Dale Sanders

Submitted by: Carol Cummings

Portraits of Longevity - Dale Sanders

I am an avid follower of Dale Sanders, aka Grey Beard's, adventures. As one of the oldest living hikers in America, Dale's adventures have taken him all over the country. Last year he became the oldest person to hike the entire length of the famous Appalachian Trail. This year he completed 1,300 miles on the Florida Trail. And he is set to continue hiking 5,400 miles on the Eastern Continental Trail. He is a legend and a wonderful inspiration to all of us who know him. At 83, because of his active lifestyle, which includes many records for hiking and canoeing, Dale is as fit as they come. He doesn't allow anything to slow him down. When he's on the trail he's eating sleeping and living on the trail. It's amazing to follow his adventures across America. I really enjoy it and he inspires me everyday to be a little more healthful. He's taught me that age is only a number. The Grey Beard Adventurer shows us that you can enjoy life at any age. And that staying fit is forever. Dale never loses his zest for adventure. He always has a smile on his face. And he gladly shares with all of his friends through stunning photos and video on Facebook what it's really like to spend your life being a true adventurer. I think he's amazing.