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At Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc. we are proud of our continuous efforts to provide healthy whole grains to families worldwide. Recently, some of our customers expressed concern regarding the use of glyphosate in the end stages of cultivation of agricultural commodities, particularly wheat. This practice is sometimes known as desiccation and is performed by some conventional farmers, particularly those located in regions with shorter growing seasons, in an effort to achieve more even ripening and an earlier harvest. Because we at Bob’s Red Mill are dedicated to bringing all of our customers natural, healthy products, whether organic or conventional, we have inquired directly with farmers and with our suppliers to determine if glyphosate desiccation is used by the farmers supplying our products. The majority of our conventional wheat is grown close to home in the Pacific Northwest, where growing seasons are typically longer and the practice of desiccation is as such rarely used. We’ve been told desiccation is not a practice used by our individual farmers. The growing, harvest, and communal storage practices sometimes used by the wheat industry in general make it nearly impossible, however, for our multi-source suppliers to guarantee the practice of glyphosate desiccation is not used with all of the conventional wheat the suppliers sell to us. We are able to assure our customers, however, that glyphosate desiccation is not a practice used for our organic products, as the use of glyphosate is not permitted at any time in the cultivation of our organically grown ingredients. Our customers who desire to be certain that glyphosate has not been used may wish to choose instead from our extensive line of certified organic products. We believe food and the way it is grown should be simple. Bob’s Red Mill continues our commitment to providing you the best possible quality whole grain foods for your family: Good Food For All. Questions? Please contact [email protected]


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