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Beginning – Pro Race Nutrition Rules to Live By

What should I eat while training? Everyone wants to know what the pros are doing! Working as a soigneur for pro road teams, I saw a mixed bag of top level pros who had very healthy, organic, preservative-free diets, and some who ate candy bars and soft drinks. Both were equally successful on the bike, but the latter begs for some lifestyle change somewhere down the road.

Why not start now with a healthy balanced diet that doesn’t feel like a “diet,” but more like a well-balanced nutrition plan? Here are 5 easy tips for getting started:

  1. Clean out your cupboards. Toss or donate to your local food bank any items packed with preservatives, excess sugars and/or ingredients you can’t pronounce.
  2. Get a good cookbook. Learning to enjoy cooking makes preparing healthier meals much easier.
  3. Begin adding new items to your cupboards. You can start with some Bob’s Red Mill products: Steel Cut Oats, Old Country Style Muesli, Corn Grits Polenta, Quinoa and soup mixes.
  4. If this is a big change, start with one meal a week. Get the family involved, too–kids often love to help.
  5. Allow yourself to enjoy some treats. Nothing tastes better than homemade cookies!

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