids, with my wife. We like the travel. We go to Mexico, Canada—places not too far away, but not too close. We like to take a little time to enjoy. Our thanks to Adrian for sitting down and telling us his story! Stay tuned for future interviews.

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  1. Mike
    Amazing and dedicated people like you, Adrian, really make Bob's Red Mill special!
    Such delicious items on that menu. It's a family favorite and we tell people all the time about your great place!

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