Happy Chinese New Year!

Marbled Red Bean Cake

Cleaner Eating

Chocolate Berry Breakfast Bowl
Apple Cinnamon Walnut Oatmeal
Chai-na-na Smoothie
Peaches & Greens
Green Machine Smoothie
Nacho Popcorn
Creamy Cannellini Bean Dip
Hemp Macaroon Bars
Buffalo-Style Quinoa Chili
Whole Grain Cereal Bars
Almond Meal Bread
Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies
Spicy Pilavi
Masoor Dal
Monggo Bean Stew
Mujaddara with Spiced Yogurt
Flageolet & Tuna Salad
Millet & Fruit Pudding
Kasha Yam & Carrot Soup


 New Recipes

Multi-Seed Banana Muffins with Maple and Honey
Cinnamon Date Muffins
Chocolate Berry Breakfast Bowl
Pumpkin Chai Boost Bars
Almond Chai Protein Truffles
The Best Baked Potato Latkes
Freekeh Pilaf with Apricots and Almonds
Spring Tarte Flambée
Rhubarb & Raspberry Upside Down Cakewith Vanilla Whipped Cream
Lemon Tea Cake
Lemon-Sesame Cake
Rhubarb Tea Cake
Bacon Cheddar Scone
American Heartland Bread
Tropical Getaway Muffins (gluten free)
Banana Crunch Muffins with Blackberries