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Bob Moore, a mechanically inclined tinkerer his whole life, was inspired to salvage a defunct mill and begin grinding whole-grain flours purely as a hobby. His wife Charlee had been the influence behind Bob's interest in whole grain nutrition, and he knew she was really onto something. Sure, there's a time and place to buy lighter flour, but whole grains offer the most complete nutrition and best flavor. Baked goods made with whole grain non-GMO flour are more flavorful and more nutritious, keeping your taste buds happy and your belly fuller for longer. Having mastered the ancient technique of cool, slow-grinding milling, Bob branched out to create flours from unexpected grains like spelt, amaranth and buckwheat. Explore our non-GMO varieties and gluten free flour options. Buy flour online today at Bob's Red Mill to see for yourself why it is America's Best Baking Flour.