5 Tasty Ways to Eat Granola
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5 Tasty Ways to Eat Granola

Granola tends to be a magical mix of rolled oats, nuts and honey or maple syrup. It can be eaten for breakfast or as a midday snack, served over yogurt or mixed into your favorite baked goods. 

If you’re searching for some of the tastiest ways to eat granola, we’re here to help! At Bob’s Red Mill, it’s no surprise that we are complete granola fanatics.

In fact, we’re known to enjoy it in the morning, afternoon and evening. Because when it comes to how to eat granola, there’s really no way you can go wrong.

From Granola Ice Cream Pies to Acai Bowls, discover some of our favorite uses of granola with this complete guide. 

Ice Cream

5 Tasty Ways to Eat Granola | Bob's Red Mill Blog

For one of our all-time favorite ways to eat granola, consider enjoying it alongside your ice cream. The sweet and salty flavor of granola blends beautifully with creamy and decadent ice cream. 

These Ice Cream Sundaes with Granola and Berries from Lena’s Kitchen take an indulgent treat and give it a makeover with berries and high protein ice cream. Each bite is filled with sweetness, crunch and a hint of tartness. With the same creamy texture we love in traditional sundaes, but with more nutrition packed into each bite, this dish can be enjoyed after a meal or as a snack. 

Granola Ice Cream Pie

5 Tasty Ways to Eat Granola | Bob's Red Mill Blog

What’s better than ice cream and granola? Ice cream and granola turned into a pie! This Granola Ice Cream Pie from Your Homebased Mom can be made in minutes and is the perfect treat for a warm evening. First, place a layer of granola on the bottom of a glass pan. Drizzle it with chocolate sauce then layer with ice cream. Top with more granola then place it in the freezer to firm up. When you’re ready to serve, drizzle with caramel sauce and enjoy!


5 Tasty Ways to Eat Granola | Bob's Red Mill Blog

A guide for how to eat granola would not be complete without including yogurt! Yogurt and granola can be eaten in the morning for breakfast or in the afternoon for a wholesome snack. Parfaits are wildly simple to throw together and pack a lot of nutrition into the day when combined with fresh fruit and berries. 

This Fruit, Granola and Yogurt Parfait is made with our Honey Oat Granola and created with gently toasted clusters of whole grain rolled oats, cane sugar, honey and a touch of vanilla. This granola can be eaten straight from the bag or served as a breakfast cereal. But we especially love it when its layered and made into a parfait. Use yogurt and cream cheese as your base, then add fruit like kiwi, banana, orange and frozen berries. A bit of honey and cinnamon rounds out the flavors and excites the taste buds!

If you’re in a hurry, you can also try this Maple Sea Salt Granola Parfait, which calls for just two ingredients! Layer our Maple Sea-Salt Pan-Baked Granola with yogurt and dive in. If you’d like to get creative, add fresh fruit, nuts or even chocolate shavings.

Acai Bowl

5 Tasty Ways to Eat Granola | Bob's Red Mill Blog

With its fresh and fruity taste, acai bowls are another one of the tastiest ways to eat granola. Plus, they pair your delicious granola with the superfood ingredient of acai for an extra boost of nutrients and antioxidants. 

In this recipe for Acai Bowl with Maple and Quinoa Granola, Lori from Foxes Love Lemons tops her berry and banana smoothie bowls with easy homemade granola, fresh fruit and almond butter. For a twist on a classic, Lori uses our Organic Tricolor Quinoa Grain in her naturally gluten free and vegan granola. This blend of organic white, black and red quinoa has a nutty flavor and a crunchy texture, which combines perfectly with ingredients like Bob's Red Mill Organic Old Fashioned Rolled Oats, macadamia nuts and coconut oil. After you’ve made your bowls, add your granola and go for the toppings of your choice, like almond butter, cacao nibs, chopped mango and sliced strawberries. 

This Red, White and Blue Smoothie Bowl from Fooduzzi is another simple yet festive option for an acai bowl. She makes a creamy, dreamy base then tops it with Vanilla, Cashew and Coconut Granola made with our Gluten Free Rolled Oats. Keep in mind that if you want to keep this granola as chunky as possible, don’t mix it at all during baking or after it comes out of the oven!

Baked Goods

One of the most popular choices for how to eat granola is in baked goods! You can use granola for everything from granola bars to cookies to muffins for a boost of texture, flavor and wholesome nutrition. 

The recipe for these Granola Trail Mix Cookies can be found on our bags of Crunchy Coconut Granola. They’re delicious any time of day, especially when spread with a dollop of almond or peanut butter. Whip up a big batch of these and keep on hand for times when the craving for something sweet strikes. 

This recipe for easy Homemade Granola Bars is another one of our tried and true delicious ways to eat granola. Making granola bars homemade is simpler than you may think and yields results that are chewy, nutritious and so tasty! This recipe calls for just six ingredients: chopped walnuts, unsalted butter, vanilla extract, brown sugar, honey and Classic Granola. After your butter has melted, remove from heat and add sugar, honey, vanilla extract and salt. Stir until blended than add in granola and nuts, coconut or sunflower seeds. Press into a pan and bake. Once they cool, simply cut and enjoy! Homemade granola bars are a great thing to make on a Sunday evening to be enjoyed throughout the work and school week.  

These Apple Granola Muffins from Living the Gourmet are one of the more creative ways to eat granola! The recipe begins by combining Bob’s Red Mill Quick Cooking Rolled Oats with eggs, vanilla, sugar and canola oil. Combine your dry ingredients, mix it all together, then add your chopped apples and chopped nuts. Top your muffins with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Honey Oat Granola for a truly decadent treat. 


One of the simplest ways to eat granola is on its own with a little bit of milk! Having some good, wholesome granola on hand in the pantry is always a good idea for busy mornings. Bring out your granola, pour it into a bowl, then mix it with the milk of your choosing! From berry granola with almond milk to maple almond granola with cashew milk, the options for customizing your simple bowl of granola and milk are endless. 

At Bob’s Red Mill, we love discovering the tastiest ways to eat granola. That’s why our list of granolas is vast and varied, and just keeps growing! From the creatives to the classics, we’re always finding any excuse we can to experiment with new granola flavors. 

Try our Classic Granola, which is lightly sweetened and packed with a bunch of whole grain goodness. Or try our Lemon Blueberry Pan-Baked Granola. It’s pan-baked to golden perfection, an incredible combination of coconut, blueberries and wholesome seeds. It tastes great with milk, or by the handful, but is also super tasty when sprinkled over lemon or blueberry yogurt for a burst of flavor. 

There’s also Coconut Spice Granola, which is made with whole grain oats, real maple syrup, coconut and wholesome seeds. We bake it in small batches to create granola that tastes like homemade. 

Of course, if you want to make homemade granola, nothing beats Bob’s Homemade Granola.  As Bob likes to say, "Use my recipe as a basis, then add or subtract ingredients until you find the combination you like best.” Chock full of ingredients like Regular Rolled Oats, Shredded Coconut, White Hulled Sesame Seeds, Wheat Germ and Sunflower Seeds, this granola is as good as it gets. It’s wonderful when paired with homemade nut milk, like this creamy Almond Milk from Minimalist Baker.

However you choose to enjoy your granola, you truly can’t go wrong! Granola is that special type of food that seems to always taste yummy. It’s crunchy, sweet, subtly salty and equally as good eaten on its own as it is when combined with other ingredients.

Have you cracked the ultimate code for how to eat granola? Whether you use it in your morning muffins or use it to craft an elaborate parfait with seasonal berries, we’d love to hear some of your favorite ways to eat granola. Feel free to share your creations with us in the comments below. We’re always on the hunt for the next greatest granola recipe.

From all of us at Bob’s Red Mill, thanks for reading. We hope this guide has inspired you to get out there and eat all the granola you can.

After all, it’s healthy, delicious and completely satisfying.

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