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Happy National Oatmeal Day

I don’t think there is a holiday more suited to Bob’s Red Mill than National Oatmeal Day. In honor of this amazing holiday, here are 5 of our favorite ways to enjoy oatmeal for every meal of the day.

The Texan | Bob's Red Mill

1. The Texan: Get serious about oatmeal. First, mix shredded cheddar cheese (we like Tillamook’s Vintage Extra Sharp) in with your oatmeal so it gets all cheesy and delicious. Then, layer crumbled chorizo, black beans, salsa and sour cream. On top of that, add a fried egg and drizzle your favorite barbecue sauce over the whole thing. A savory bowl of fuel sure to keep you going all morning!

Oatmeal Cookie | Bob's Red Mill

2. Classic Oatmeal Cookies: Whole grains are great on their own, but they’re even better in cookie form!

Sally's Apple Crisp Granola Bars | Bob's Red Mill

3. Sally’s Apple Crisp Granola Bars: On the go fuel perfect for whatever activity you have planned.

Italian Pinhead Torta | Bob's Red Mill

4. Italian Pinhead Torta: The winner of the Speciality Award at the 2012 Golden Spurtle, this dish is a perfect dinner solution- quick, easy and absolutely delicious.

Romancing the Bowl | Bob's Red Mill

5. Romancing the Bowl: Breakfast or dessert, this oatmeal creation is sure to be a hit. Top your favorite type of oatmeal with sliced strawberries, Nutella and a dollop of whipped cream. YUM!

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