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Racing Season vs the Off Season – Training Tips

Most pros have learned that the “off season” is really only a few weeks of rest before getting back on the bike before losing any fitness. That way, you continue to build upon each year rather than starting all over again. For most non-pros, it means trying to stay lean and not completely un-fit until the next season.

For that reason, I recommend keeping your diet and nutrition plan the same year-round. You may need to cut back on portions in the off-season, but continue to enjoy the same whole grain breakfasts and meals that will keep your metabolism and glycemic index in check.

Mo’s top five tips for Cross season overall wellness:

  1. Get eight hrs of sleep.
  2. Hydrate. Even when it’s cold out, you need more fluids.
  3. Get a massage 1-2x a month.
  4. Wash your hands often, especially when traveling.
  5. Keep your diet as consistent as possible. Travel with food if needed.

Mo’s top five training tips:

  1. Take one rest day each week and one rest week each month (do active recovery like yoga, pilates or walking).
  2. Plan a ‘ross specific workout 1x a week (Weds are good) for hard intervals, barrier practice and run ups.
  3. Make your hard training days really hard, and your easy training days really easy.
  4. Get a professional bike fit before you start the season.
  5. Keep your equipment clean and well maintained.

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