Restaurant Love Recipient:

Dream Bakery

013 Wells Branch Parkway #109
Austin, TX 78728
(512) 219-1235

Super Staff

Dream Bakery has gone above and beyond with being one of the first bakeries in the area to offer curbside pickup of pantry staples when they were otherwise impossible to find during this Covid epidemic. They also keep adding to their menu and are being very careful and responsible in who they order from and how they get items to customers. On top of that, they organized donations to help provide supplies for community members to continue their Good Samaritan work, one of the first being a massive donation of supplies to a man who was baking bread for his neighbors. Personally I was so thankful for the yeast and flour I was able to pick up for my own family and to share with neighbors, especially while my son was sick and only eating bread and bananas. I would love to see this small business thrive beyond this time. The owner is super sweet and deserves the help to keep her bakery going strong. - Marie S.

From the Restaurant:

Dream Bakery is a locally owned family business that has been serving Austin and the surrounding communities since 2005. We bake delicious, high quality baked goods that fill our customers with delight, with a particular emphasis on gluten free and low carb/keto friendly options. Enjoy a cup of locally roasted coffee and a freshly baked pastry, pick up pantry staples, or work with us to design the cake of their dreams for your wedding or other special occasion. We love our community and are incredibly grateful to them for their support during this crisis!