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Gluten Free Quick Oats and Oat Flour Recipes

These gluten free Oatmeal Pancakes use both oat flour and quick oats.

Earlier this year, we introduced Gluten Free Quick Rolled Oats and Gluten Free Oat Flour to our gluten free product line. At that time, many of our recipes were labeled as wheat free, because they called for conventional oat flour (which is in contact with gluten and other allergens). Now that we have a gluten free option, these recipes have switched to the gluten free category of our recipe database.

We are so proud to offer a wide assortment of gluten free oat products and recipes using these products for your convenience. Here are some of our favorites, which we hope you will enjoy! Check out the recipes section of our website for even more!

Coconut Almond Oatmeal Cookies uses various flours and oats to make a real treat.


Coconut Almond Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal Pancakes

Wheat Free Oatmeal Cake

Whole Grain Waffles

Almond Cookies


Stu Martin says:

My wife found a package of the quick oats somewhere, but haven’t been able to find it again. However, they were AWESOME! No-bake cookies: OK with the rolled oats, but a little on the tough/chewy side. With the quick oats — just like I remembered them! Next up, my wife’s awesome Apple Crisp — again, the quick oats just make the topping! Thank-you!!!

ginger says:

Go to Big lots they carry many from bob red mill

jazmine antico says:

i would LOVE to try those coconut almond oatmeal cookies!
and I would try some overnight oats, im tired of boring instant plain gluten free oats

Laura Olson says:

Love the oatmeal pancake recipe – my family’s very favorite for the last 6 years! However, I make minor adjustments — use almond or soy milk, put the eggs in all at once with the oil; add cinnamon and vanilla sometimes. They taste AWESOME and very easy to make. I’ve just started adding more liquid to the batter which helps make them lighter but just as hearty and filling as ever. No sugar hi/lows even when adding maple syrup after they are cooked! I make extra to use for PB&J sandwiches…works very well in lunchboxes.

nancy smith says:

If oats are naturally gluten free, why are some of your oat flours labeled “gluten-free oat flour”, others just “oat flour”

Many oats on the market have come into contact with wheat at some point- either as a rotation crop or during transport. We label ours as gluten free because we go through a lot of effort to be sure that no wheat has come into contact with our oats. Not only are the oats grown on oat-only fields and transported in oats-only trucks, but we also test to be sure they are gluten free. If you are not overly sensitive to gluten, regular oats may be fine for you.

Would like to be able to switch to cooking/baking with mostly oat flour or barley to get away from the wheat. I am unsure of what I need to include in muffin recipes to go along with the oatflour. I have noticed that some recipes include almond meal with oat flour. Can you give me an explanation of the function it has when mixed with oatflour in a bread type recipe.

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