Restaurant Love Recipient:

Saturn Café

145 Laurel Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 429-8505

Saturn Cafe is a local staple It has been open in Santa Cruz CA since 1979! Since day one they have been serving vegetarian comfort food, and now they are a haven to veggies and vegans alike for American comfort food. This restaurant can only be described as a punk rock vegan diner from outer space. Their staff makes you feel like walking into Cheers. It's like they've known your name forever, even if you just met. They bring life to the dining room, and fierce loyalty and a family atmosphere in the kitchen. As a former pastry chef at Saturn, we relied heavily on Bob's Red Mill to bring classic American desserts into the 21st century for anyone with any dietary preference or restriction to enjoy. This team serves the local community and has always remained plugged into local activism and politics. Much of this staff have been together for decades and they are at risk of closing forever due to Covid 19. It would be a sad day for all to lose this gem. - Shannen C.

From the Restaurant:

The health and happiness of our customers, staff and the business itself are inextricably linked. In the quest to make the best comfort food on the planet, we are deeply committed to socially responsible and green business practices.