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Perfect Steel Cut Oats

Bob tells us all about steel cut oats and shows us how to magically make more time in the day.


Katrine says:

Why and how (at what temperature etc) are the oats toasted? Is this a necessary step or just for the taste? Are all steel cut oats from other brands also toasted? And what about the whole oat groats that are not cut into smaller pieces, are they also toasted?

The toasting is simply to make the oats shelf stable. I can get you all of the specifics tomorrow.

Katrine says:

Thank you for answering! So this is something that is done to all types of oats? At what temperature are they toasted?

This is done for all oats, to make them shelf stable. They are placed in a dry kiln and brought up to 200°F for 4 to 5 hours to stabilize enzyme action. Rolled oats are then steamed to allow them to be rolled. Steel cut oats, Scottish oats and whole oat groats are not steamed.

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