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Organic Kamut Cereal


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Organic Kamut Cereal

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Travel back in time with Kamut® grain, an ancient variety of wheat that was only recently rediscovered by modern-day farmers. The history of this ancient wheat grain is a bit mysterious. Some say that Noah brought Kamut® kernels along on the ark, hence the nickname “Prophet's Wheat.” Others call Kamut® grain “King Tut's Wheat,” claiming it was found in the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh. Though its origins are debated, there's no arguing the fact that Kamut® wheat is healthy and delicious.

Organic Kamut® Cereal, made from plump hard amber spring Kamut® Khorasan grain, is slowly stone ground to perfect cereal granulation. It has a rich, buttery flavor and is easily digested. It's also a good source of dietary fiber. The natural sweetness of this ancient grain makes this whole grain cereal a great choice for pure enjoyment, too! Try topping your Organic Kamut cereal you would oatmeal. It's great with dried and fresh fruits, nuts, milk or maple syrup — it's up to you!

Organic Kamut Cereal can even be used in baking applications. We recommend giving our Pharaoh's Muffins recipe a try — look for it on the back of our package.

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Delicious and Nutritious
I discovered this hot cereal on Vitacost last year, because I was interested in trying more products with the buttery Kamut khorasan wheat. Bob's Red Mill Kamut Hot Cereal is definitely my favorite type of porridge, because it is naturally "buttery" and sweet tasting compared to Cream of Wheat or Malt-O-Meal, and most of all, it tastes better in my opinion. Plus, it is not too hard on the stomach. Review by Caitlin / (Posted on 12/2/2014)
By my doctors recommendation
I started using organic kamut after 4 major colon surgeries. My dr. recommended it. I love it. I make it in the microwave & put organic greek yogurt, blueberries & cinnamon on it every morning. Review by AJ / (Posted on 3/6/2011)
Kamut cereal
I love hot Kamut Cereal! Delicious with a touch of brown sugar or honey and a splash of milk. Yum! My children enjoy it and it cooks up beautifully and quickly. The taste is delicately nutty and the texture is wonderful. Nice in muffins too. The recipe on back of package is good! Review by ADK MAMA / (Posted on 1/5/2011)
My new favorite cereal
I've been using Kamut as my breakfast cereal and as an add-in in my bread recipes.|I cook it a little longer (usually around 5 min. in the microwave)|stirring every other minute, instead of water I use almond milk and sweeten it with palm sugar. It becomes very creamy and it is a hearty breakfast on cold days. Just LOVE it! Review by maggie the coto / (Posted on 12/18/2010)
I cook 1/4 kumut cereal and 3/4 cup water in a microwave safe dish for a couple of minutes. Then I let the cereal rest for a couple minutes. I add fruit to the cereal, fresh after cooking, dried or frozen while cooking. I also top cereal with nuts. Review by Mary Anne / (Posted on 9/1/2010)
Nutritional Info
Nutrient Facts
Serving Size: 1/4 cup (40g)
Servings Per Container: 17
Amount Per Serving % Daily

Calories from Fat

Total Fat
1 g
2 %
     Saturated Fat
0 g
0 %
     Trans Fat
0 g
0 %
0 mg
0 %
0 mg
0 %
Total Carbohydrate
26 g
9 %
     Dietary Fiber
4 g
16 %
0 g
5 g
10 %

Vitamin A
0 %
Vitamin C
0 %
0 %
9 %

* Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Organic Whole Kamut® Khorasan Wheat.

*Manufactured in a facility that also uses tree nuts, soy, wheat, and milk