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Fun Additions to Any Muffin

Sprinkle oats on top of your muffins to create a visual delight.

Making muffins every morning, your mind definitely wanders. There have been many combinations of ingredients that I have thought of before many people awake. Here are some ways to utilize all the flavors of Bob’s Red Mill.

One great thing about the Whole Grain Store is the bulk bins. You can get many ideas by just waltzing down the aisles. First of all, have you seen our three different types of coconut? Experimenting with all three  I have found that the fine macaroon coconut adds the best texture to muffins. Very little recipe adjustment is needed to add the coconut. I usually just cut back on the flour a little or add more liquid.

Another addition is cornmeal. Cornmeal also adds a great texture, not to mention an extra flavor to those berry muffins. Bob’s Red Mill carries Fine, Medium and Coarse Ground Cornmeal, but for muffins I recommend fine or medium. Just replace ½ of a cup of your flour with cornmeal and voila! Mix it up!

Lastly, make a triple berry muffin using a dried berry with two fresh ones. For example, dried cranberries with fresh blueberries and raspberries. It’s all about different textures and flavors. Try something new, you might surprise yourself.

A couple things to watch out for when playing, yes this is playing, with muffin recipes is to not over mix and don’t add too many things. Muffins bake up gummy and chewy if they are over mixed. Always, use a spatula or spoon. Also, muffins can get weighed down by all the fillers if you add too much. You’ll end up with sad heavy and dense muffins, so be careful. My last bit of advice is to allow enough flour for excess moisture from frozen fruit. Many times frozen fruit especially rhubarb, peaches and strawberries carry a lot of water that is released when they are baked into a muffin.

I hope these ideas and tips make for some fun muffin time. Happy baking!


Mary says:

This sounds a lot like what I do with my bread-machine bread! I’m lucky enough to have a “salvage” store nearby that also carries Bob’s Red Mill, so I have access to lots of fun ingredients to “play” with.

I have a basic recipe that’s half white whole wheat flour and half whole wheat flour (not yours – sorry! – but one I can easily buy here on the East Coast), and then I add 1/4 cup of whatever “other” flour catches my fancy. While our favorites are kamut, rye, and corn flour, I’ve also used millet, quinoa, amaranth, soy – even potato (but learned that you have to mix that with water first, and add extra liquid!).

The last thing added, because I tried it once and loved it, is 3 Tbsp of flax seeds (a mix of brown and golden – Bob’s Red Mill, of course!), ground up in a coffee mill I keep just for that purpose.

I know there are people who just HAVE to have an exact recipe, and I’ll admit that I always start off with one, but there’s a lot to be said for “playing” too! 🙂

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