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At Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc. we are proud of our continuous efforts to provide healthy whole grains to families worldwide.

Recently, some of our customers expressed concern regarding the use of glyphosate in the end stages of cultivation of agricultural commodities, particularly wheat. This practice is sometimes known as desiccation and is performed by some conventional farmers, particularly those located in regions with shorter growing seasons, in an effort to achieve more even ripening and an earlier harvest.

Because we at Bob’s Red Mill are dedicated to bringing all of our customers natural, healthy products, whether organic or conventional, we have inquired directly with farmers and with our suppliers to determine if glyphosate desiccation is used by the farmers supplying our products. The majority of our conventional wheat is grown close to home in the Pacific Northwest, where growing seasons are typically longer and the practice of desiccation is as such rarely used. We’ve been told desiccation is not a practice used by our individual farmers. The growing, harvest, and communal storage practices sometimes used by the wheat industry in general make it nearly impossible, however, for our multi-source suppliers to guarantee the practice of glyphosate desiccation is not used with all of the conventional wheat the suppliers sell to us.

We are able to assure our customers, however, that glyphosate desiccation is not a practice used for our organic products, as the use of glyphosate is not permitted at any time in the cultivation of our organically grown ingredients. Our customers who desire to be certain that glyphosate has not been used may wish to choose instead from our extensive line of certified organic products.

We believe food and the way it is grown should be simple. Bob’s Red Mill continues our commitment to providing you the best possible quality whole grain foods for your family: Good Food For All.

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  1. Gwyn Whittaker
    I am sorry to learn that the complexity of certifying organic is too difficult for Bob's Red Mill Muesli, which I will no longer buy, even though it is GMO free. When the Muesli is certified organic, I will return to buying this product; now, I will go to another vendor who has figured this out. I love the Organic Steel Cut Oats and will continue to buy this product.
    1. Environmental Engineer
      Environmental Engineer
      I would also love to have the Muesli available as certified organic.

    2. Amy
      I, too, would like ALL of Bob's Red Mill products to be available in much-needed organic options.
  2. mike michalak
    Hey Bob ,,Love your products,, I need to buy some online ,, hope it works out,, 1st it says my zip is no good ,,an I know it is,, I will have to call you guys,, I chose a dif price for mailing an screen goes white,, Man your system for ordering should not be so hard,, an man you seem alittle high on shipping,,.I mean some of your stuff is less than 2pounds?? I order stuff online all the time you might be King of rates,,.
    Mike M
  3. Sara
    You guys are a great company & easy to find in stores - unfortunately I cannot use your products due to soy sensitivity. Any chance of Bob's opening any dedicated facilities to help avoid cross-contamination issues from the major allergens (for GF flours/mixes)?
    1. Cassidy Stockton
      Hi Sara,

      Thank you. We will pass along your request.
    2. Lyn
      Can you bring us organic GF oats? When can we expect organic GF rolled oats?
      Thank you
      1. Cassidy Stockton
        Yes, we currently offer several varieties of gluten free, organic oatmeal.
  4. Ben Perry
    I love your wheat free quick cooking rolled oats but because of their possible contamination with glyphosate and other pesticides I will no longer be purchasing it.

    You should work on releasing certified organic and wheat free oats

    1. Cassidy Stockton

      Thank you for your comments. At this time, organic gluten free oats are not being grown. I assure you, as soon as we can start offering them, we will.
    2. Amy
      I'd like to respond to Cassidy Stockton. Oat do not contain gluten. Only oats that have been cross-contaminated can contain gluten. So, to say organic gluten-free oats are not being grown is false. Don't you just need to buy organic oats from a non-cross-contaminated source and process it at your dedicated gluten-free facility???
      1. Cassidy Stockton
        You are correct, Amy. Oats do not contain gluten. Since this article was originally published, we have release Organic Gluten Free Oats. It does require us to source organic oats that are not cross-contaminated, which is a far more difficult proposition than one would think.
  5. Thomas Grant
    I am terribly disappointed that Bob's Red mill is not being truthful and forthcoming about the Glyphosate problem in organic grains. The very carefully crafted words above sidestep the truth, which is that 80% of organic grains are contaminated with Glyphosate even if they are assuredly not using it directly on the crops. Yes 80% of the organic grains in America contain Glyphosate. This is one of the worst poisons in our food supply. Bob's Red Mill needs to reveal exactly how much of this is in their products. Until then I have no choice but to avoid Bob's products for the safety of my family.
    1. Alvin Mohan
      Thomas Grant. Im curious, so I must ask, where did you get the information from that 80% of Uncle Bob's Organic grains are contaminated with glyphosate? As well, I'm curious to know which product you are now going to turn to that is organic and is not contaminated by glyphosate? Not saying you are wrong, but those are strong accusations? I keep hearing about organic foods not being what we think they are, and that may be true, however I still think that its a step in the right direction, even though its not the perfect answer always to our growing chemically tainted foods. If we are going to tear down a system that is trying to help us, we must make sure we have a plausible solution close at hand, or else we are just making things worse. (that's just my opinion)
    2. Nancy Reilriojas
      I am one who was cripplingly affected by glyphosate in my oatmeal during 2014. After the pain was not manageable any longer, I was placed in the hospital, C-scans noted a substantial infection developed in my colon, then tons of antibiotics pumped into me for a month, could not eat for one and one half YEARS because the antibiotics killed my gut's good bacteria. And probiotics I tried caused more caused pain. Doctors either did not know how to help me or they knew and would not say, it was a toss up as I focused on their eyes. I was on a lonely quest to save myself from starvation! Lost 80 lbs in the interim, became a skeleton. Two middle-aged persons, related to friends, actually died from the same ordeal, and they too became weak until their heart gave out. I finally got help from a Holistic doctor, dispensed herbs to me, grown in Italy and processed in Germany. Have gained some weight back and feeling almost normal. I shall stay away from oatmeal until I am assured of NO GLYPHOSATE, ROUNDUP, OR ANY OTHER POISONS THEY REPLACE IT WITH! May God help us.
  6. H. Poirot
    I am also concerned about Monsanto's glyphospahte and other insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides(?)--ye gods--on your non-organic products. I love your Muesli product, and knew it was not organic, but after learning that you do no testing for these chemicals, it's sadly going in the trash. With all due respect, Bob & Co., get with the program and go organic, or test your products for chemicals and make this public. I will continue to buy your organic products.
  7. Theresa
    I was so excited to see that you did offer organic oats that I didn't realize they weren't gluten free. I've been buying your GF oats for years, but have ceased buying anything that might be poisoned with glyphosate. I love your company and the transparency you offer. I know you'll bring GF organic oats to the market soon. I'll be ready to purchase them when they arrive! Thanks for all of your other great products.
    1. Cassidy Stockton
      Thank you, Theresa. Yes, we're working very hard to bring organic gluten free oats to market and we'll announce it here, as well as Facebook and Twitter when we do.
  8. Sue
    I buy Bob's Red Mill grains. You say that they are healthy but they are not totally chemical free. Have you forgotten about the Chemtrails that spray everything insight? Something to think about because it is getting on your crops as well. There's no way of getting around it unless you grow everything in a green house that covers everything and we know that's impossible.
  9. Paula Dillon
    Just want to thank you guys for being there for us. Don't know what I would do without you. : )
  10. Wil
    Considering all the other companies producing gluten free organic oats why does BRM claim that they are not available as you have repeatedly stated here? Do you simply not care?
    1. Cassidy Stockton
      We are currently working to source a good supply of organic gluten free oats. I am not sure why other companies would state that they're gluten free and organic, but we are not comfortable labeling our organic oats as gluten free until we find a reliable source.
  11. kara
    I use quite a bit of Bob's red mill flours. and am shocked to see no testing on the presence of glyphosates. I agree w/ the writer (WIL) above. This article sidesteps, and gives NO definitive answers. it only says things like... "most of our growers" etc. It is not INDICATIVE of truthful responsible practices. PERIOD! TESTING for glyphosates is the ONLY responsible thing to do. If I do not find this done I will no longer buy Bob's Red Mill flours. Please get up to the standards we need to have SAFE FOOD! glyphosates are VERRRY DANGEROUS endocrine disruptors!!!! and the above commentor (WIL) is CORRECT. glyphosats are in ROUNDUP!!!! which si one fo the most harmful widely used chemicals on the planet. It is in our water and bodies. It should be banned and is in some countries!!!
    1. Gloria
      At least there are companies like Bob's that are TRYING to address both the problem of gluten and glyphosate in their products. However, for the glyphosate issue, perhaps instead of blaming companies who are at least trying to help, maybe we should be lobbying our governments to eliminate the use of poisons in our food supply at the source including monitoring our large corporate farmers a little closer. I'm afraid to buy ANYTHING from a grocery store anymore and that includes ALL food groups.
  12. Carol
    I am SOOO disappointed to read that your cornbread mix is not free of Roundup exposure during all phases of the corn growth. I sent my husband to the store with implicit (read… spelled out) instructions to avoid Jiffy, Knorr.. etc and ONLY get Bob's Red Mill cornbread mix because it was organic and non-GMO and SAFE. I have gone through many different postings and news articles regarding your products and find that my loyalty and numerous proclamations to friends, family and strangers in the aisle have been false. I have bought my last Bob's product.
  13. Wil
    Cassidy, I am so sorry that you would belittle other companies over being both gluten and glyphosate free. This seems a cheap ploy to promote your untested products and that makes me concerned for the products I purchase from you. Do you have any evidence supporting your claims of non availability? Also why won't BRM test for glyphosate or gluten through recognised certifying agencies?
    1. Cassidy Stockton
      Thank you for sharing your comments with us.
  14. Jean
    I am looking for a source of non-GMO masa harina for tortillas. (I live several hours from any store that sells pre-made non-GMO corn tortillas). Your masa harina is not certified non-GMO but basically your website says you try to do your best to assure all your products are grown from non-GMO seed. Corn is a notorious crop for exposure to glyphosate, which is my main concern. Can you say anything more definitive to assure me of the safety of your masa? Are you working on getting this product verified by the Non-GMO Project?
    1. Cassidy Stockton

      Yes, we are working to get this product verified by the non-GMO Project. At this time, I can only tell you that we source non-GMO corn for this product. I have no additional information about glyphosate beyond the what is in the statement above. If you are uncomfortable using it, we hope to have it verified in the next year. Unfortunately, the verification process is long and time consuming. You can watch our progress here:
  15. jenna nims
    just thanking you for being concerned!
  16. bean
    After reading your stance on glyophosphate, I'm sorry to announce that I have purchased my last BRM product.
    So sad that you've gotten to the point of just replying "thanks for your opinion" instead of the company standing up for what it claims to promote.
    Thanks for the transparency.
    I can't wait for BRM to finally begin testing for Roundup on their organic food so I can buy in confidence!
  17. Vince
    I resent this "feel good" page. Get BRM products tested for glyphosate and sign a contract with suppliers, then take a stand against this horrendous poison.
    1. Randy
      Couldn't agree more It is time to rid our food supply of poisons and get back to wholesome food that is as God intended it for our health. DUMP suppliers that poison the food supply
  18. anon
    I've worked in the enivornmental industry and I know how sensitive testing is and how the public often isn't prepared to deal with the answer (i.e., almost everything has some lead in it, but the amounts are extremely low leading to Prop 65 warnings often being meaningless. Nothing like Flint, I'm referring to truly trace amounts that still trigger Prop 65 warnings).

    Nevertheless I look to companies like yours and Amy's and others to take a stand with transparency. Lundberg rice came clean on arsenic in rice and publish their numbers every year now - and there is indeed arsenic in the rice. They say it and explain what they are doing to lower it each year.

    It turned out some years ago there is jet fuel in most water, and like I said almost everything has lead in it these days. And a lot of us do understand that wind blows and there may be some cross contamination from well-intentined good-practice farmers, so there may be extremely low glyphosphate numbers in even some truly organic farms. Long term people can handle the truth. It might be a bit jolting for some in the short term, but long term it is always better.

    So I say go for it! Get it tested and let everyone know. You guys are around the best there is, if you guys can't get this figured out then we are all doomed :). Note that people are being hard on you in these comments because you are near the very top of what we hope is good in society and good for us physically. You can be a moral leader in dealing with these things and keeping everyone's faith that some people are just 'good' independent of profits and the rest.

    Maybe give the Lundberg guys a call and ask about their process of letting everyone know about arsenic and what impact that has had to their business, they may be able to shed some light on the process and impact it has had on their business.

    Note I also definitely agree with others here that you should feel free to have truly organic grains at any price that reflects the supply-chain and reasonable profit. People spend so much money on nonsense, fancy coffee, etc., if a bag of grains are even 8 dollars instead of 3 or 4 I think a lot of people don't care and as mentioned especially the allergic/sensitive diet folks. Maybe offer a higher level of fully 'tested' grains from very particular farms online only or in partner with Amazon to expedite delivery?
    1. Trevor
      Very nice response!
      Well thought out and well written.
    2. Nancy Reilriojas
      Thank you, Anon, well said.
    3. OregonMama
      Hat's off to Anon. for a very good reply. Until the American voting public insists upon transparency and separation of 'corporation' and 'state' (i.e. church & state) true independent testing & reporting will be rare, making it difficult for small companies & consumers.
      Reading the concerns about 'gluten free oats' made me think of the difficulty of producing a truly gluten-free product, which many of us forget when perusing the store aisles - the requirement of a Completely separate production facility & completely separate growth, storage & transportation.
  19. Dee
    I'm so upset to learn of the use of Glyphosate for drying oats yet still labeled Organic. Unless you test for it, it's more than likely in your oatmeal. I can no longer buy your oats until you test for this and it's glyphosate free!
    1. Jessica Evans
      Hi Dee, I'm not a Bob's employee, just another customer, but I wanted to respond to this. The practice of using glysophate/Roundup to desiccate oats (and other crops such as wheat, beans, lentils, etc) for easier harvesting is forbidden in organically certified products. You can be assured that any Certified Organic product has NOT been intentionally sprayed with glyphosate or other synthetic pesticides or herbicides or fumigants at ANY phase, whether it is cultivation, harvest or storage.

      However, with that said, there is SO MUCH spraying of glyphosate on conventional crops, including aerial spraying from cropduster airplanes, that even organically grown crops (all crops, not just oats) are starting to show up with glyphosate residues. In some parts of the country there is glyphosate in the rain. This is especially a problem in parts of the country that have short growing seasons, where the farmer may spray to kill and desiccate in order to quickly get a crop in before the snow.

      As a mom, I am personally very disturbed by the increasing prevalence of glysophate in our food and water supply. I think it behooves all of us to put maximum effort into passing GMO labeling, which will increase market demand for non-Roundup-Ready crops. But we also need to support NGOs who are working to expose the issue of glysophate contamination and to hold companies accountable. Right now the Organic Consumers
      Association, along with Beyond Pesticides and Moms Across America, are filing a lawsuit against General Mills for false advertising on the packaging and marketing material for Nature Valley granola bars because they claim they are “Made with 100% Natural Whole Grain Oats” when in fact they are made with conventionally grown oats that are desiccated before harvest with Roundup and therefor they have high levels of glyphosate in them. I encourage everyone who cares about this issue to support the OCA in their work.

      I would personally like to figure out a way to get grain products that are not just certified organic but that have been tested for pesticide and herbicide residues and have the numbers available to their consumers. Short of that, I think sourcing these foods from CA grain mills that are milling locally grown organic crops may be the way to reduce exposure in these products.

      I found one small organic grower/miller who I am going to check into. His operation is called Grass Valley Grains. Since he is growing and milling everything himself, or buying it from his neighbors and milling it, it is all CA grain. This makes for less danger of his product crop being hit by drift from a neighboring conventional field doing dry-down with Roundup. At this point all I can think to do is look for Certified Organic grains that are also grown in CA or other states with a long growing season.
  20. Bob
    Dee, agreed. As a long term user of their oat products, I am very concerned. Unfortunately our government allows for the use of "processing aids", which, if in low enough amounts (whatever that is), do not have to be labeled. In any case, a class action suit may be in order . . .
  21. Duckus
    Current standards for 'organic' do NOT include testing for glyphosate.
    King Arthur does NOT currently test for glyphosate either. Only Tropical Traditions does.
    "Thank you for contacting NSF International. The Organic Testing under the National Organic Program does not include this testing.
    If you need additional information or have further questions, please let me know.
    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Kind regards,
    Mindy Costello RS MS
    Consumer Information NSF International"
    1. Jessica Evans
      They don't test for it but they do prohibit the use of it in organic cultivation. This means that the farmer isn't allowed to use it but if some gets on there from a neighboring field we don't have any way of knowing.
  22. David
    I think you've done a disservice by playing up to a scare campaign. Glyphosate is not believed to be harmful by any science, in any dose that one will ever encounter it in Quaker's oatmeal (or Bob's). It's less harmful than other pesticides used by organic farmers. (Yes, organic farmers use pesticides.)
    1. Eli
      You are not reading the Science. Review Seralini et al. The "inactive" ingredients are petroleum distalites.
    2. Carla
      Are you a paid troll? Seems that I have seen this exact same argument on other sites where Monsanto Round Up is mentioned. Do you really believe people are so stupid as to consume it? I look forward to the mass arrests that are pending. People are waking up and we are looking for disclosure of what is in our food and company accountability.
    3. Greg
      David, the whole mass production farming industry is a mess and is artificial. We need to go back to the small farm ecosystem. And glyphosate kills bifidobactirium in the gut, which is needed to properly digest gluten. Do you know what gluten is in? Wheat and barley! Roundup (glyphosate) is used in abundance on the majority of wheat and barley crops in the US. You've done a disservice by being ignorant!
  23. Eli
    Round up use which includes Glyphoshate. Shows increased risk of cancer. Outlawed by State of California. World health organization has linked it to Autism, Diabetes, Obesity, low testoterone and cancer. There are multiple mechanisms of action. 1. Endocrine disruption Estrogen analog directly stimulates cancer in breast and prostate 2. Antibacterial effect via Shikimate Pathway leads to abnormal bacteria in the human Gut and chronic malnutrition associated with Autism. 3. Glyphoshate binds to complex 1 and 2 in the mitochondria leading to decrease ability to burn sugar (Diabetes/obesity) and eventual cell death. Distribution of tainted grain contributes to the diseases of modern man.... Bob please stop. Organic only. The Science is clear... Millions of families are being injured. Lost futures for millions of kids. Please
  24. Robin
    Knowing the dangers of glyphosate I am curious to know if you and your family consume grains which have been dessicated with Round up? Do you feed your grand children this poison? I emailed your company directly with these questions and received back a double talk response. Shame on you and your company! I don't mind spending more money on a product if I know it's a completely safe food but a half truth does not make it safe in my book! I will keep searching for safe grains. Until then your products are no longer on my "safe" list.
  25. Jim Henderson
    Jim Henderson
    Bob's Red Mill,
    Regrettably, I've been consuming your gluten free oats daily for years now since oats increase testosterone which is needed for my health. However, paradoxically your apparently glyphosate tainted product has apparently been lowering my testosterone since I always feel sluggish and foggy after consuming it. And then there's also the other serious health risks that Eli mentions above.
    It disgusts me that you apparently deceived me into believing that it's pure for profit. By claiming on the front of your package that it's "purity tested" as well as "wheat, gluten and dairy free." Therefore, it seems you duped me that it's healthy and safe to consume since it's pure and ostensibly also free of any far worse poisonous glyphosate contamination!
  26. Margaret
    Does anyone know where to buy glyphosate free oats and grains?
    1. Eli
      Grow your own in your community, unfortunately
    2. Jessica Evans
      Try Grass Valley Grains. Also Pie Ranch in CA grows and mills their own wheat.
    3. Steve
      Hi Margaret,

      Tropical Traditions does.
  27. lauren
    I would swear on this company's integrity until now. Shame on you guys for deliberately misleading consumers into spending their hard earned money on products that you proclaim to be safe and organic knowing fully well that you failed miserably in doing your homework. Bottom line is we as consumers have to take responsibility for what we put into our bodies. If we don't, no one else will. Needless to say, I am not purchasing anything from this company again and neither are any of my 100 family members until they can clean up their act. Peace
  28. Peter Barthelson
    Peter Barthelson
    I hear the concern from people about honesty, purity and organic practices. But the sad truth is, we in the US live in a horrifically polluted environment, especially in many rural areas. Farmers spray stuff on their crops for 50 years and then are horrified when it shows up in the water table and their kids are drinking it. Organic farmers and thus suppliers cannot guarantee that there is no glyphosate in anything they produce because they share an aquifer with conventional farmers. We need to consider the elimination of the use of glyphosate before crop yields plummet from contamination, and we already have a steadily increasing health crisis.
  29. Lyane
    I love you brand! I am a high consumer of soghum flour. Can i guarantee that the Sorghum flour you source is glyphosate free? Until otherwise specified. I will continue to buy organic starches and flours ie:potato, from suppliers who can guarantee it on the label or via their website post.

    Thank you so much!
  30. Panda
    I recently bought my first 2 bottles of Beta Glucan from a company called Young Again This company claims to be very very well researched and the owner Roger writes ebooks . After recieving the items I read that the Beta Glucan came from oats. I emailed the company to ask if the oats used in their product were harvested with glyphostes. After about 4 sacasstic comments he said basically." glyphosates ? Where are you getting this ridiculous misinformation" and P.S. the product is purified during manufacturing so don't worry about it.. I sent him a bunch of info on glyphosated and oats and said all i want to know is if your oats used in your product are harvested with glyphosate/Round Up? He said, "This is getting ridiculous! You want to know what farms I use that's impossible to find out GOOD BYE! So does anyone know if taking Beta Glucan pills from Oats is safe ???
    1. Del
      Panda - apparently not or you would have been proudly advised instead of being told " this is getting ridiculous..."
  31. Ray
    Dear Bob's Ted Mill:
    Great article!! Love your research and dedication to the quality of your product and your sources. You have just won over two families for life and we will tell everyone we know. Thank you! Please keep up your great work. The world needs you!! -R
  32. Me
    Sorry but this a fail. You said you can assure us all that glyphosate isn't in the organic grains sold by bobs red mill because they are not permitted to be used on the crop. However, that fact in no logical way, correlates to glyphosate being actually absent from the crops, but only proves that if there's glyphosate on the organic grains, that it isn't supposed to be there. The only way to prove that your companies grains do not contain glyphosate, would be to comprehensively test them and produce the results to the consumer, and until that happens, I certainly won't be taking your word for it, nor will many other brained consumer.
  33. Arlene Satz
    Concerned about trace amounts of glyphosate in the current brand of oatmeal. Been a breakfast staple for years.
    Bob's is my next purchase. Thanks for protecting our good sources.
  34. No More
    I was researching cancer causing agents found in food today, which led me to glyphosphate and eventually to Bob's Red Mills. I purchased your grain products during my wife's can imagine how disgusted I now feel after reading this article. Bye bye, Bob.
  35. S
    Third party testing has confirmed widespread glyphosate contamination in the food supply. Even many so called organic products are contaminated with glyphosate. Unless products have been tested and verified as being glyphosate free, then I presume that they are contaminated, regardless of whether or not they have an organic label. Tropical traditions sells glyphosate free verified products. Why don't you?
  36. Margaret Campbell
    Margaret Campbell
    I am looking for organic wheat gluten to make seitan. Bigger challenge than I thought. Any ideas out there?
    1. Cassidy Stockton
      I am sorry, but it's very hard to come by. We use some organic vital wheat gluten in our products, but it's hard to find and expensive. I do not know of a source for the home cook.
  37. Jacquelyn Hoag
    I think there is a bit too much blame on brm.....too much emphasis on gluten as well. For those with sensitivities it is important to to understand the deleterious effectsof pharmeceuticals to the gut, particularly antibiotics. As our planet is so contaminated with out of control use of chemicals, what we need is to grow and eat plant food to heal the gut...our systems are so upset by use of excessive drugs, our immune systms are rebelling. Brm is doing an excellent job in a near impossible situation. I believe we need to pursue more natural healing and find our role in exorcising use of chemicals. .
  38. Joe
    Do your nonorganic grain products use glyphosate? There is no need to use it, and it has lots of health risks. I'd support you if you got rid of using it on all grains. There are so many health risks using glyphosate. Why can't you find a safer alternative to use?
  39. Eileen Workman
    Where can I find your flour? I live in Florida.
    1. Cassidy Stockton
      You can find stores in your area by using our store finder:
  40. Mary Curtis
    Thank you so much for clarifying this as glyphosate usage is a big concern of mine. I love your products, Bob's Red Mill, and I will continue to purchase from you and support your efforts for clean food!
  41. Mr C
    Just found this article dated 10/13/16 in
    I have no affiliation to BRM - just a customer

    "Eating organic can help you lower your exposure to even trace amounts of pesticides, says Sass, particularly for foods you eat daily. (It’s worth noting that in the most recent FDA oatmeal findings, the organic products tested—from brands such as Bob’s Red Mill, 365 Whole Foods, Sprout, and Nature Path—had no detectable levels of pesticides.)"

    best to read the entire article ...
    The more info we have the better off our decisions will be !

  42. Lola
    I have read many of the comments on here as well as other sites and as a consumer who has a cabinet full of Bob's red Mill products I am bitterly disappointed in the fact that you are not taking care to keep your consumers safer from pesticides.

    After many years of illnesses, medications and hospital and Doctor visits involving my gut
    I went off all gluten and lactose permanently! and the results are nothing short of amazing!! I have lost weight and the bloating and pain from gluten have subsided and I no longer am hungry all the time!
    Bob's Red Mill products line my kitchen shelves because they are my gluten free choice.
    However, after reading so many comments about your products also containing pesticides I am going to discontinue your products and seek out other 100% organic gluten free and pesticide products in hopes that these companies are being honest.
    Your company went to all the work of producing these wonderful gluten free products yet we as consumers of your products are still eating poisons.
    My food shopping list is already made out and your products are on it but today I will not be purchasing them.
    Research people because there are a number of other companies who are dedicated to selling pesticide free products.
    Hopefully Bob's Red Mill will come to the understanding that American's are trying to save our lives and that of our families.
    These huge companies who produce pesticides are not going to stop nor are the huge corp. who grow mass food supplies will not stop using it either.

    Best of health to you all!
  43. Kim
    In good consciousness how can you then sell any product that may have glyphosate? The ignorance of most consumers should not be an excuse to supply products that have a high probability of containing this poison.
  44. C
    Probably should give them credit for trying, but it should be becoming more and more clear to folks by now, it's not going to stop or slow down. All you can do is hope that your a good methylator, those are the lucky ones.
  45. Jan Gyma
    I am so happy to hear that your company does not allow glyphosate desiccation in your organic products. I am very disturbed that our country actually allows our wheat to be poisoned like this. I am planning on buying a bread maker and will only use your organic wheat flour so as to avoid this poison. Thank you again for being a responsible company. I will definitely share this news with everyone I know
    Jan G.
    1. Sarena Shasteen
      Thank you for your kind words and for trusting us with your health.
  46. A Day
    Are your gluten-free products also completely non-gmo?
    1. Sarena Shasteen
      Yes. Also, please read this post so you can understand our stance on GMO.
  47. Kathy
    If I understand this right, organic farmers are not applying roundup but testing may show some level of roundup. It's a bit like truthfully swearing I didn't put dust on the end table yet it's there. Emptying the vacuum canister on the table would show the difference of willful intention. So I'm going with an organic farm that does the best it can but cannot avoid what rain and wind bring their way. If their efforts are to no avail when testing shows traces of roundup then they may as well take the easy road and spray their crops. It seems we're past finding a sustainable source of food that can always test clean.
  48. Karin Smith
    from a previous comment:
    “Eating organic can help you lower your exposure to even trace amounts of pesticides, says Sass, particularly for foods you eat daily. (It’s worth noting that in the most recent FDA oatmeal findings, the organic products tested—from brands such as Bob’s Red Mill, 365 Whole Foods, Sprout, and Nature Path—had no detectable levels of pesticides.)”

    Glyphosate is as far as I know, not a pesticide but is a herbicide- used to kill plants. So testing to rule out the presence of pesticides in organic products would not rule out glyphosate. So the question is, is the FDA testing for the presence of herbicides?
  49. Douglas Michael
    I'm a baker. We buy organic grains but we also buy grain from farmers we know who are not certified organic. And it is so INCREDIBLY EASY easy to verify that the farmer is not using glyphosate on grains and or seeds. How? You sprout it.

    Grains/seeds sprayed with glyphosate are dead. Period. It's not sprayed to dry them out, it's sprayed to kill the grain. Why? Industrial bakers do not want to work with sprouted grain under any circumstances. Sprouting degrades gluten development. But honestly, gluten is not the problem. The problem is the industrialization of our food supply. The solution is simple, look for people who grow and produce food the way our forebearers use to do it before industrialization. Organic? Sure, that's great. But I would also support biodynamic farmers and organic sustainable farmers. And for that matter, most Amish farmers who basically have no choice but grow food the way it has been grown for centuries.

    Good god I am so sad at the sheer stupidity and or misinformation that has inflicted so many people in this country. This whole issue of gluten and gluten intolerance and glyphosate is so easy to address. From my point of view as a baker the solution is simple. You sprout the grain and you work with a natural leaven. That's all that is required to make a perfectly healthy loaf of bread. Goodbye gluten intolerance. Goodbye lectin/phytic acid issues, goodbye wheat sensitivity. Goodbye fear of glyphosate contamination.
  50. lisa treweek
    as of 2013 our fine nimble EPA decided that the glyphosate residue for organic products should be raised. Currently the residue on organic wheat measured about the same as conventional wheat. We totally need much better defense on the Organic label. Please help us press congress on this, Bob. Stronger residue defense and stronger testing of end product. It will help your hard work pay off. Yeah? Thanks for your efforts.

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