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Virtual Potluck Recipe Round-up: Weeks 1-2
Recipes on January 19, 2012 by

Virtual Potluck Recipe Round-up: Weeks 1-2

photo courtesy of Thyme in Our Kitchen

Boy! Have we been slacking or what around here? Not really. We've have all sorts of amazing projects percolating and are gearing up to launch not one, not two, but four brand-new products in March! In the meantime, I wanted to share what our fabulous Virtual Potluck bloggers have been whipping up using our whole grains and California Olive Ranch olive oils. I've been blown away by the sheer creativity and decadence of these dishes. By decadent, I mean packed with delicious flavors, textures, and some pretty fun ingredients. In no particular order, here is the fabulous virtual potluck!

Farmgirl Gourmet:
Week One: Baked Orange Hard White Wheat & Olive Oil Donuts
Week Two: Spicy Sausage, Prune & Grande Grain Stuffing

Miss in the Kitchen:
Week One: Homemade Ricotta Blini with Rosemary and Pine Nuts
Week Two: Sesame-Stir Fry Vegetable Grande Grains Pilaf

Cooking With Books:
Week One: Lemon & Thyme Olive Oil Wheat Crackers
Week Two: Cranberry Whole Grain and Dried Fruit Salad

Week One: Mini Flatbreads with Hummus and Warm Olive Salad
Week Two: Grande Grain Miller's Blend Muffins

30A Eats:
Week One: Sundried Tomato, Kalamata Olive and Basil Pesto Focaccia
Week Two: Quinoa Tabouleh With Peppers

Thyme In Our Kitchen:
Week One: Olive Oil and Whole Wheat Flatbread
Week Two: Curried Whole Grain Pilaf with Bacon, Mushroom and Cabbage

Not Rachel Ray:
Week One: Whole Wheat Flatbread and Roasted Garlic White Bean Dip
Week Two: Whole Grain Risotto with Kale and Carrots

Diabetic Foodie:
Week One: Warmed Herbed Goat Cheese with Whole Wheat Pita Bread
Week Two: Onions Stuffed with Grande Grains, Currants and Pine Nuts

Week One: Prime Rib and Shrimp Whole Wheat Fried Ravioli
Week Two: Grande Whole Grains with Spinach and Serrano Ham

Bite and Booze:
Week One: Elk Sausage and Black Bean Soup
Week Two: Toasted Pecan and Parmesan Quinoa

Food Hunter's Guide to Cuisine:
Week One: Whole Wheat Caprese Bruschetta
Week Two: Mediterranean Whole Grain Salad

Groovy Foody:
Week One: Cheesy Asian-Inspired Sesame Rolls
Week Two: Whole Grain Kheer (India Rice Pudding)


  1. Matt Weber @ Thyme In Our Kitchen
    It's been so great working with you! You've got an amazing product and it's been fun to experiment with it.
  2. Annette King
    Hi I have been reading through the site as I bought some Steel Cut oats yesterday after some person was talking about it at a funeral reception and went right to our local grocery health section and bought some ... I have not used it yet but will do and hope its a good products and I may order some other products as the price is way better than ours here in Canada.Recipes are nice in this site love them all. Have a great day from cold wintery Canada.

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