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Spar for the Spurtle Update & Voting (Giveaway)

Submissions for Spar for the Spurtle have been rolling in all week. We can hardly believe how many we’ve gotten and how many are superb! I’m having my usual problem of wanting to award prizes to everyone. I never thought I would be that person- the one who wants to give a ribbon to every kid who participates, but I am and I do! I just think everyone really put forth a good effort and deserves some superior recognition.

First things first: SUBMISSION DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO 11:59 PM ON 08/07! That means, if you haven’t had a chance to do so, but still want to enter- you can.

I’ve talked to a bunch of you individually, but I want to address some of the common concerns here:

1. I’m camera shy: I would guess this applies to a lot of us. Even with a photographer husband, I don’t like my photo taken any more than the next gal and I absolutely loathe being in videos. Here is how one person very cleverly made a video without showing themselves.

2. I don’t own a video camera: True, not all of us have smart phones and digital cameras with video capabilities. I bet you know someone who does though. Again, check out the above video. This one doesn’t even use video- but makes a video out of stills. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be fancy. We just want to see that you do indeed have a recipe.

3. What can be done ahead versus needs to be done during the 30 minutes? Basically, a lot can be done ahead. Truly, the main thing that cannot be done ahead is the actual cooking of oats. They can, however, be soaked overnight prior to the competition. You can heat liquids to boiling, prep all additional ingredients and walk into the competition ready to assemble everything but the oats.

4. Can I use additional appliances? No, you get two hot burners and that’s it. We know a few of the videos use an oven and those were created prior to the realization that we hadn’t explicitly put it in the rules that you cannot use anything additional. While the rules for the Golden Spurtle do not say you cannot use additional appliances, we’ve learned from experience that they do not like it and you may be disqualified. On top of that, we learned the hard way last year that American appliances don’t work so great in Europe- even with electrical converters.


The bit that takes very little effort on your part. We need help picking some winners for the Portland heat. Here’s what you do: Visit and select videos to watch. Then, if you like it- click on “like.” You can vote for as many as you want. Winners are not solely based on the amount of “likes” a video gets, but it’s definitely going to be taken into account.

To help induce you to vote, I’m giving away three spurtle kits (steel cut oats + a spurtle). To be entered all you need to do is go vote and come back here and post in the comments that you voted and who you voted for. You don’t have to list them all, but list at least one. I’ll pick 3 winners from all who comment by 11:59 pm on Sunday, July 31st.


I voted and I voted for ScratchDesserts! Yummy……

Jennifer Daskevich says:

I voted for Merry Cooking Black Bean Porridge Patties. Yummy!!!

Angela Kenny says:

I voted for the the Migas. What a creative idea. I will have to give it a try and hopefully think of my own submission!

Greg Stewart says:

I voted for Almost Migas and Toffee Oat Cakes.

Cali Girl says:

A lot of the recipes look awesome, but my heritage is calling: Migas all the way.

Kierstan says:

I voted! Does it matter that it was for my own video?! 🙂

Merry Graham says:

I votd for Jennifer Daskevich ~ I loved her sauces and chipotle mayo. I also voted for MY recipe!!!

Garrett says:


Jody in TX says:

I voted for ScratchDesserts: Toffee Oat Cakes with Caramelized Bananas

Robin R says:

Voted for Toffee Oat Cakes with Caramelized Bananas…looks really yummy!!!

Ami says:

I voted for the Migas, although a lot of them looked good.

MacKenzie says:

Good morning! I submitted my video, Banoffee Pie, last evening that I had made awhile ago before it was stated in the rules about the exclusion of appliances. I used an oven to bake my crust. Does this automatically disqualify my entry? I appreciate your time.

Hi MacKenzie,

Thanks for entering the contest! No, it will not disqualify you. The oats need to be prepared during the 30 minutes, but you can have your pie crust prepared before the competition begins.

nancy francois says:

Chef Dave is creative! Check his web sitet

Ande says:

My favorite is the Thai Curry – with extra curry of course and a cold beer!

poppybear says:

I love the OTY by Chef Dave. I is good for the tummy when not feeling well and also delicious.

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