7 Vegan Christmas Cookies Everyone Will Love

7 Vegan Christmas Cookies Everyone Will Love

There’s no better way of saying “seasons greetings” than baking a fresh plate of Christmas cookies for neighbors or loved ones. Between all the parties, celebrations, and gatherings, Christmastime is the season for indulging. December is the perfect time to practice your baking skills in the kitchen. This year, why not surprise family and friends with homemade holiday cookies that will get everyone in the Christmas spirit. With that being said, just because you might be experimenting more in the kitchen, doesn’t mean you have to throw your healthy eating habits completely out the door.

This December, don’t sacrifice your health by overindulging on unhealthy treats and desserts. Celebrate the season by baking healthier Christmas cookies. Now I know this might be contradictory to some, but with just a few simple ingredient swaps, you can still have plenty of dessert options that just so happen to be on the lighter side. Making a vegan alternative is an easy first step for a brighter Christmas season!

This year, start by baking vegan Christmas cookies for your friends and family. Here are 7 vegan Christmas cookies that everyone will love. And best of all, no one will be able to tell they’re vegan! These recipes just might be a Christmas miracle.

Vegan Gingerbread Cookies



There is nothing more festive during Christmas time than freshly baked gingerbread cookies. These seasonal treats are filled with the iconic Christmas spices and flavors, just without processed ingredients. Our vegan version is packed with all the flavor that you would normally find in a traditional gingerbread cookie. Bring out your creative side by decorating your gingerbread men and women with homemade vegan icing for an added festive touch.

Vegan Snickerdoodles



Snickerdoodles are a classic favorite. What’s not to love with the warm flavors of cinnamon sugar? Snickerdoodles are traditionally a crowd pleaser for any holiday party or festivity. Try baking these signature cookies with vegan ingredients like coconut oil for a healthier alternative. With just a couple ingredient swaps, you can still have that old favorite for any Christmas party!

Vegan Sugar Cookies



Snowflakes, reindeer, or Santa hats: make all the holiday favorites with this vegan sugar cookie recipe. Decorating holiday sugar cookies is a memorable activity young and old. Use this lighter recipe for a healthier addition to your holiday treats. Don’t sacrifice on tradition. Embrace this healthier alternative! These vegan sugar cookies will be devoured in no time.

Chocolate Peppermint Crinkle Cookies


The flavors of chocolate and peppermint just might be the winning combination for a festive winter dessert. But seriously, this match made in heaven is perfect for Christmas. This recipe for vegan chocolate peppermint crinkle cookies are decadent and delicious. Impress any dinner party or gathering with the true essence of Christmas. With just a few vegan ingredient swaps, you can easily make these crowd-pleasing chocolate peppermint crinkle cookies this holiday season.

Snowball Cookies



Still looking for a traditional Christmas cookie? Well here is your newest addition to your next holiday party! Here is a healthier remake to a childhood favorite. This recipe is great for people with any kind of food allergy or restriction. Snowball cookies are one of the most well-known signature holiday treats, and this one just happens to please any kind of diet. You will not be disappointed with this lighter vegan version!

Sunbutter Blossom Cookies

These vegan sunbutter blossom cookies get an A+ for presentation. No one will ever be able to tell this recipe is vegan and gluten free. Bake these sunbutter blossom cookies with your favorite nut butter and dairy free chocolate chips. The chocolate center adds a decorative touch, which makes these cookies not only tasty, but beautiful.Try this vegan and gluten free sunbutter blossom cookie recipe this holiday to please all your family and friends.

Vegan Orange Star Cookies

Add some sophistication with these vegan orange star cookies. Infused with the flavors of cinnamon and orange, these cookies are made with all-natural ingredients that not only taste good, but are good for you. Try baking these impressive vegan orange star cookies for a healthy alternative to a standard calorie-dense holiday treat.

With all the seasonal celebrations of eating and drinking, add some healthier alternatives for your guests at your next holiday party. Whether young or old, these simple vegan holiday cookies will be the center of attention! Try our list of easy recipes to add the perfect addition to your Christmas festivities.


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    My mouth is watering at the sight of these yummy delights... I love cinnamon and will definitely try making some of these if I come across the complete recipes.
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