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Spooky Halloween Ginger Cookies
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Spooky Halloween Ginger Cookies

I have spent the last three weeks making spooky noises as much as possible at home. My son just turned four and is fully embracing Halloween for the first time. He's so into it and keeps a running monologue about all the decorated houses in our neighborhood every day. All the books we read are Halloween-themed and he only wants to watch the Halloween episodes of his favorite shows. Costume? Check! Pumpkins? Check! We are ready!

Not-so-spooky Halloween Ginger Cookies // @BobsRedMill

While these spooooooooooky cookies aren't really all that spooky, they are delicious! I love the tiny bits of candied ginger. If your kid doesn't appreciate a bit of spice, you can leave out the candied and powdered ginger and just make some delicious plain sugar cookies. It's just so fun to make cookies with kids and holiday-themed activities are even better. I plan to make these on Saturday or Sunday this year (because obviously there is not enough sugar at Halloween) as a fun build-up to the holiday. We also have a fun Halloween snacks post that will make every meal a spooky(ish) occasion for your kiddos!

Not-so-spooky Halloween Ginger Cookies // @BobsRedMill
Some tips on decorating:

  • If you can't hack it, just frost with orange icing and sprinkle with green edible glitter--still cute and still tasty!
  • The Kitchn has a great guide for decorating cookies, just pretend they're not Christmas themed.
  • Those creepy eyes? We scored some at Party City. If you can't find them, anywhere that stocks cake and cookie decorating supplies (like Michael's) should have eyes, they just might not be the creepy version.
  • Want to make these gluten free? Follow this recipe and add the ginger (if desired). Or simply swap in our Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour for the all purpose flour.


Happy Hallooooooooooooooooween!

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