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Our Sourced Non-GMO Pledge

Throughout our nearly 40 years of offering whole grain foods for every meal of the day, Bob’s Red Mill’s top priority has remained consistent: Maintaining a commitment to source the highest quality ingredients available. Now, we’re taking that commitment one step further with our Sourced Non-GMO Pledge.

@BobsRedMill Sourced Non GMO Pledge

Our Sourced Non-GMO Pledge means that the ingredients we source for our wholesome products have been declared by their suppliers to be made without the use of modern biotechnology. The truth is, we’ve always sourced using this practice, but now we’re making our commitment visible on Bob’s Red Mill packages so that you can purchase with confidence.

So, when you see our Sourced Non-GMO Pledge on one of our packages, you can be sure that we’ve worked with our farmers and suppliers to source ingredients that were not genetically engineered. That work includes cultivating trusted relationships over many years and requiring documentation that attests to the fact that the ingredients have not been genetically modified through the use of modern biotechnology. For assurance, we conduct audits of our suppliers annually. We also source organic ingredients whenever feasible, and by definition, foods that are Certified USDA Organic are made only with ingredients that have not been bioengineered.

From our commitment to meeting the highest food safety standards in the country, to our dedicated gluten free production, to our strict organic protocols, and now, to our Sourced Non-GMO Pledge, we are continuously striving to build and maintain your trust.

Download this pledge here.


Jenna Simms says:

Your website states that your products are GMO free, yet it does not state that on the different flour that you sell, so what about the flour?

Jon says:

I do not see this Sourced non-GMO pledge logo on the corn grits package I purchased this week. Does this mean they are not certified non-GMO? I love and use many of your products, I have read your pledge, and this is not consistent with your policy. Am I overlooking something? Thanks for your attention to this.

Our sourced non-GMO logo has just started being added to products. Yes, they are non-GMO, but we have not yet gotten it onto all of our packages.

Joe says:

Why do you use both your own Sourced Non-GM label and the Non-GMO Project verified label? The Non-GMO Project is an independent, third party standard (which they give access to on their web site) and verification process that I understand is only a couple of hundred dollars to go through per supplier. Are your other products not able to meet the Non-GMO Project standard and is that why you are using this other seal. Have you published your standard? My understanding is that vendor declarations are highly unreliable and that companies that mean well but don’t use best practices can easily become contaminated. It seems that you are settling for a lower level of rigor with your new seal. Am I missing something here? Why shouldn’t I be nervous about your use of an internal seal without any outside verification?

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your questions. Both symbols are in use during the overlap period of our complete transition to the use of our own Sourced Non-GMO Pledge symbol. We applaud the tremendous, pioneering efforts of the Non-GMO Project. All of our products are eligible for participation in the Non-GMO project but we’ve opted to tailor our own program, which will better suit our long-standing partnerships of trust with our suppliers.

Cynthia says:


Randall Wall says:

Are your red lentils non gmo??

Yes, all of our products are sourced non-GMO.

Kirsten says:

“Sourced” non gmo sounds like you try but it’s not guaranteed.
The Bob red mills products at my grocery store (in canada) do not say non gmo, are all bobs red mills products non gmo? And if they are why doesn’t it say non gmo?

We are working to add the sourced nonGMO claim to our labels, but it takes time. I assure you, we take this pledge very seriously here.

Jan says:

I want to make sure that your raw pumkin seed are originated at BRM, not China, all the raw pumkin seeds I have found lately are from China….I do not want to eat anything from China!

Thank you. Our pumpkin seeds come from Oregon, not China.

Carolyn Mueller says:

Was going to buy Freekah on Amazon, however, it does not state gmo on the package. Also, my recipe calls for it to be green wheat. Does that mean it hasn’t been roasted

Green wheat simply means that it is young wheat. Freekeh has been roasted, but I haven’t ever seen another green wheat option on the market and I would recommend using freekeh. It has a lovely flavor that would complement nearly any recipe. Our packaging is only just now starting to reflect the sourced non-GMO pledge, but, rest assured, all of our products are sourced non-GMO. Our freekeh is also organic, which, by definition, means it’s also non-GMO.

Ebonie Blackforest says:

Thank you. Thank you for sourcing, thank you for taking the time to deepen those important relationships. Thank you for being something easily available to the lowest denominator, the poor. Thank you for the wide range of products that you provide to the consumers. Thank you.

BEEEE says:

I don’t trust it. There is no GMO pledge on my package nor GMO verified label and all I know is how this Rice Farina makes me feel and look like the Pilsbury Dough Man and that I am not happy about so this will get ditched

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