Nut & Seed Flours and Meals

No gluten. No grains. Just plain nuts and seeds.

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Nut and Seed Meals/Flours

Millstones are for more than just grains! Nut and seed meals and flours have many applications and are an excellent baking addition or flour substitute for your pantry. If you are eating a grain-free diet, our super fine almond flours, hazelnut meal, and coconut flour are must-haves to satisfy your cooking and baking needs. Nut flours offer protein to your meals, are gluten free, and surprising versatile as they are delicious in savory and sweet applications alike! Sprinke flaxseed meal over just about anything to add a little nutritional "umph" without changing the flavor of your dish. Nutrients are more readily bioavailable with the fine grind of the seeds, so your body absorbs the most nutrients per serving. If you are eating a grain-free diet, the Paleo Baking Flour is simply a staple in your pantry, taking the guesswork out of creating the perfectly balanced, paleo-friendly flour blend. No gluten, no grains, just plain nuts and seed flour.